Resignation Letter Samples with Different Designation

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When you think of writing a resignation letter you also think of how to write a perfect resignation letter as per your designation that can help in expressing your dedication towards work and your intention of distributing your knowledge that you have gained during your job. Here, you will get to know how to write a perfect resignation letter as per your designation.

Resignation letter Samples

Software Engineer Resignation Letter Sample

An employee can use the resignation letter to resign from one company to get a job into another company, but, don’t make a resignation letter the first medium to express about your resignation decision. First, reuquest a face-to-face interaction with your seniors and convey your decision to resign. After the meeting, send a resignation letter. Write a resignation letter in a manner that express your work experience, positive feelings you have for your colleagues and company itself.

Today’s Date


Mr. Sam Alex,
Manager Lead,
XYZ Corporation Pvt.LTD,

Subject Line: A Letter of Resignation 

Dear Mr. Sam,

I am presenting this letter to notify you about my resignation from the job position of software engineer which will be effective at the same date after a month. 28'th Feb 2016 will be my last day at XYZ Corporation Pvt. LTD.

I have accepted a job proposal of senior software engineer of another big company for further career growth and development. Please accept this proposal by understanding the positive reason of my move. In this company, I have enjoyed working at the job position of software engineer and will try to keep in touch with you in the future too.

In my transition period, I will try to give my full support to make the transition as smooth as possible. Also, my best effort and contribution will be towards giving training to my replacement that can help him/her to take over my job role efficiently. Please let me know, if there are any specific task need my attention and support.

Thank you very much for considering me as a vital member of this company. My best wishes and support will be always there with the company growth and success.

Best regards,

Your signature
Your typed name

Teacher Resignation Letter Sample

Write this letter when you are planning to leave your job of the school teacher. But, being as a teacher, better not to leave your job in between the year, it is just as you are playing with the student’s career and the school management.

Mainly, mail your resignation letter to the school superintendent and the principal, but you can also forward your letter to other superiors of the school to notify about your resignation.

The letter of your resignation to the superintendent and the principle should be straightforward, but similarly, formal, positive and polite. The reason of your resignation should look real that can help in building a positive image of yours among the readers.


The Director/Principal/Sub Principle/Superintendent
Name of the School
Address – City, state, Pin Code

Today’s Date

RE: A Letter of Resignation

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept this letter as a notification of my resignation from the contractual duty of Mathematics teacher at Loyola School. My resignation will be effective from 28th January 2016.

I can understand, my decision of taking resigning from the Mathematics teacher post may create difficulties for the school management and my students, that’s why, I am giving two months of advance notice. In these two months, I will try to cooperate with my students and the school management in the process of giving my best effort in all areas of improvement and development.

I am leaving my duty for continuing my higher studies. I have taken admission in MBA at Symbiosis Pune. Since, it is a full time study course, I came forward to the conclusion of leaving my duty from the job position as Mathematics Teacher. I hope, you will understand and cooperate with me in pursuing with this decision.

I have gained wonderful experience working as a teacher of the Layola School. Working here, along with gaining knowledge, i have learned different sorts of teaching concepts to handle different type of students which will surely help me in future. Thanks to everyone for encouraging me and giving me your wonderful support throughout my occupation. Also, my special thanks to the principal, vice-principal, director, coordinator of the school for understanding me and making me a part of the school.

Please reply me soon with the complete detail of the exit procedure.

Respectfully yours,
Nancy Paul

Staff Nurse Resignation Letter Sample

A highly responsible profession where a staff nurse involves herself in taking care of ill people sincerely. Professionally, the attitude a nurse staff carries, the same attitude she should carry while writing a resignation letter, write the letter of resignation in a manner that show how well you are skilled, polite, polished and mature and responsible.

Many of the staff nurses are good in their profession, but not good in drafting/writing a letter of resignation while they leave. Here you will get to know how you can write a perfect staff nurse resignation letter to maintain the same image as like your profession.


David Morrison,
22, Supertech, Green Road,
Haryana - 110099
29th December 2015


Dr. Danny Dunn,
Hospital Director,
City Hospital,
Haryana – 102100

Subject Line: A Letter of Resignation 

Dear Hospital Director,

Please acknowledge this letter as a letter of my resignation from the job position of staff nurse at City Hospital, which will be effective on 14th January 2016.

Being a senior staff nurse, I understand the importance of this profession and I understand how well a new nurse staff should be trained to handle hospital patient politely, sensitively, and safely. So, by understanding the terms of the contract of this profession, I have planned my resignation after a month from today onwards, which will provide me an ample amount of time to properly train a new staff nurse who is going to take over my position.

