Elephant competitions are of great entertainment value in south India. In one such competition held in Cochin, 200 elephants participated. Each elephants was given equal amount of milk to drink for a certain time period. Whichever elephant could drink the maximum would be the winner. One of the elephants named Garru could drink 1/3 of the amount of milk offered. Another elephant named Marta could drink only 1/20 of the amount of milk offered, but it was better than Thorny which could drink 2/45 of the amount of milk offered. Amazingly Darru could drink 6 litres more than 1/4 of the amount of milk offered, where as Malar could drink 2/15 of the amount of milk offered. If the amount of milk left over by the elephants Garru and Darru were same, then calculate the total amount of milk offered to each elephant.

A. 73
B. 72
C. 71
D. 70


let each elephant was given 'x' litres of milk.
now according to ques.
garru drink = x/3L & darru drink = 6+x/4L
it means milk left by,
garru = [x-x/3] & darru = [x-(6+x/4)]
again acc to ques.
[x-x/3] = [x-(6+x/4)]
on solving we get 'x' = 72L

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