Tips to horn good Customer Service skills

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Customer service is the field where a particular service is delivered to a person before taking a service/ product, during the time the service is being rendered and after the purchase of any product/service. Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business forum. Working in any of the areas that needs good customer service skills, can be at times stressful because sometimes you have to deal with customers who might be in a bad mood. However, knowing a proper way to communicate can help you deliver customer services at a par, no matter whatever is the client’s nature. Some of the customer service skills that are needed to excel in this field include:

Customer Service Skills

Be A Good Listener

This stands out to be one of the most essential customer service skills that can be improved with time. When a person listen to the needs of the customer patiently, only then can he cater to their needs and revert with a positive response. Listening with patience to what the customer is saying, will ensure them that you care about their needs and will surely look forward to solve them precisely. As customer, service is a sector, where one needs to handle multiple phone calls, so it is important to be a good listener, which would also help you gain respect and positive reviews from the customer in the future.

Great Communication Skills

As a customer service representative, it is important to carry good communication skills. When you are capable enough to know the ideal way to speak, then it will make the communication process much easier with the customer. A clear communication is very essential because if a person is unclear with what he is speaking, he will not be able to articulate well with the customer. It does not only involve the oral communication skills but also the written skills. Whereby, for example, if you are writing an email to a customer then you must be sure to make use of proper spellings and grammar check and choose the words that show a similar upbeat attitude to the customer.

Self Control

Being calm and patient, is the one aspect that is needed to succeed in the customer service domain. A person must learn to be calm and patient when it comes to dealing with different customers and mostly the negative ones. Conveying a much calm attitude will allow the customers to feel more respected while they talk to you. Moreover, patience and self-control will keep you away from getting upset and saying something that is inappropriate.

Positive Attitude

Positive attitude is a necessity to achieve success in customer service domain. You must make sure that you are clear with the descriptions and detailing of the product that your company provides and are able to convey a message to the customers in an efficient manner. By being proactive and optimistic, you can help the customer also to become positive till the time their request is being processed.

Be Honest

We often make use of the quote “Honesty is the best policy”, well that holds completely true in this regard. As being transparent and true to your customer will let them know your trueness and when you are upfront with them, you can surely persuade them to buy the product of the company that you are representing. In fact, being honest is not only required in the positive times, but also when there are obstructions in the path of service.

Friendly and Compassionate

Having a friendly and compassionate attitude towards your customers is another factor that counts to success in the customer service industry. The more caring and friendly you are towards the customer, more feasible it becomes to build a better reputation while improving your overall personality too. For a friendly attitude with your customer, you can ask them questions about their personal or family life, of course in regard of the product that you are delivering so as how will the product can be beneficial for their current lifestyle.

Become An Expert

Any time you take up a job, it is vital that you are compassionately dedicated to the area of work that you are possessing. You must be well versed with the specific skills necessary to communicate with the customers. Before you give advice to the customers, or tell them about the product, it is necessary that you go firm with even the minute details of the product. This will also ensure the customer that they are talking to an expert and that they will get an optimal solution.

Time Management

Time plays a vital role when it comes to improving the customer service skills. As here, one needs to take multiple calls, it is important to take care of the timing of each call. As it may happen that you go too long with a single call and miss some others, but this does not go well in this sector. Thus organizing your time can let you improve your customer service skills and excel in your field.

Be Confident

Always be confident in whatever you are saying. Showing that you are confident is a sign for the customers that you believe in the products that you are offering and that they are at the right place to be heard and their grievances would be resolved. Thus improving your public speaking skills and conversation skills is vital to boost your performance and skills as a customer service representative.

Have Tenacity

Being tenacious is very important for a person, not only in the customer service area but also in any of the domains. If a person is goal oriented, it shows the professionalism and the dedication with which he is working. Moreover, it helps to learn well and improve your skills.

Closing The Deal

The skill of know how to close the deal is equally important. Once you are done with representing the various options and introduction about the product to the customer, you must know how to tactfully and politely close the talk in a manner that it does not make the customer uncomfortable.