While giving training, I will explain her the sensitivity of the work of this profession and how she should carefully handle the patients come to the hospital for their medical treatment.

Intentionally, I don’t want to leave this job, but, since my family is relocating to the other state. I can’t live without my family and I have decided to quit my favourite job and hospital. Anyway, thank-you for your wonderful support and encouragement that was really required at the time of taking care of serious patient in the hospital. I have vastly enjoyed and learned working here as a senior staff nurse.

Feel free to contact me for any kind of support. I will be happy if I can give my contribution in any kind of hospitality task.

Yours respectfully,
Your signature

Receptionist Resignation Letter Sample

Usually, the receptionist is considered as the first representative of the company, especially for those who are unaware of the company culture and employees. As a client and a job seeker, the first person you meet at the company is a receptionist. His/her behavior, welcoming attitude, and correct information offering attitude presents the behavior of other employees of the company. So, when you resign from this post, write a resignation letter in a manner that represents the same attitude as how you keep during work.

Today’s Date


Mr. Jay Roy,
Phinolex Corporation Pvt.LTD,
Delhi – 1010101
Subject Line: A Letter of Resignation 

Dear Mr. Roy,

I am writing this letter to inform you about my resignation from the job position of the Receptionist which will be effective in two weeks from today. As per the two week notice period, my last day at this company will be on 28th January 2016.

I acquired this Receptionist job just to support my family, but, from the initial stage of my career, my aim was to get into development field but my family circumstances made me to work here. After a year of hard work, I have got my dream job which I don’t want to leave. I hope, you will understand and appreciate my decision of moving towards better career.

In these two weeks, I will try to give my best possible afford and corporation in making the transition procedure smoother. Also, i will provide all the training and assistance to the new Receptionist to get to know the job profile and to take over my position. During training period, I will also guide her how she can interact, behave and help the employees of the company, client and the job seekers who usually come first to the Receptionist to get information about the company.

Please accept this resignation and let me know if any work of the company needs my support. It will be my pleasure, to assist the company during this period.

Thank-you very much for understanding me and giving your wonderful cooperation in making working procedure smother.

Best Regards,

Your signature (Hand written)
Your typed name 

Administrative Assistant Resignation letter Sample

If a person is working as an Administrative Assistant at the company, he plays the role as a second hand of the company’s managers/higher authorities. Usually, a person working at this job profile is involved in planning and managing work related activities of the managers and keeps important data of the company. While working at this position and if you plan to give a resignation, write a resignation letter in a manner that assures the management that the work you were doing for them won’t be affected in your absence.


Kabir Jha
33 GreenStar Street,
New Mumbai - 200010
1th January 2016


Mr. David Roy
General Manager
101 GoldStar Street,
New Mumbai - 200010

Subject Line: A letter of Resignation

Dear Mr. Roy,

I am sharing this letter to notify you about my resignation. By understanding the role and responsibilities of this job profile, I like to inform you about my resignation one month in advance. Next month on the same date I will be leaving this company. So, without wasting my time, I will work hard to complete all pending work for which I was authorized, and hand over everything to my replacement by giving training of my job role.

During training, I will tell my replacement about the importance of the job profile and why he/she should keep things confidential for which he will be only authorized to do. Also, I will try to cooperate with you in doing all formalities required for of the proper release process.

Thank you very much for understanding me and helping me to handle all major tasks dedicated to this job profile. I wish you all the best for your continued success. Please feel free to contact me at any time whenever my help is needed in the future.

Your Name

Project Manager Resignation Letter Sample

In any company, designation of a Project Manager is a highly responsible profession where a person designated to this post is responsible of the project’s planning, procurement and execution. A person belongs to this job profile is a highly responsible professional. So, when you think of resigning from this post, take the running project into the consideration and not to leave the job in between the running project.

While writing a resignation letter, mention the plan of your resignation in a manner that can express your concern, dedication, and supportive attitude of you towards the company success and growth.

Project Manager Resignation Letter Sample

Today’s Date

Manager's Name
Manager's Title
Company Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

This letter is to notify you about my resignation plan from the job position of the project manager at Web Services PVT. After 15 days from today will be my last day of employment.

The resignation’s decision was uneasy for me because of getting great achievements and appreciation while working in this company. But my family circumstances making me to relocate from this state to another. So, I have finally decided to take up the role of project manager in another company.

As a project manager, before leaving the job of the company, I will try to resolve all the issues related to the current project for successful competition and on time delivery.

In the future, feel free to contact me for any kind of project related issues and other tasks.

Yours respectfully,

Your signature (Hand written)
Your typed name 

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