Planet Fourfe resides in 4-dimensional space and thus the currency used by its residents are 3- dimensional objects. The rupee notes are cubical in shape while their coins are spherical. However the coin minting machinery lays out some stipulations on the size of the coins. A. The diamere of the coins should be at least 16 mm and not exceed 64mm.B. given a coin the diameter of the next larger coin is at least 50% greater.C. the diameter of the coin must always be an integer.You are asked to design a set of coins of different diameters with their requirements and your goal is to design as many coins as possible. How many coins can you design?

A. 6
B. 2
C. 4
D. 3


ans is 4 coins.
first coin would be of 16 diameter.
50%of 16 is 8, 8+16=24mm of diameter (second coin)
50%of 24 is 12, 24+12=36mm (third coin)
50%of 36 is 18, 36+18=54mm (fourth coin)
now, 50%of 54 is 27, 27+54=81 > 64mm. hence it will not be included.
therefore 16mm,24mm,36mm,54mm

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