DROOLS Example and Tutorial in Eclipse

Drools tutorial on basic drool concepts, setting up project in eclipse, creating facts, Knowledgebase and Knowledgesession with examples.

Basic Drools Concepts

DROOLS is a business rule management system (BRMS) . It  have a forward chaining inference based rules engine known as a production rule system, using enhanced Rete algorithm. DROOLS run only on Java platform. This article provides an insight into various DROOLS features and its use. Major components of DROOLS are

  • Drool Expert (Rule Engine)
  • Drool Guvnor (BRMS/BPMS)
  • Drool Flow (Workflow)
  • Drool Fusion (Reasoning)

Steps to install DROOLS plugin and create DROOLS Project in Eclipse

JBOSS DROOLS is a business rule management system (BRMS). This document explain in detail step by step procedure to setup DROOLS in Eclipse IDE for work flow configuration and rule development. Eclipse IDE version used in this article is Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers, Version: Indigo Service Release 2. 

To start with , we need to install DROOL software in Eclipse. To do that 

Go To  Help →  Install new software . A pop up appears as shown below . In Eclipse 3.4.1, go to Help → Software Updates.

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