Important skills needed for effective Corporate communication

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Communication Skills heads from birth of a child to adulthood and then to old-hood. One can learn communication skills by commencing with observation of world surrounding around them. Corporate communication is the communication provided by corporation, business, and public body to the internal or external public. In the corporate environment, if a person is having good communication skills or is a good communicator that means half the battle is won. Here we discuss about important skills needed for effective Corporate communication

Corporate Communication Skills

In fact, in a corporate area, communication skills can be a corporate’s strongest ally or even his enemy. This is because, here one needs to be good in communication so that to deal with different clients or colleagues or otherwise it can incur a great loss too. It is an essential tool used by all workforce levels in any of the corporate industry. Effective corporate communication leads to healthy organizational environment, better management that is good employee relations, proper delegation of authority. Moreover dividing the work with effective corporate communication also solves the trade unions created problems.

Corporate Communication

Corporate communication describes the tool to be leveraged and the process that is to be mastered. The power of this communication shows how the professionals and the executives communicate efficiently with other employees from mailroom to the director’s boardroom and between various organizations and industries.

The corporate communication involves various components that include:

Internal Communication

The internal parts of corporate communication deals with assigning the staff with organizational values and purpose. To reinforce the corporate values one can do regular activities like weekly meetings with senior managers, sharing the stories on the company’s intranet or in the company’s newsletter also by conducting award functions to facilitate the employees. This helps develop good communication skills within various employees.

Media Relations

The top priority of the media relations executives is to represent the corporation in a positive manner. It is very important for these people to poses excellent communication skills as they are the people who need to communicate with the outer world on behalf of the organization. They are more important when an organization’s reputation is at stake, with risk of unwanted coverage.

Public Affairs

The corporations in every area are subjected to various laws and regulations at the local, state or even the federal level. These people need better communication skills to put forth the company’s case for amendments to the existing legislations. They often work in integration with the people in media sector for the welfare of the organization.

Investor Relations

It is another vital component of the corporate communication environment. They need important communication skills for reassuring the shareholders that their investment in the corporation was a substantial move and they should continue to have hold in the company if not adding to more. The corporate communication skills are needed in this area to assure the people that the money they have invested in the company is not wasted and is completely being utilized.

Areas of importance for Corporate Communication

The significance of corporate communication skills lies in the fact that for the company to progress, it is essential that the professionals behave in a proficient manner and understand the importance of communication skills.

The areas of importance for corporate communication include:

Up to Down Communication

The day-to-day communication between the subordinates and the manager determines the way in which the organization will progress further. The communication that goes down to the supervisors includes work assignments, training, as well as feedback that let the subordinates know whether they are moving forward or not. With the effective corporate communication skills, pass the proposals or the requests to the managers at the upper level. Then the managers may take the decision themselves or pass it on to the higher authorities for their consultation. Thus, this process is only possible if there are effective communication skills.

Lateral And Diagonal

This kind of communication enables teamwork. This form of communication is used when the employees need to talk with their peers for some purpose. Lateral communication takes between the people at the lower rank whereas the diagonal communication is where the manager of one area of work communicates with the manager of other area of work. In addition, this is known as the interdepartmental communication. Thus, here also there is a significant role of communication skills.


This form of corporate communication has a great impact on an organization’s well being. The CEO and the other top executives are the face of the company and definitely need good communication skills but the employees are also the ones who interact with the external people like the customers and clients. Thus, external communication is a vital part of the organizations structure.

From The Top

Communication is the only way, through which the supervisors get their employees understand the steps they follow to make the organization a success. This is aimed at making the company’s mission, vision and goals fulfilled with employee motivation and teamwork. In this level, the superior authorities deal with their subordinates to have an effective communication.

How to be a good corporate communicator

Without efficient communication skills, one can never reach the corporate ladder. To be a good corporate communicator, or to develop better communication skills, one needs to improve on the following areas:

Be Flexible And Curious To Learn

People who are curious to learn new things, have more tolerance for ambiguity, are always eager to learn new tasks, and thrive to take bigger responsibilities. This further allows them to communicate better and build strong relationship among the other employees of the organization. One should always be flexible to mold to any kind of situation in the corporate environment so that the communication at every step becomes easier and more feasible.