Analyzing the situation is very important. When you are in talk with the customer, you must analyze well the situation of the customer and what you would have done if you were in the same situation. In fact, having the ability to analyze the problem of your customers will pave a great way for yourself also to learn on how to deal with the situation in tough situations.

Understanding The Human Psychology

It is better to learn the human psychology well, when working in the customer service sector. You must know how to pick up with the tones and sounds to steer the communication you are having with the customer. By learning more about the human psychology, body language and the sounds that are involved while speaking, it makes you develop better communication skills while you are in conversation with the customer.

Must Have Necessary Technical Skills

The technical skills that are mostly needed to be in a customer service sector or to have better communication skills include the computer skills. A person in this area must have the basic computer skills that help them to work cordially with the other people or the customers that are using the same mode or media for communication.

Learn From Mistakes

An effective way to improve any skill is to learn from one’s own mistake. It helps in becoming smarter and focused on the completion of tasks and objectives in the right way in the near future. To improve on the customer service skills, you can always make a list and jot down the mistakes or the issues that you come across while talking to the customers or at times when the customers have pointed some of your flaws. Rather than taking the mistakes negatively, it is important to know where you are struggling and make necessary changes to improve your skills.


A minor sense of humour can always make a huge difference. That is, if you become a little humorous at times, it can always make serious customer service interactions, more interactive and enjoyable. For example if a customer cracks a silly joke, he will appreciate if you have a light laugh with him. Therefore, all this will make the conversation more effective, thus improving your customer service skills.

Be A Leader

To be a leader is a gesture to move ahead when a person is in the customer service sector. Showing customers that you are capable to provide them with new solutions and privileges according to your best knowledge; increases your professionalism. Leading others can always help in improvement of your customer service skills no matter how new you are to the industry or how old.

In today’s era, the customer service skills are not only limited to the phone, but it also involves web, email, and other multiple kinds of social media. To inculcate better and effective customer service skills, it is essential that the proper media to communicate be chosen. The various modes of media used for conversion in the customer service industry include:


The old and most reliable medium of information exchange in the customer service sector is the phone. You can always sound friendly to the customer or exchange that invisible smile from the phone which will help you develop more effectiveness while improving your skills. A constraint that comes across while communicating over the phone is to put the call on hold. You should only do so after taking consent from the customer.

Support Tickets And Emails

They is yet another way to communicate in the customer service domain. Customers demand excellent written communication skills. The more effective way to communicate through the tickets and emails is to write them in your own way rather than being robotic, that is just copying the system-generated mail. This gives the client an idea about how much effective you are in the written skills and based on that only he may further communicate with you.


It is the combination of your phone and email skills. When you are in a chat with someone, tone is often something that is most pivotal in the process. One must choose an effective and gentle tone and a good written skill while conversing with a customer. For example, you can always make use of a smiley emoticon that shows a friendly communication.

Social Media

Social Media is an add-on to an effective way of communication in the customer service area. Various Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and many others are used nowadays to communicate well in the customer service sector. To be a good customer service representative and hone good customer service skills one must follow up well with the customer as to what posts he is updating and get in touch with the commentators as soon as possible.

Thus, making use of appropriate media and communicating gently can improve the customer service skills largely. Apart from these abilities, some other areas are vital for the communication or to develop better customer service skills. They can be termed as the 7 C’s of the customer service area. Firstly, one needs to be caring for the organization, to the customer and for himself also. Secondly, it is highly important to be confident and considerate, that is being confident in the way of speaking and handling the customers in the best possible way you can.

Moreover, being committed is the only way to succeed in any area of work and at the same time, a person can be creative by giving new answers to the same old questions of customers. This will not only help the customers but also help you learn new ways of communicating. At last, it is vital to be contagious and controlled, that is having control over the words you are speaking and remember that the way you communicate with the customer, the same way they will reciprocate to you. Henceforth, keeping these small things in mind can help you improve your customer service skills in an effective manner.