Basic SEO concepts for beginners to improve page rank, increase traffic, boost social media profile and recover from Google penalties.

Basic SEO Tips and Tricks for beginners

SEO Tips and Tricks

Why we need SEO ?

1) SEO helps Websites / Blog's to get into top of Search Results major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

2) Top listing means, improved visibility and Click Through rate (CTR).

3) Improved CTR = Increase in Traffic and Sales.

Why top position is search results matter ?

Click Through Rate for various position in search results is as given below.

Position 1 CTR - 36.4 %

Position 2 CTR - 28.6 %

Improve Google PageRank (PR) - Tips and Tricks

Improve Google Page Rank

Anyone who owns a website loves to have a high Google PageRank (PR). Websites with PR 5 or more is considered as a reputed website. Advantages of having higher pagerank is that

1) Due to higher reputation, Advertisers will be willing to pay more for ads shown in your website via Adsense. Due to higher PR, there is a considerable increase in revenue from Adsense.

2) Since the no of Advertisers bidding for placing Ads on High PR website is more, You can even sell ads directly based on Impressions - CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).

3) PR is one of the factors considered by Google while search results are displayed. So higher PR means, Top position in search engine results. Top listing leads to more traffic and impressions which in turn leads into increase in revenue.

Google penalty recovery in 20 Days - Panda Penguin Update

Google Panda

I like to share my real experience on how a4academics recovered from Google Penguin,Panda penalty in 20 days.

If your website is hit by an Google update, no need to panic. You can recover from it after rectifying the mistakes by following certain SEO Tips and Tricks. There are millions of sites around the world that are hit by recent updates.

By these updates, Google tries to eliminate bad quality pages from search results and penalize sites, which involve in link farms to get to top of search results. So now let have a look at the reasons for penalty and how to recover from it.

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