How to write a resignation letter and Writing Tips

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Have you decided to move on from your current job? If yes, it is always better to move on gracefully and professionally by writing a wonderful resignation letter which should be intended to make amends with your superiors, co-workers and others who have been working with you, because you never know when you have to come back to the same place for work.

While resigning, you should know how to write a resignation letter as per the reason you are going to give during the exit interview. While writing a resignation letter, give more consideration to the content’s simplicity, clearness, briefness, and how much it is understandable and focused towards the point. To get more insights on writing a perfect resignation letter, have a look at the given below tips, which will help you write a professional and impressive resignation letter.

Tips/Advice for writing a best resignation letter

Well written resignation letter means “all necessary points to be mentioned in clear, effective, organized, and well understandable format. Framing of the letter should be formal (as like a business letter) and friendly with a positive approach.

As we know, a resignation letter plays a significant role in the process of leaving a job successfully, respectively, and gracefully. It is necessary to know “How to write an effective resignation letter”. These tips/Advice will surely help you in understanding how to write an effective and positive resignation letter with ease. Also, you will get to know, how your resignation letter can be effectively presented to the readers.


For writing any professional document/letter pre-preparation is required. An effective resignation letter also requires pre-preparation before writing into formal (business) and friendly format. Make a rough picture of all the points in your mind that you are going to jot down in your letter, like, how you are going to start, organize, format, and end the content of the letter.

Your pre-preparation also include identifying the positives and negatives about the company. Make sure that you avoid mentioning the negative points in your resignation letter which will hurt the feelings of your colleagues. In case, you really wish to specify the negative points, try to put it in a subtle way such that nobody's feelings are hurt. It will be better, if you can share only positive points about the company.

Consider the reason for leaving the Job

While writing a resignation letter, the questions that come to our mind is, “how to and where to mention a reason of leaving a job in a resignation letter”. If the reason is genuine/positive (like, relocation, for higher studies, health issue, career growth, etc.), you won’t be nervous while mentioning the fact.

However, if the fact of quitting from a job is not genuine/negative (like; fed-up with behaviour of your boss, the team is not co-operative, hectic schedule working hours, etc.), enforce you to think-off some other reason instead of giving bad/negative reason. If you mention anything negative in the letter, you create a negative impression forever.

Length, font, and size of the letter

A standard resignation letter will be one page long, it can extend upto a maximum of two pages, not more than that. Don’t write a letter as like a document or as like a story that revels complete details of the new company, the current company, and the whole story of “why you are leaving your current job”. Make your letter short and sweet with the inclusion of all necessary points. Use the standard font style such as “Times New Roman, Arial, Cambria, or Calibri”. And, font size “10 or 12”.

Professional and friendly tone

Your letter should seem as professional (as like a business letter) as friendly, so, while writing a letter just take care of two significant writing etiquettes “professionalism and friendliness”. Professionalism shows “how much you learned from your company” and friendliness shows your thoughts about the company and their employees.

As I mentioned earlier, letter should look professional and friendly. But, make sure that, irrespective of your relationship with your seniors, HR and other employees of the company, you are about to leave a job in a professional company. So, when you write a resignation letter, give more emphasis to the professional aspects of you and your colleagues rather than bragging about "How friendly you are" with them.

Understandable and summarized

Of course, your letter content must be clear, understandable, summarized, straight forward and to the point, then only your seniors/HR will get to know the message you are trying to convey to them through your letter. Especially, when you write down the reasons for leaving your job, don’t make that particular paragraph lengthier by putting unnecessary content, make it short, summarized, and understandable.

Show your thankfulness and politeness

Even if, you are leaving your job because of unpleasant reasons, don't write down harsh words in your letter due to the frustration going on in your mind. Sensibly, take decision how you are going to release yourself from the current company via a resignation letter. Better, in summarized form, convey your accomplishments and achievements in the resignation letter in graceful, polite, and respectful manner. Also, your letter should show, you are thankful to all who had encouraged and supported you at work during the crisis.

In case, you share any negative thoughts via resignation letter with your current company senior/employer, it may happen that your seniors and your future company senior executives are friends, and they may share your resignation letter (written with the harsh words) with the management of your future company. If they do so, you will be in trouble or you will be considered as a person with awful behaviour right from the start in your new company. So, be careful and include the things in a resignation letter that can release you from the company with a good impression.

Make the letter notable

If we say, a resignation letter should be notable, it doesn’t mean that your resignation letter should be beautified with lots of colourful images and artistic contents. The resignation letter content should be neatly formatted, delineated with the use of notable words, the letter should include all significant information assembled in nice order to make the letter appear neat, summarized and graceful. It should also include your appreciations and achievements too.

Even if you are not a professional writer, don’t worry, write a proper formal letter by using simple words without doing any grammatical mistake, remember that the information you convey through a letter should be in polite, understanding and formal manner.

Complimenting behavior

If you have been successful in leaving a good impression and developed a positive image of yours with current company seniors/superiors, in the future somewhere you will be benefited; may be working with another company of same industry or may be helpful in making a long term relationship.

Complimenting attitude of yours through a resignation letter is a medium that can help you in creating a positive image in-front of your seniors/HR and convince them to memorize you for all good reasons. So, through your resignation letter, give some really good compliments to your seniors/higher professionals of the company in one segment of a letter in short form.