Think Before Speaking

As it is always said that watch your words or think before you speak. Especially in the corporate sector, it is vital that you think about what you are going to deliver in front of others. This is so because, if you are unclear on your own thoughts, you cannot make the other person clear on the perspective. Thus, thinking is as important tool in communication as speaking, reading or writing.

Hold On To Your Core Competency While Learning New Skills

Corporate Sector is a big tent and there is always a way to apply skills in one or the other area. To improve the communication skills, one must help the organization through the area of his expertise and learn from them where one lacks. This will surely build in more communication between the people and help one to learn and grow through the time.

Communicate, Communicate and Communicate

There is no other single skill in the corporate sector more essential than the communication skills. Be it the written or oral communication skills. If a person applies proper focus, he can learn more and more in the area of communication as it is a trainable skill. One can always improve by learning more and practicing more. Thus, practice more and polish your communication skills.

Take Initiative

Always be ready to take the initiative. You need not wait for the other person to make a call, take the lead yourself and start the conversation. By this, a person will learn to communicate well. In the corporate sector, taking initiative is a big thing, it shows that the other person is capable of doing the task is confident in doing that.

Lead Through Influence

Leading through influence means, building strong relationships with not only the employees of the organization but also the other people out there who are concerned with the betterment of the organization. This will not only let you communicate with more corporate people but also, acquire more corporate responsibility and lead better in the near future.

Develop A Habit To Read

In the corporate sector, it is very important that you read business journals and, magazines, newspaper articles in your spare time. Reading lets a person know his flaws and improve on it and increase the vocabulary Proof reading, a major domain in the corporate sector, is the area where a special person is employed specially for reading. This is because each document is very crucial for the organization. Once a person is good at reading, he will definitely improve his communication skills.

Learn And Practice Corporate Culture

To fit in the corporate culture and inculcate good corporate skills, one must learn the corporate culture. It not only involves the reading, writing or the communication skills but also the dressing. One must be appropriately dressed to suit the desired environment. In addition, there will be numerous times, when a person will be rejected and will be given many reasons about why the program did not work. At this point, rather than getting apprehensive one must learn again and practice more to have the desired result because being offensive, is a wrong gesture and it gives a foul image of you being a corporate person.

Above all, passion works

Whether you add value to the work by your skills, communication, or anything else. What matters a lot is passion for something. If someone is passionate about something, nothing can stop you to get there. Concerning the corporate sector, also the professionals need to be more passionate rather than just be skilled. This is because all skills will go in vain if the person is not interested or passionate about doing the work.

Engage in a discussion

Discussion makes things much simpler and easier. It gives equal opportunity to everyone to participate and come up with various ideas and speech of expressions. By this, one knows more about the other, which is otherwise very important in the corporate sector.

Listen To Others

All the discussions may go meaningless if there is not effective listening. As little time we spend on reading and writing, more little do we spend on listening and that is basically the only reason why people are not effective in there communication skills. Likewise, in the corporate sector, if one is not listening what is being told by the supervising authority, the person may misinterpret and work on something that was actually not needed. This can also incur a great loss and hamper the organization’s growth. Thus, listening is a key skill that must be there in the professionals to have better understanding and give better results.

Always know the fundamentals

To improve any of your skills and not only the corporate communication skills, one must start with the basics. People can write or speak anything but that is of no use if they are not clear with their fundamentals. In order to improve the corporate communication skills also, it is very necessary that a person knows the fundamentals of work life.

Pitch and Pause

Pitch is the tone of voice in which a person talks. In the corporate sector, one needs to keep a watch on the volume of pitch that he is speaking. As higher the pitch, less the people will listen to the person. It is generally due to the perception that many find people with higher pitch more aggressive and argumentative. Thus, it is important to talk politely and softly with precision of words. Secondly, it is also a habit of people in the corporate sector that they speak endlessly without giving a pause in between. May be it is because of the work pressure, but one should always pause between the communication. This will also help the other person understand in a better manner.

Hence, good communication skills help in developing relationships along good lines. Corporate communication is an essential feature for any enterprise or corporation. All the company people need to reach out various public on all days. The public here in the corporate sector can be the stakeholders, public, its own employees or other agencies. Thus, good corporate communication skills result in promotion of coherent corporate identity and a sense of corporate citizenship.