A police car starts chasing a fugitive in a BMW 3 hours after the BMW escapes from the scene of crime at 10AM.The BMW drives for 10Km through the crowded roads of Shanghai and then drives into a highway,where the traffic allows vehicles to move twice as fast.After a while,the police car finally catches up with BMW after a chase that lasted 4 hours.By this time the moon was up in the sky for 4 hours.If the average speed of the police car is 83 kmph,then the average speed of the BMW is .....kmph

A. 35.2
B. 25.7
C. 47.43
D. 42.23


Distance covered by police is 4*83=332km.
The Fugitive covered the same distance in 4+3=7 hours.
so, the avg. speed of BMW is 332/7=47.43kmpph.

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