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Infosys Puzzles 2

Question No : 1

Venkat has 1boy&2daughters.The product of these children age is 72.The sum of their ages give the door numberof Venkat.Boy is elder of three.Can you tell the ages of all the three.

Question No : 2

L:says all of my other 4 friends have money
M:says that P said that exact one has money
N:says that L said that precisely two have money
O:says that M said that 3 of others have money.
P:Land N said that they have money.
All are liers.
Who has money & who doesn't have?

Question No : 3

A person has to go both Northwards & Southwards in search of a job. He decides to go by the first train he encounters.There are trains for every 15 min both southwards and northwards. First train towards south is at 6:00 A.M. and that towards North is at 6:10. If the person arrives at any random time, what is the probability that he gets into a train towards North.

Question No : 4

A person has his own coach&. Whenever he goes to railway station he takes his coach. One day he was supposed to reach the railway station at 5 O'clock. But he finished his work early and reached at 3 O'clock. Then he rung up his residence and asked to send the coach immediately. He came to know that the coach has left just now to the railway station. He thought that the coach has left just now to the railway station.He thought that he should not waste his time and started moving towards his residence at the speed of 3 miles/hr. On the way, he gets the coach and reaches home at 6 o'clock. How far is his residence from railway station.

Question No : 5

Radha,Geeta & Revathi went for a picnic. After a few days they forgot the date, day and month on which they went to picnic. Radha said that it was on Thursday, May 8 and Geeta said that it was Thursday May 10. Revathi said Friday Jun 8. Now one of them told all things wrongly, others one thing wrong and the last two things wrongly. If April 1st is tuesday, what is the right day, date and month?

Question No : 6

There is 66x33m rectangular area. Ram is 11/8 times faster than Krishna. Both of them started walking at opposite ends and they met at some point then, Ram said "See you in the other end" Then they continued walking. After some time Ram thought he will have tea so he turned back walked back 15 meters then he changed his mind again and continued walking. How much Krishna has traveled by the time they meet?

Question No : 7

There are 5 burglars and once went to a bakery to rob it obviously The first guy ate 1/2 of the total bread and 1/2 of the bread. The second guy ate 1/2 of the remaining and 1/2 of the bread. The third guy ,fourth guy and fifth guy did the same. After fifth guy there is no bread left out. How many bread are there?

Question No : 8

Six persons A,B,C,D,E &F went to soldier cinema. There are six consecutive seats. A sits in the first seat followed by B, followed by C and so on. If A taken on of the six seats, then B should sit adjacent to A. C should sit adjacent to A or B. D should sit adjacent to A, B or C and so on. How many possibilities are there ?

Question No : 9

Each man dances with 3 women, Each women dances with 3 men. Among each pair of men they have exactly two women in common. Find the no. of men and women.

Question No : 10

A survey was taken among 100 people to find their preference of watching t.v. programmes. There are 3 channels. Given no of people who watch at least channel 1, at least channel 2,at least channel 3, no channels at all, at least channels 1 and 3, at least channels 1 and 2, at least channels 2 and 3. Find the no of people who watched all three.

Question No : 11

There are 4 parties A,B,C,D. There are 3 people x,y,z. X-says A or D will win. Y-says A will not win. Z-says B or D will not win. Only one of them is true. Which party won?

Question No : 12

Persons A and B. Person A picks a random no. from 1 to 1000. Then person B picks a random no. from 1 to 1000. What is the probability of B getting no. greater then what A has picked?

Question No : 13

X^(1/3) - X^(1/9) =60. Solve for X.

Question No : 14

Two boats start from opposite banks of river perpendicular to the shore. One is faster then the other. They meet at 720 yards from one of the ends. After reaching opposite ends they rest for 10mins each. After that they start back. This time on the return journey they meet at 400yards from the other end of the river. Calculate the width of the river.

Question No : 15

Basketball Tournament organizers decided that two consecutive defeats will knock out the team. There are 51 teams participating. What is the maximum no. of matches that can be played.

Question No : 16

The Master says to his grandmaster that me and my three cousins have ages in prime nos. only. Summation of our ages is 50. Grandmaster who knows the age of the master instantly tells the ages of the three cousins. Tell the ages of three cousins.( 1 is not considered as prime no.)

Question No : 17

There are six cards in which it has two king cards. all cards are turned down and two cards are opened. a) What is the possibility to get at least one king. b) What is the possibility to get two kings.

Question No : 18

There are 5 persons a,b,c,d,e and each is wearing a block or white cap on his head. A person can see the caps of the remaining four but can't see his own cap. A person wearing white says true and who wears block says false. i) a says i see 3 whites and 1 block. ii) b says i see 4 blocks. iii) e says i see 4 whites. iv) c says i see 3 blocks and 1 white. Now find the caps weared by a,b,c,d and e.

Question No : 19

There are two women, kavitha and shamili and two males shyam, aravind who are musicians. Out of these four one is a pianist, one flutist, violinist and drummer. i) Across aravind beats pianist. ii) Across shyam is not a flutist. iii) Kavitha's left is a pianist. iv) Shamili's left is not a drummer. v) Flutist and drummer are married.

Question No : 20

When Arthur is as old as his father Hailey is now, he shall be 5 times as old as his son Clarke is now. By then, Clarke will be 8 times older than Arthur is now. The combined ages of Hailey and Arthur are 100 years. How old is Clarke?

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