Soft Skills - Communication, Leadership and Presentation

Topics in this category discuss about various soft skills like Communication skills, Leadership skills, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills and management skills to improve your career growth and job performance at your workspace for entry level and experienced employees. These articles also helps you mould your character and attitude for good.

In line with our moto to lead Higher Education Students, Employees to "Career Success", we are providing insights into various soft skills a person should possess which will help him in personal as well as professional life. Companies spend millions of dollars every year, to improve the soft skills of employees. So questions arise in your mind are - "Is it worth so much ?" and "Is it so difficult to improve a person's soft skill ?". Answer is Yes and No. We will look into importance of soft skills and how a person can train themselves to improve Interpersonal, Communication, Leadership and Presentation Skills.

Now to the first point, Why the companies give high priority to improve soft skills, may be at par with technical skills. Answer is to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. If all the employees or employees at critical positions like Project Manager, Tech lead, Module Lead etc can effectively communicate to their subordinates about tasks and roles in a team, delays and rework can be avoided. Also by improving Communication skills, a person will be able to clearly put forward his doubts to his colleagues and get a clear and crisp response.

A Project's success entirely depends on teamwork and effective leadership. It is not on a "One Man Show". To enhance teamwork, improving interpersonal communication Skills and removing barriers to communication whether it is cultural, psychological etc is a must. We had provided articles in these traits which will he help to master these skills. Next aspect is leadership. A good leader can guide and motivate his team to success even through the worst of times. A leader should have good communication and leadership skills to sort out issues of employees,delegate work and handle customers.

To enhance company reputation and to boost repeat buissness, customer satisfaction is a must. As there is a saying, "Customer is King". Soft skills, a supervisory and managerial levels should focus on are Corporate Communication, Business Communication and Customer Service Skills. Different Communication Strategies can adopted based on customer geography and relevance. It will be good, if top guns of company can improve their vocabulary, since there are the face of the company and they often interact with leaders in Political and work space.

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