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This section of the site provide detailed Tutorials on Java, JSP, Jboss DROOLS, Core Java, Spring, SEO, SQL, Data Structures and Algorithms with source code for beginners with examples.

For SQL, detailed explanation of each SQL command as well as its use in real time is specified . All the SQL Queries are explained with help of examples so that the it helps the user to understand the query syntax as well as its real time use. One must make sure that queries are used appropriately, means a user should know when to use join queries. If join query takes lot of time to execute , its better to write queries separately and join them in program.

When it comes to programming, knowledge of standard data structures and algorithms are essential for designing optimized and faster systems. Once you know the basics of standard data structures, you can customize or add up your specifications to that. For example when you are implementing a search functionality or look up, best way to do it would be hashing or using trees. There are different types of hashing and tree implementation exists which you can use according to your data size, accuracy etc.

And most important is knowledge of data structures is an essential when you go for interview. Here we have provided solutions for some well known problems in data structures which has been asked in many interviews.

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