Easy ways and Tips to Improve Vocabulary

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Vocabulary plays a vital role in the learning process. It is an element that connects all the four skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading together. A person is more often judged by his vocabulary at various stages of his life and career. As long as we interact with more and more people whether it is at college level, social gatherings, official environment or any other area, we are judged by the people according to the language we use to interact or simply the vocabulary.

Improve your Vocabulary

A substantial vocabulary can always add to your success and have an impact on every area of your life right from the start of education to the path of your career. Apart from these, there are various other reasons why a person must be good in vocabulary or improve his vocabulary. Some of these reasons are included in the following paragraphs.

  • First, during college selection for various professional courses, where you lay the foundation of your career. Admission to the best colleges is one of the best way to start with. However, it demands high scores in their entrance level examinations and if one has good vocabulary, then he can simply crack them at a pace.
  • Secondly, an advanced vocabulary can always get you among the top performers. Excellent writing skills comes with excellent vocabulary only and when someone read what you have written, then your words should speak for it and it will give the reader an impression that you are good at vocabulary.
  • Moreover, a good vocabulary boosts confidence within you. A person with an impressive vocabulary will never fumble and stutter with the words and this will give an impression to the other people that you are able to make your point clearly and without losing the other person’s interest.
  • It also makes you a better figure in the social scenario. As, whenever you communicate or converse with other people in the society, whether it is through emails, on phone, discussion groups, weddings, parties or any other such social gatherings then it leaves a long lasting impression on others that you are bestowed with excellent vocabulary and are good at communication.
  • Lastly, good vocabulary always helps you in boosting your career field. It gives an idea to the superiors at your workplace that you are more competent than your colleagues

Thus, vocabulary is an essential part of our everyday life. To improve our skills of vocabulary we can follow some simple criterion’s that include:

Spend Time Reading

One can always start with the reading process. Not only it help you gain knowledge but also let you learn new words and increase your vocabulary. For an effective reading, one can start with reading a newspaper. It helps you know what is going around in the world and helps you learn new words, which in turn add to your vocabulary. For newspaper reading, you can follow simple steps like circle the words that sound unfamiliar to you and then when you are finished with the reading of the whole article, try using the context clues to determine the meaning and if then also you do not get the exact meaning, then look up in the dictionary. This method will surely help you increase your vocabulary.

Search For Vocabulary Websites

In today’s modern technological times, everyone loves accessing the web. Then why not use it in a way that helps us in increasing our vocabulary. There are loads of websites available online that help you to learn new words. In addition, there are apps nowadays, that you can simply download on your phone and have fun with learning more at the same time.

Go Through The Dictionary

An all time favorite from the older times is our dictionary. Browse through your dictionary in your free time and you will often come across various words that may sound unfamiliar to you or may be at times you see a word that you may have seen before but did not know its meaning. You can simply check out in the dictionary and this will let you use that word in future whenever the need be.

Learn The Origin Of Words

When you know the meaning of a word, you are likely to use it but may forget it at times. To remember the words or to increase vocabulary, one can always study the origin of the word as to from where the word has been derived. As we are keen to listen about the story behind any action, the same way it would be interesting to know the story behind a new word that you see. This will further help you remember that word in the future also. Like most of the words in the English language are derived from the Latin words, so one can always go through these areas and increase the vocabulary.

Use The Context Clues

Whether you read a newspaper, book, magazine, or any other thing, at times you find it difficult to recognize meanings of some words. Rather than directly going to the dictionary or Google it, first try to make out the meaning of the word by referring to the context clues that is the words that are before or after the word that you are seeking the meaning of. This will help you broaden the perspective of your thinking and increase your vocabulary at the same time.

Play The Quiz

Quiz is always an exciting way to learn more while playing. One can always play various quizzes like the one in newspapers, magazines or on the web. Start with answering a small part of questions thereafter see the answers and analyze where you lacked. In fact, it is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary.

Listen To The Radio And Television Programs

Another fun loving way to improve the vocabulary is to listen to the radio or the television programs that are dealing with the context of improving your vocabulary. Like various, chat shows on the television with eminent personalities. One can always observe them and thereafter implement their style in your own way to increase or improve your vocabulary.

