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Quantitative Aptitude Test On Number System - 1

Question No : 1

What is the four digit number in which the first digit is 1/3 of the second, the third is the sum of the first and second, and the last is three times the second?

Question No : 2

What least number must be added to 859622, to get a number exactly divisible by 456?

Question No : 3

The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 36. The middle one is?

Question No : 4

The difference between a two-digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the digits is 36. What is the difference between the sum and the difference of the digits of the number if the ratio between the digits of the number is 1 : 2 ?

Question No : 5

What is the sum of all even integers between 99 and 301?

Question No : 6

The sum of the squares of three numbers is 138, while the sum of their products taken two at a time is 131. Their sum is:

Question No : 7

A positive number when decreased by 2 is equal to 15 times the reciprocal of the number. The number is

Question No : 8

The product of two numbers is 120 and the sum of their squares is 289. The sum of the number is

Question No : 9

Three numbers are in the ratio 2:3:4 and their product is 1536. Largest of these numbers is

Question No : 10

What is the sum of two consecutive even numbers, the difference of whose squares is 84?

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