Importance of serving an appropriate resignation letter on time

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To move on from your job gracefully and professionally, the first thing you need to do is – verbally notify (probably, two weeks before the end date of your job) your employers / superiors that you are going to leave your job at this date or in advance followed by sending a resignation letter by saying that you are going to leave your job after these many days. If possible, hand over/send a resignation letter with advance notice as soon as possible.

It is better to resign in person than by sending a formal resignation letter via email. But, if your circumstances don’t allow you to resign in person, better to send a polite and formal email resignation letter that notify your leaving date and the purpose of leaving your job. To enhance your knowledge about how to write a resignation letter, the importance of serving resignation letter on-time, and why to serve a resignation letter when you leave your job, read on.

Concept of a resignation letter

In a company, as a new joinee, either, you receive a hard copy (printed copy) of a job offer letter or soft copy through e-mail. Your job offer letter is considered as an on-paper confirmation letter that becomes a proof of your employment that notify what all benefit you are going to get as an employee of the company. Similarly, your professional resignation letter is considered as a recorded proof that assures your resignation.

A letter of resignation notifies your company’s human resources department, superiors, and co-workers your intent of leaving your current job position because of so-and-so reason and at so-and-so date. It is a perfect way of leaving your job with final impression and by making strong relation with your seniors/HR for further assistance. Also, through this letter you can provide your contact detail that may come in use later on after leaving your job.

Even if, you had already handed over your resignation letter to the company’s employer/seniors by mentioning only the last day of your job which had already kept as a personal file in the company’s confidential folder, no need to write again an another document by explaining “why you are leaving your current job. As a result, to smartly resign from their job, many of the employees doesn’t mention the reason of their leaving job, because, many times, readers of your resignation letter take the resignation’s reason personally at a time of reading your letter or later on after leaving your job.

It is ok, if you don’t mention the reason of your resignation in the resignation letter, but it is not ok, if your letter of resignation fails to show a positive attitude towards current company’s employees and employers. While reading your letter of resignation the employers should feel that the days you had spent with the current company was full of learning great ideas and technologies and you have really enjoyed working with your team, and superiors of the company.

Another important thing, you can also mention in your resignation letter is that you will cooperate and give your full support to the current company in all aspects of the proper release process and will erase all confidential data from my personal computer once you hand over all the necessary documents to your replacement or superiors.

Why to write an appropriate Resignation Letter?

As we know, all's well that ends well. Similarly, your resignation letter plays an end role to show-off your thoughts about the current company from the date of joining to this very day.

Whatever be your relation was with the companies employees and how bad was your work performance, your resignation letter is a perfect tool to vanish every mistake you had done while working in the firm and to leave your job happily in a positive manner.

If you want the readers of your resignation letter should release you positively from the company, write a resignation letter in polite, professional, and positive manner by giving minimum two weeks notice. Many times, a good and impressive resignation letter of yours with proper contact information may provide you another chance to return back to the same company at a higher position. So, write a polished and professional resignation letter that can become an important file of the company confidential folder.

Importance of serving a resignation letter on time

On-time, notifying about your resignation by serving resignation letter via email or printed copy is important and helpful with respect of the company and you both. Let’s see how,

Leaving a job gracefully & respectfully

On-time, serving a resignation letter with all necessary information can be helpful in acknowledging your employers/seniors everything that is required to leave a job respectfully & gracefully by taking everyone love and admiration. If you are quitting your job respectfully & gracefully, means, you are quitting with a good impression which opens the door for you to come back again to the company in future.

A perfect resource to say “thank you”

Submitting a proper resignation letter not only help you in leaving a job gracefully, but also provide you a golden opportunity to say "thank you" to those who were helped you at the time of joining the company and during a job in your difficult time.

Maintaining a positive relationship

Assist you in upholding a positive relationship with your employers even after you are no longer with the company.

Finding substitute of yours

Giving resignation letter minimum fifteen days before the day of leaving help your employer/boss in finding and taking a decision on who can fit into your role, the role you were actually playing for the company.

Proof of a resignation

This is another significant aspect benefited to both “the company & an employee (who is leaving a job)”. Through a
resignation letter, an employee gives a proof of his resignation that conforms his resignation and the day of quitting from a job. In the letter, an employee mentions his complete detail with his phone number and reference number that can help the company to contact you in future.

Reasons can be mentioned in the Resignation Letter

Employees leave their job due to multiple reasons. Sometimes, it is good and sometimes bad. When you write a resignation letter, write a letter that mentions the positive reason to leave your job with a good impression, instead of mentioning a negative reason.

The positive reasons that can help you in gaining everyone's sympathy, admirence and love are;

  • Leaving the job due to positive career move
  • Suffering from bad Health
  • Quitting due to pregnancy
  • Relocating to some other state
  • Moving to the abroad
  • Returning to the school
  • Joining the collage for the higher studies
  • After maternity leave to take care of my baby
  • For better salary package and other benefits
  • Getting a dream job offer
  • Family circumstances and family illness
  • Going to get married
  • Traveling issue

The bad reasons that may create a negative image in-front of your readers are,

  • The current job is not a good fit
  • Less growth opportunities
  • Heavy work load
  • Contract period cannot be renewed 
  • Have not been promoted from when I joined the job

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