Make Flash Cards

Making a vocabulary flash card is the best way of learning new words. Whenever you come across any new word, know the meaning and pen it down to your flash card. Divide the flash card into two parts, on one part write the word and its meaning, on the other part copy the sentence from where you have came across the word, and now make a new sentence with the same word. Hang on the flash card to the place you visit very often and go through the word more often. It will help improve your vocabulary.

Make Use Of Puns

Puns are basically the jokes that use words that have different meanings and in order to understand these jokes, one needs to know the meaning of words used in it. For an example if someone says that, “I wondered why the ball was getting bigger, and then it suddenly hit me”. Now, in this sentence the phrase ‘Hit Me’ is the pun used whereas something like ‘I remembered’ could have been used here. Therefore, it gives you the knowledge of learning more and more words by using different phrases.

Use A Word More Often And It’s Yours

Just learning a new word is not enough until and unless you make it to use. Whenever you learn a new word simply jot it down and then try using it often so that you get used to it and it becomes a permanent part of your vocabulary.

These were some of the mainline ways to improve your vocabulary. Another effective method to increase your vocabulary is to build up the vocabulary trees. Your mind will then get used to these and start thinking the things in a grouped form. For example when you see a computer, the other words that may come to your mind are mouse, keyboard, speakers, CPU etc. In addition, always try using some specific vocabulary lists rather than a list of unrelated vocabulary. Corpora is another way of learning new things, it is a kind of collection of an array of documents that keep a track of number of times a word is used still keeping an eye on the vocabulary words.

A yet different way to improve with your vocabulary skills is the collocations. These words always go together for example fast - food etc. This method helps you learn more of such words and remember them for future usage. Word formation charts are also of great help as they provide with the concept of noun, adjective and the verb forms of the key vocabulary that are listed in alphabetical order. The use of visual aids or the multimedia is yet another way to improve your vocabulary as by seeing and listening, one can always better.

Difficulties in building the vocabulary

In the path of learning, there come various obstructions also. At the beginning, one may come across some difficulties in building the vocabulary. Some of the hurdles in the process of vocabulary building include:

Vocabulary Size

Vocabulary size is the amount of words that one can learn in a stipulated period. The size of learning of each individual may vary according to their educational background, culture, reading habits, surroundings and most importantly the zeal of an individual. These sometime pave hindrances in the path of learning.

Conventional Tools

These are designed for the vocabulary building but these are made keeping in view the masses. Therefore, it is not necessary that every individual benefit from them as everyone have their own level of learning.

Rigorous And Boring

The vocabulary learning is not that an easy task also as it seems to be. When you are into learning something new it surely takes time and effort. One cannot just learn a word and then remember it forever until and unless one practices it repeatedly. This process may seem to be boring for some people and let them stop the process in the mid way and pose as a hurdle in the path of learning.

Word To Word Teaching Is Not Done

Mostly when you take up a course or start with learning vocabulary then more often one expects to be taught word to word which is not possible always. It sometimes become a hurdle in the process of learning and a person may stop the process of vocabulary building in the mis way only.

Remedies to Improve your Vocabulary

Some hurdles may come when you are try to improve your vocabulary. However, there is always a solution to everything. The remedies to diminish such hurdles include:

Keeping A Track

It is very important in any learning process that a record of accomplishment must be kept. Keeping a track of the learners progress lets one know the area of lacking and thus can be improved further on. By this one can improve vocabulary in an efficient manner.

Empowered Mentors

There is an intelligent mentor behind every successful learner. When it comes to learning new words or skills, one should always consult a person who is an expert in the particular field and then start with the learning process.

Social Learning

Learning new words in an enjoyable manner is a good way to improve your vocabulary. Learning done by challenging your friends can be a great way to start with improving your vocabulary.

Henceforth, a powerful vocabulary is a highly appreciated asset in both the business and the social world. As the words enable a person to articulate complex thoughts and ideas in a much simpler way, thus a good vocabulary can make the process much easier. From a heap of ways to improve the vocabulary, one must choose the most appropriate way that best suits you to make you sound genius.