Importance of Communication Skills for students and professionals

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The interaction between two or more than two persons, which is the sender and the receiver, is termed as communication. The existence of life is impossible if there is no communication. All living beings communicate with each other through voice, sound and touch. The main purpose of communication is to transport the ideas, thoughts and beliefs to another person in a way that communication leads to a mutually accepted decision. Communication skills are the basic building block, when it comes to make sure that that things are going in an effective way and are moving forward.

Importance of Communication Skills

Importance of communication skills lies in the fact that be there any circumstance, either positive or negative, but the communication skills can make the work proficient. For an example, it can be said that if a situation comes when we have a deadline for a project, and at the same time we have an important session with the doctor, then the only thing that can help in disguise is a clear communication. This will help the client understand your opinion and he may extend the deadline. Therefore, if communicated in an effective way, the work can be done with much more ease.

Some persons have good communication skills naturally and some take time to grasp them. Such people can be taught the skills and their importance, which will further help enhancing their way of speaking and make them more confident than before. For learning the communication skills, one must know their respective strengths and weakness. Like some are good at chatting on a phone for hours, but at the same time it is possible that they are not able to communicate in a professional environment properly. This states that the person is effective in informal communication but not in the formal one. This will require the person to put in more efforts to improve the formal communication skills.

Another vital phenomenon about communication is to communicate confidently. As a person who is good at communicating, but lacks the confidence, may not be able to express well in-spite of having good knowledge about the subject. Therefore, the whole effort will go in vain. For this, it is to be ensured that you communicate everything with confidence.

Modes of Communication

For a professional or anyone, it is very important that he knows the various skills or modes of communication. The methods are:


One should always make sure that when a person is talking about something, we must listen to him carefully. This is needed because if we are not attentive to what he is conveying, then it is possible we miss out some things and do not perform the work as it was intended to be. This will lead to further complications with the customers also. Thus, it is very important to be an efficient listener, in order to be a proficient communicator.


Speaking is another skill that a person needs to have to make sure he communicates well. It involves making a clear description of what one wants to say and in a way that it is understood to the other person just the way you wanted him to understand. Examples of good speaking skills can even be seen back in the history. Like Hitler, gave a powerful speech that led his soldiers to fight well and win the battle. Therefore, communication demands a very clear speaking skill.


You must be able to read well in order to communicate well. Reading skills can be enhanced by reading newspapers, journals, articles etc. Reading will help the person to be more efficient in building vocabulary, guessing the meaning by the structure of the word, and inculcate intensive reading habit. Furthermore, this will help in improvisation of communication skills.


Be it professionals or students, anyone needs to have good writing skills to express what they want to say in an efficient manner. Writing emails, letters, thesis, papers or anything requires very good writing skills. You can communicate well only when you are able to write properly. There have been many writings from the past that are still inspiring the people in the present times. Therefore, it is very essential to have good communication skills to communicate in an accomplished manner.

Importance of Communication Skills

Communication skills play a very important role in the business domain also. The type of communication skills that must be followed in a business area includes :

Superior Business Communication

The good communication means that whatever message you deliver to your clients, should be very clear and precise, such that they are able to understand what and how are you going to proceed with their work.

Communication Flow Must Be Watched

This is one of the most important aspects in the business environment. The way colleagues are interacting with each other, with use of laptops, cell phones or any other media though is a good way, but at times, it can have drawback also. To ensure that the communication is going on in an effective manner, the flow of communication should be kept in mind and information must be archived for access in the near future.

Knowledge Of Various Cultural Communication

In a global economy, there are diverse cultural forms that exist. In addition, to do business in a redefined way, it is necessary to have knowledge about various cultures, local customs and their languages. This is important as, if there comes a project, and you are not able to communicate properly with them just because of the language barriers, it hinders the overall completion of the project and also delays it. Hence, it is vital to have knowledge of cross cultural communication skills also.

Simple Communication Skills

Though it is important that the communication skills must be effective, but at the same time, it should also be simple and clear so that everyone easily understands it. The content or the message that is communicated will be conversed more efficiently if kept crisp and clear.

