Things not to be included in a resignation letter

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Due to various reasons employees leave their job. Sometimes the reason is good and sometimes bad. If you are leaving your job due to a good reason, your resignation letter will end on a positive note. But, if you are leaving your job due to issues with your colleagues or management, you will have a tendency to reveal everything wrong about the company and employees in a resignation letter.

Well, whatever be the reason for leaving your job and how you feel about the state of the company, when you plan about the contents and tone of the resignation letter, write a letter that won't hurt anyone and doesn’t express anything negatively. Keep the content of your letter formal, short, polite and positive.

If you really like to know how the well-written resignation letter should be, first, get to know what should be included and not to be included in the resignation letter. Here are the guidelines that can help you in understanding what not to be included in the resignation letter.

Avoid following points in a resignation letter

Avoid criticizing your supervisor/co-workers

While mentioning a particular reason of leaving your job, ensure that you are not including any negative statement against any employee (supervisor, co-workers, or subordinates) of the company. Just remember, the purpose of giving a resignation letter is to inform your current company that you are leaving your job at so and so date. In fact, instead of criticizing/complaining about someone, use the resignation letter as a final golden chance to leave a final impression that may help you in future.

Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes

Even if, you are highly professional and very good in writing professional documents and letters, there is a chance; you may unknowingly make grammatical and spelling mistakes while writing a resignation letter. Don’t worry, anyone can make mistakes. The only thing you need to do is, check the whole resignation letter after completing it by taking grammar and spelling mistakes into consideration. For grammar and spelling correction you can also go ahead with the tools that are specially designed to do these kinds of tasks.

Avoid including a name of someone from your current company

Your resignation letter should not include a name of a particular individual (senior, HP, or employee) from your current company except your name. The letter should only address to the company not to a particular individual. Once you are done writing and reviewing your letter, sign it at the bottom of the letter to break up the contract which was there between you and the company.

Avoid writing about your new job position/company

Your resignation letter that is only dedicated to the current company should only include the information related to the current job position/company not anything about new job position/new company. The letter should only focus on your achievements, appreciation, and experiences you have gained being as a part of the current company and also you should focus more on giving positive reason of leaving the current job”. All significant information should be mentioned by considering three things in your mind - politeness, friendliness, and professionalism.

Avoid writing anything bad about the current company and their other aspects

Every company has some pros, cons, and their own policies to run the company, some employees stay with the company for a longer period by excepting all facts of the company, but some don’t get ready to accept all facts and decide to leave the job as soon as possible. Even if, you are leaving your current job because of any unexpected reason, like; bad company policies (terms & conditions), senior/HR impolite behavior, less salary package, no rule of salary other benefits, etc. don’t state it in your resignation letter.

Avoid showing your bad emotions

Even if, the reason of leaving your job is not pretty and it makes you angry/ hatred when you start thinking about it, still, avoid mentioning those bad reasons in your resignation letter that can create negative image of yours in the mind of all the readers of your resignation letter. Just include only positive and significant basic points in short form.

Avoid delaying your resignation letter

Every company has their own policies to rule out the resignation process. If, company policy says that people who are going to resign from their job have to place serve a notice period of one month, you had to send your resignation letter one month before your leaving date in advance. Any delay in serving the notice period may jeopardize your resignation process and end you up in no man's land.

Avoid putting the negative statements

Resigning from one company is not the end of your career. Many resign from their current job to get better opportunities than what they are getting right now, but in the race of getting better opportunities you should not forget, you may meet your previous company employee somewhere in the future or you may need support of your previous company employees in the process of growing your career in the future. So, always try to resign by making everyone happy through a resignation letter medium, avoid including any negative sentence that can leave a bad impression and can spoil your career.

Don't say, you are planning to quit sooner

Even if you don’t like your job and want to leave your job sooner, don’t disclose to anyone in the office that what exactly you are planning. Go through the proper resignation process, by considering the policy or rule made by the company for resignation, write a nice, formal, and polite resignation letter, and serve your letter to the company within the notice period ruled by the company for resignation.

Don't mention you are quitting job for better salary package

If you are unsatisfied with the current salary package due to your family needs or your own needs which is encouraging you to resign from your current job to get into another job at the higher salary package, even then, your resignation letter should not include the correct reason of quitting your job. Write something good that can help you in creating a positive image of yours in-front of readers for further assistance.

Don't laugh at the current company work culture, products & services

While writing a resignation letter, don’t mention anything that gives an impression that you are making jokes of on your current company’s work culture, products & services at the time of leaving your job. Your resignation letter should not present your unhappiness towards company work culture, products & services.

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