Doller stores, the stores which sell all of their merchandise for $1, have long had a reputation for being down at the heels places to buy cheap, generic goods. While keeping their low prices, they are revamping their image and climbing the respectability ladder, in some cases to the fortune 500. One such dollar store which recently made an entry in the fortune list which has 2500 stores all over the United States said that they had a 2 percent increase in the number of transaction in 2008 compared with the previous year to 37 million. The company made a profit of $20 million this year. What is the average profit per store?

A. 8000 $
B. 9000 $
C. 10000 $
D. 7000 $


Per store profit = 20/2500 million $ = 2/250 million $ = 0.008*1000000 $ = 8000 $

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