Improve Google PageRank (PR) - Tips and Tricks

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Improve Google Page Rank

Anyone who owns a website loves to have a high Google PageRank (PR). Websites with PR 5 or more is considered as a reputed website. Advantages of having higher pagerank is that

1) Due to higher reputation, Advertisers will be willing to pay more for ads shown in your website via Adsense. Due to higher PR, there is a considerable increase in revenue from Adsense.

2) Since the no of Advertisers bidding for placing Ads on High PR website is more, You can even sell ads directly based on Impressions - CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).

3) PR is one of the factors considered by Google while search results are displayed. So higher PR means, Top position in search engine results. Top listing leads to more traffic and impressions which in turn leads into increase in revenue.

So what exactly is PageRank and how it is calculated ?

PageRank algorithm was introduced by Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google. PageRank is calculated for each page on your website. It is calculated as follows

PR_A = (1 - DF) + DF * SUM ( (PR-L/N)

PR_A - PageRank of page A
DF - Damping Factor usually set as .85 . Damping Factor can vary between 0 and 1 
PR_L - PageRank of the Page which link to page A,
N - Number of outbound links on page PR_L

What this implies is that it is important to get a back link from a high PR page which have less outbound links. For example, getting a back link from a web page PR5 with 1 outbound link is more effective than getting back link from a PR 7 page with 20 back links.

Submit sites to Major Search Engines

Once you host a website, first thing to do is submit the sitemap of your website into Major Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Others. Sitemap is an XML file which represents each link in your website. You can specify additional parameters like last modified time, update rate , priority for each link in the sitemap. Submitting a sitemap helps Search Engines to index pages faster.

Commenting on high PR Websites or Blogs

Commenting is one of the easy and effective ways to get back links to your website. While placing comments, you had to make sure that Constructive comments are written. Don't write single line comments. Write a well defined and organized comment which should tempt the readers to check your website. Comments not only give back links to your site, it can also bring traffic. Also be the first to comment on new articles in high PR sites, since it gives more visibility. To do this, subscribe to websites news letter or follows them on Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

Submit your site to directories

Submit sites to directories like DMOZ or yahoo directory. These directories have high PR which can improve your PageRank. Also Goggle consider sites listing in web directories like DMOZ as reputed websites. You can submit your website to low ranked directories too.

Write effective blog or article title

Write crisp and accurate article header, sub headings, Meta title and Meta description. Try to place your keyword in the article header,title and description. Don't overdo this by placing too many keywords in the page title, because your page title looks Spammy.

Don't try illegal link Building Methods

Don't involve in illegal link schemes like Buying or selling links from link farms. If Google came to know about your involvement in link farms, Google will penalize your website by reducing your pagerank and search engine listings.

Write unique and great articles

When you choose a topic to write an article, choose topics which helps you to write 5 - 10 articles on the topic you choose. When you write multiple articles on a topics, Google will consider your website as authoritative on the topic. This helps your site to be listed high in search engine results. Also an article should have minimum of 400 or more unique words. If you can write articles with 1000 or more unique words, excellent. Don't duplicate your content.    

Website load time

Google give high weight-age to websites with fast page load time. Steps to improve the page speed is specified in detail in our article SEO Tips and Tricks

Guest blogging

Writing guest post is one of the effective methods to increase pagerank. There are many websites which invites guest posting. If you article is relevant and good, the blog in which your website is published allows you to place a link back to your website. Also you can earn money from guest blogging.

Get backlinks from Wikipedia,Government and Education Websites

Back links from Wiki,.Gov and .Edu Websites are considers special by search engines. It is very difficult to get back links from these websites. But you should not stop trying to get backlinks from these sites. One easy way to get back links from Edu websites is by sponsoring academic events and competitions.

Age of your Domain

If you are planning to start a website, try to buy an already existing domain. If the domains age is more than 2 years, chances of getting PR1 or PR2 is high. Also register your domain for 5 to 10 Years. If your are registering for more years, Google thinks that your are serious about the business and give more weightage.

Dedicated IP address

Get a dedicated IP for your domain. Reason behind this is that if your are using a shared IP for hosting, you may be sharing the IP with illegal or spammy websites. This can impact your rankings, because Google may consider your site as spammy.

No of Sub domains

You should not host more than 3 sub-domains. Hosting more than 3 sud-domains is considered spammy.

Social Media Profile

If you can increase you social media profile by Posting and Sharing articles in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon , Pinterest etc. Sharing articles in these social media sites can bring in back links as well as more traffic. Especially if you can post your articles in Google+ and get more likes and shares , Google may give high weightage to your link. If you share your articles in Google+, speed at which your article get indexed is pretty high. You can share an article in Google+ and see how fast it get indexed.

Directory Submission

Backlinks from directories have a huge weight-age, while your page is ranked. So submit your site to directories. Some directories are paid, while some are free. Some of the popular directories are DMOZ and Yahoo.

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