Step by step guide for Spring configuration

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In this article you will learn each and every step required to configure Spring core with eclipse IDE with the help of screenshots.

  • First, install JDK (greater or equal JDK 1.6) from here on your Operating System
  • Install eclipse from based on your operating system
  • If OS is windows open Environment variables

 environment variables

  • Click on Environment variables tab and add JAVA_HOME(under System variables) and provide installation directory of Java in value field. Our installed directory is "C:\Program Files(x86)\java\jdk1.8.0_73"
 environment variables setup
  • Double click on Path variable under System variable section
 environment path variables
  • Add "%JAVA_HOME%\bin" after variable value.(Don’t delete anything just append) click ok.
  • Open command prompt and hit following command and type "java -version" in the command prompt, If it is showing java version that means java has been successfully set up and set in classpath.

  • If OS is Linux, Open .bashrc file under home directory and add the following commands.
export JAVA_HOME = /usr/local/jdk1.8.0_73
export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin


  • Open a terminal and type “java -version” If it is showing java version, that means java has been successfully set up and set in classpath.
  • Go to eclipse installation directory and click on eclipse.exe.
  • Eclipse asks for a workspace, please choose a workspace let say “C:\\javaProj” or in Linux “/home/<user>/javaproj”
  • Create a java project in eclipse called "SpringAssignment"

 spring project

  • create a folder lib under SpringAssignment \lib
  • Download commonLoggin1.2.jar from here
  • extract it and put jars into lib folder we had created earlier(SpringAssignment \lib).
  • Download spring from here
  • Extract it and put all jars into the lib SpringAssignment\lib folder.

 spring project lib folder

  • Right click on SpringAssignment ->properties->java build path
  • click on add external jar and add all jars under lib folder

spring project external lib

Well done setup is complete, now we will test it with a basic application in next chapter.

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