Areas where Communication Skills play an important role

To have good communication skills is not only needed in the business sector, but it is essential in all spheres of life. Some of the areas where communication skills play an important role are:

Healthcare Industry

In this area, the communication is restored between the doctor and the patient. Every doctor is an expert in his field. However, when he needs to communicate with a patient, it is very important that he communicate calmly with the patience. Listening to the problems the patient is complaining, and thereafter giving the necessary instructions to cure that. This will assure the patient that he is being listened and later on, he will develop faith in the doctor and continue to get services from him.

Education Sector

Communication here, takes place between a teacher and a student. While teaching to students, it is very important that the teacher have effective communication skills. This is so because, students will learn whatever they are taught. Moreover, no doubt teacher is an expert in what she teaches. However, it will give results only if she is able to communicate well and make her point clear to the students and they get it in the same manner.

Sales Area

The salesperson is the one who has to get the product to the public by convincing them to buy the product. Convincing act requires great communication skills. It is so because if the buyer were unable to understand what the salesperson is talking about, then he will not be knowing the advantage of that product and inturn will not buy it. Therefore, it is not only the requirement but also a compulsion for a salesperson that he must possess good communication skills.

Verbal And Written Communication

Be it any kind of communication, either verbal or written, it is very important to reciprocate in an effective manner. In verbal communication, while you are in a conversation with someone, formally or informally it is required that you are clear about what you are saying and you say it in a way that the other person understands exactly what you want him to understand. Likewise, in the written communication also, it is very important that the message you want to convey be communicated in a proficient way. For example if there is a billboard with some message on it, it will only attract viewers if the communication skills used are good. Because, if it is not clear what exactly is written, no one will pay attention and henceforth, there will be no use of writing even.

Methods to improve Communication skills

There are ways by which a person can improve his communication skills, as they are very important nowadays in every area of life. Some of the ways that help build good communication skills are:


If someone has poor communication skills and is unable to communicate effectively, the first and foremost thing that he should is to observe people having good communication skills. The person must be able to understand what other person is saying, and this will give him an idea about how to communicate well in the future.


Remember, no one is interested to communicate with a person who is just speaking endlessly without listening to others. To be a good communicator, one must listen to what the speaker is trying to say and after he is done with it, then only the listener must keep his viewpoint. This makes good conversation with best communication skills.

Take Your Time

When in a conversation with someone, you must act calmly and think before you react to what the other person is saying. This is so because at times we speak without thinking and then repent it later on. Therefore, to avoid any such circumstances, it is necessary that you take your time, listen attentively and only afterwards speak your point of view.

Being Positive

It is always said that be positive and optimistic. In communication also, one needs to stay positive. Like when someone is about to deliver a speech he must jot down the positive points of the topic which will give the listeners a positive outlook about the issue. In addition, the communication will itself turn out to be effective.

Keep It Light

In a communication, it is very much necessary that the conversation is not just a serious communication, but has an element of humor in it. This is required because; it brings some change of environment in between the communication and makes it more effective


It is not necessary that communication only involve written and verbal skills. Reading is an integral part of the communication process. A good reader has a thorough knowledge of the topic and while communicating, he makes sure that the both sides are correct. It builds in confidence and you are more sure when you are communicating with other people.

Do Not Always Judge

Some people are of the perception that, whatever they say is always right and this sometimes creates an obstruction in the communication process. Because it is not always the same. A good communicator makes sure to listen to others perspective first, and then proceed in what he is saying. This lets him to communicate in a better way.

Polite By Nature

It is not always that you will be fine with what the other person is saying. But it is necessary that you remain polite and listen to what the person is communicating, and then let him make understand that what he is saying may not be correct, in such a way that the person does not feel that he is underestimated.

Body Posture

Body language is one another necessity that a person needs to have when in a communication with another person. For an example, making the desired amount of eye contact so that the speaker is assured that you are listening to him, standing and sitting in an erect manner, which shows the professionalism while you are in the communication. Another nice gesture is making a handshake. All these traits gives an impression about the personality of the person.

Equal Participation

Good communication demands equal participation from all. This is so because, not only speaking every time means that you are a good communicator. However, getting every person in the communication process is necessary so that the desired result can be achieved through the communication.

Concluding, it can be said that communication is part of modern day life and without effective communication; no task can be accomplished effectively.