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WIPRO Technical 2

Question No : 1

In private inheritance derived class members can access base class members that are

1) Public 2) Private 3) Protected

Question No : 2

The output of an OR Gate is LOW when

Question No : 3

What will be the O/P?

    int i=3,a=4,n;
    float t=4.2;
    n = a*a / i + i / 2 * t + 2 + t;

Question No : 4

What will be the O/P?

    int i=0;
        case 0 : printf("%d",i);break;
        case 1 : printf("%d",i);break;

Question No : 5

What will be the O/P?

    int q=2,d=3,st;

Question No : 6

what is the electronic signal that cause computer to stop current program?

Question No : 7

which is the language for transformational programming?

Question No : 8

Which two entities(reading from left to right) are connected by the dot operator(or class member access operator)?

Question No : 9

What is the cycle speed for high-end business PCs,servers, and workstations?

Question No : 10

The working set hypothesis in paging schemes for memory management is the hypothesis that

Question No : 11

Return address will be returned by function to

Question No : 12

if (A > B)
else if (B > C)

In this , for 75% times A > B and 25% times B > C then, if 10000 instructions are there, what will be the ratio of F to G?

Question No : 13

In a compiler there is 36 bit for a word and to store a character 8bits are needed. IN this to store a character two words are appended .Then for storing a K characters string, How many words are needed.

Question No : 14

int zap(int n)
        return 1;
        return zap(n-3) + zap(n-1);

The call zap(6) gives the result as?

Question No : 15

Virtual memory size depends on

Question No : 16

Critical section is

Question No : 17

load a
mul a
store t1
load b
mul b
store t2
mul t2
add t1
Then the content in accumulator is

Question No : 18

Convert the infix to postfix for A-(B+C)*(D/E)

Question No : 19

Assignment operator targets to

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