Resignation Letter Templates

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If you have decided to resign and don’t know how to write a proper resignation letter, go through the given below templates. These templates will surely help you in writing a proper resignation letter.

Printed Copy - Resignation Letter Template

If you have decided to notify about your resignation during an in-person conversation, the best thing you can do before the conversation is to keep your resignation letter in your hand and serve it during the conversation. Or else, you can send your resignation letter before or after the conversation.

If you are unaware of writing a formal resignation letter, use the given below template that will help you in improving your knowledge about writing a well formatted resignation letter.

Yours Contact detail:

Your Name
Your Address - City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address 

Today’s Date

Employer Contact detail:
Employer Name
Employee Designation
Employee Address - City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

Primary Section:

This is a mandatory section where you notify that you are resigning from your job followed by the end date when your resignation will be effective.

Middle Section: 

This is optional, here, you can mention other information that can make your resignation letter more presentable in front of readers, but make sure all the information is mentioned positively in order to leave a good lasting impression.

Last Section: 

This is also optional. Here, you can thank all for their superb support.

Short & Complimentary Exit:

Respectfully yours,


Handwritten Signature or Typed Signature

Printed Copy – Resignation Letter Sample

A detailed resignation letter with two week notice period. The purpose of this letter to inform the employer/HR that you are leaving your job due to a personal reason.

A Resignation letter


John Mayer
09 Cross Street, Sector 26,
New York
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
December 17th


Mr. Carl Harry
Manager Human Resources
ABC Business Marketing Corporation
11 Board Street, Sector 55,
New York - 201010 

Subject Line: Request for Resignation

Dear Mr. Harry:

This is tremendously difficult for me to inform you that due to my personal circumstances, i am unable to carry on my occupation as a Manager at ABC Business Marketing Corporation. As per the standard resignation rule, I am serving a resignation letter with two weeks notice period. As per the relieving policy, the last date of my job will be December 31th, 2015.

Since, I have given many years to this company and I was very comfortable in my role, taking this decision was not so easy for me. I took long time to come into this decision on whether I should move on to my home town to look after my mom or I should stay here. Needless to say, the decision to leave my job was awfully hard, but necessary for me due to my personal circumstances.

I feel proud to become a part of the ABC Business Marketing Corporation. Hartley, I would like to thank all for giving me a wonderful support and making me a valuable member of the company. I will always try to be in touch with you all whenever my help will be required.

Throughout the two weeks of the transition period, I will try to complete my all pending work and hand over to the employee who is going to play my role for the company. If required, I can train the employee who will replace me in the job and after my job too. I will always try to be in touch with you all whenever my help is required.

Once again, many thanks for your consistent help and guidelines.

John Mayer
ABC Business Marketing Corporation.

Email - Resignation Letter Template

As we know, in-person's resignation is always better than emailing. But, in some situations, emailing is considered as the best way to send your resignation letter. Let’s see, circumstances during which resignation should be emailed,

  • Working distantly/online from some other country, state, or city. 
  • When you are leaving your job due to an employer/HR to whom you have to give your resignation letter. 
  • Due to certain reasons, you don’t want to come in-front of your companies seniors/employers/HR.

If your terms are good with everyone, especially, employer/HR to whom you have to send your resignation letter, better to make conversation on the phone first to notify about your resignation before sending an email resignation letter.

Having good terms with your office employees and want to leave your job with the same impression, then, write an impressive resignation letter. if you don’t know how to make it possible, see the given below template that will guide you in writing the impressive resignation letter.

Email - Resignation Letter Template

Subject Line: Resignation

Primary Section

In this primary section you mention, you are quitting your job and the last date of yours in the office will be so and so.

Middle Section

This section is optional, here, you can mention, why you are leaving your job and other stuffs positively in order to maintain long term good relationship.

Last Section

Lastly, say thank you to everyone for making you an important part of the company.

Short & Complimentary Close

Respectfully yours,
Typed Signature
Your Name

Note: Once you have written your resignation letter and ready to send, if possible, send your resignation letter to your boss, HR, and you too by keeping yourself in “Bcc”. Self receiving copies of a resignation letter as a record is important to check the email has been delivered to the desired person or not.

This is another detailed email resignation letter with two week notice period message to the employer/HR that an employee is resigning due to his/her personal circumstances.

A Resignation letter

Subject Line: Request for Resignation

Dear Mr. Harry,

I apologized to notify you that due to my personal circumstances, I will be no longer coming to the office. Please accept this email message as a formal notice of my resignation from the position of “Business Marketing Manager” at XYZ Company which will be effective on January 1'st.

The knowledge and respect I have gained during my work will be memorable for years to come.

I hope, a two-week notice is more than sufficient to find out a substitute of me. If any kind of help is required from my side to find and to train my substitute, please let me know, I will be glad to give my favour.

Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful support and the opportunity to work with XYZ Company. 

Best Regards,
Akash Poul 

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