Spring Tutorial

Spring Tutorial for beginners to learn and understand Spring Framework, Spring environment setup, inversion of control (IoC), Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP), Dependency Injection(DI), Web MVC framework, security, database access (JDBC), bean scopes, bean life cycle, inner beans, autowiring, Exception handling and webflow with examples

Spring Framework - Overview

Spring framework is developed by Rod Johnson. Spring Framework is a Java platform which provides a very rich architecture by which developer can build complex Java application with ease. The reason behind the success of Spring framework is

Spring Architecture

Spring maintains a Modular architecture. The benefits of Modular architecture is that you can take those modules which are applicable for your project. To be precise, Spring comes with jars and jars packaged with module like JMS module, ORM module, WEB module, AOP module etc..

Building First Spring application

Now, let us create our first spring application. Here, we had provided detailed step by step process to create and run our first Spring application with the help of detailed explanation.

Spring Bean XML File

In his article, we will have detailed look into the Spring bean XML file, bean Tag and Property Tag.

Spring Container

Spring container is the heart of Spring. All the magic is done by this container. The container is responsible for creating Objects, Wire the Objects between themselves, manage Objects Life Cycle from creation to destruction. This container is defined by org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory

Spring Bean - Learn with an Example

In this chapter, we will discuss Spring Bean. While reading the previous chapter you have a basic idea what a Spring Bean is. Spring bean is something which is managed by Spring container and it is nothing but a POJO.

Spring Bean Scope

When Spring beans are created by Spring containers, you can provide instructions to Spring bean by “scope” attribute about how this bean should be scoped.

Spring Bean Life Cycle

In spring bean instantiation to destruction, there is a series of steps has been performed by Spring container. Each stage has its own predefined task. One thing which is really good about Spring that is we can hook to every stage of Spring through callback methods.

Spring Bean Post Processor

Till now, what we have learned in spring is all configuration and how to implement those in Spring configuration file. Based on the configuration file, Spring container manage the bean lifecycle of the bean. But if the developer want to intercept that process, what should be done? This article will help you learn all about bean post processors.

Spring Inner Bean

Often in Spring application, developers has to define a bean which is solely owned by another bean. This type of bean called inner bean.

Spring Autowiring

Till now, we have seen that when we need to inject a bean into an another bean either we inject it through setter or by the constructor. But in Spring, there is an another approach by which you can inject a bean into another bean automatically without declaring anything. We called it Autowiring.

Spring Autowiring Types

In the previous chapter we had learned about Autoworing. In this chapter, we will discuss about the different ways we can do the Autowiring. There are 5 modes in Autowiring but 3 specifiers are available.

Spring Qualifier with Autowiring

Often we faced a situation wherein a Spring bean we have multiple properties with same data type. Now if we want to wire it through Autowiring annotation, Spring container confused which bean to be wired with which property and ended up with throwing an Exception.

Spring Collection Injection

In our previous examples, we have seen that we can inject single value using value attribute. We had also seen that we can inject a Bean using ref attribute. But what about the Collection attribute or plural values?

Spring Inheritance

Spring supports Inheritance. By inheritance, we can inherit the properties from parent bean. By Spring inheritance, any child bean can inherit parent properties but don’t mix this inheritance with java inheritance. Spring inheritance is totally different than Java inheritance only thing is common between them is both inherits property from Parent bean.

Spring Event Handling

Like any other frameworks, Spring also supports event handling. Sometimes it is necessary to do some extra work based on Application State, Like if you want to load Roles and its permitted operations in a HashMap. What will be the ideal way to do it? Obviously, we want to load them when the ApplicationContext started.

Dependency Injection

In this article, we will discuss dependency injection. The term “Dependency Injection” has been coined by Martin Fowler.

Spring AOP

When we are developing a software the utmost importance of the developer is to write the <<business logic, so he/she should only focus on business logic, not anything else but in real life should we follow that pattern?

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