Node.js Tutorial

Easy to learn Node.js tutorial for beginners covering Node.js Setup, basic to advanced Node.js concepts(Package Manager, Callbacks, Buffers Module, Streams, File System, Utility Modules, Web Module, Express Application, RESTFul API, Scaling Application) with examples.

Node Package Manager (NPM)

Congrats on your 1'st NodeJS application. You successfully executed a simple “Hello World” application. In this article, I introduce you to a very useful tool - NPM, the official package manager for NodeJS. Before learning about NodeJS let us see why we need a package manager. It is time for a different HelloWorld application.

Global Variables in Node.js

Global variables are a set of variables which are available in every file executed through NodeJS without having to import any modules. These global variables perform some important functions which are very useful in various cases. Lets see the use of global variable with the help of a program.

Node.js Callbacks

One of the most confusing concept in programming is used in NodeJS - the Callbacks. Even after its complexity, it is now used in other languages (like Go) as well. This article exposes you to the amazing, confusing but highly used concept of Callbacks.

Event Loop & Event Emitters in Node.js

We has started this tutorial series by saying that NodeJS is extremely fast. But have you thought why is this so? Even after being a single threaded environment, it beats python and ruby frameworks by many times. This article tries to explain why this is. What makes JavaScript fast…!! So hold on.

Node.js Buffers and Streams

In the previous tutorials, we have seen how to read and write data into files directly. But it assumes the fact that the data is available all together at the time of processing. Also consider the case when the file to be read is very large say a few hundred MBs. How can you read such large files efficiently? This tutorial introduces you to the concept of Buffers and Streams in NodeJS.

Node.js File System & Setting up File Structure

In our previous tutorials we have written application to read contents of a file, colorize it and display it to the use. But where would we actually need this apart from showing Hello World Application? Files can be used to store data, configuration or templates. In this article we will see various functions related to file systems in NodeJS.

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