Appreciate your presence

Even if you don’t like your job, then too, you learn things one way or another that may come into use in the future. So it is better to say that you were working in this firm based on your interest apart from the remuneration offered. Also explain what you have actually learned from the company and say, you respected the time you have spent with the company and employees of the company in a few sentences.

Clarify the exact date of quitting

When you verbally notify your seniors/employers that you are going to leave your job as soon as possible, try to obtain a confirmation letter for your resignation letter as a proof in-hand (in the printed letter form) or via email (in soft copy form).

While writing a resignation letter, clearly mention the exact date and year of the exit. Clarity on the exact exit date, will help you personally as well as the HR/seniors in many aspects. HR/seniors can plan your exit properly and find a suitable replacement who can fit into your role perfectly. Both, you and the company gets sufficient time to clear account related stuffs. It also helps you in completing all tasks that are important from the companies point of view.

Assure your full cooperation

Write in a manner that your employer should know you are accessible to assist anyone during the transition period. if required, you can provide support after office hours, on weekends and even after leaving your job. Mention your phone number and reference number in the letter to ensure them you are always there for any support and it will be your pleasure to answer their questions.

It may happen that, before leaving your job; company may ask you to train your replacement each and every task that you were doing for the company. Teach you replacement in a manner that can show you have actually learned many things being as a part of the company. Good presentation of yours about the company and the project can motivate your replacement in giving awesome performance and can be helpful for you somewhere in the future.

Clarification on Employee Benefits

It’s true, you should quit your job by leaving a good impression, but don’t forget, in some places you have to speak for your rights. Your resignation is also a medium to ask about the benefits that are entitled to you only at the time of release. Before asking about employee benefits through your resignation letter, better to inquire manually. Once the investigation is over, as per the knowledge you have gained during the investigation, ask politely through resignation letter “What all benefits you are going to provide me at the time of release”.

Highlight your choice about counteroffers

In your resignation letter, clearly and politely highlight your thought/opinion about counteroffers, means, whether you are interested in getting those kinds of offers or not, your opinion on counteroffers should be conveyed politely in your resignation letter.

The best formatted letter

A letter should be in well formatted form with the only inclusion of good and clear content formatting style, size, pattern and systematic order of the content, there are many things involved in giving a letter satisfactory formatted look.

  • First, before writing a letter, you need to analyze what all significant information you are going to include in your resignation letter, and how you are going to place and compile all significant information in a systematic and impressive format.
  • Second, when you write a resignation letter, just examine, the information you convey through a letter should be in clear, summarized, and understandable format.

If you are not aware of well formatted writing style to write a resignation letter; you can take help of your close friend who is in a higher position at a company, if this solution doesn’t workout, you can search the internet to provide a various resignation letter samples based on different reasons for resignation.

Personally review the letter

Once you are done, means, completed your resignation letter to hand over/send to your HR/seniors, be careful and review your letter once again twice and thrice even if you are a professional writer and expertise in writing all kinds of professional letters.

The reviewing process is very important after completing the letter because it may happen that your letter contains many grammatical mistakes, things that can create a negative image, or things that you have missed including in a letter that can create a positive image. That’s why, how much experienced you are, review your letter at least twice and thrice before delivering it confidently.

End up your letter with a warm note

Once you have finished the letter by including an introduction, body part (with all necessary information, like, achievements, and the responsibilities that you have taken), and other necessary information, come to the end part of the letter, here also you have to keep the same gracious and optimistic approach you had followed while writing another part of the letter.

You’re gracious and optimistic approach helps you in ending your letter in warm and welcoming tone, like, “Best Wishes for Never Ending Success”, “Warmest Personal Regards”, “Kind Regards” or something similar just over your signature (name of yours). You can also write "Sincerely" if you are just writing a formal letter.

Tips/Advice for writing printed copy of a letter

Distinct font and writing style for hard copy (printed copy) of a resignation letter

If you have decided to resign by giving hard copy (printed) of resignation letter, then it is required to draft a letter using single size font and writing style throughout the letter. There is no need to highlight anything by changing font style bold/italic, by underlining the font, or by using any other kind of writing style.

High quality paper sheet

Usually, professional letters/formal letters are written in neat, tidy, and on a high quality paper sheet. There is a reason behind taking a high quality paper sheet for writing a professional letter/ formal letter; a neat and tidy high quality paper sheet not only improves your self-confidence and writing style, also, performs a significant role in making a long term positive picture over the reader.

Manually sign on your letter

Just like other confidential/formal letter, sign on your resignation letter at the bottom of the page, but before signing your letter just review it to confirm the letter doesn’t have any error. Once the verification and signing the letter is completed; take at least two to three photocopies of it and keep it with you. Keeping photocopy of your signed letter is important because you may not know when it can come in use in the future.

Printed Letter Vs. handwritten letter

Instead of giving hand written resignation letter that has been written using pen, better to resign by giving a printed resignation letter. There are many benefits of drafting and delivering a printed letter instead of hand written letter – in case of a printed letter, formatting/editing process become easier.

That’s why, during review phase, even if you find something important that you have missed to mention in between the letter or some major error you have found that need to be corrected, a printed letter makes the formatting/editing process easier, that’s why, employee successfully delivers a clean, formatted and impressive letter to all readers.

Short summary of the complete tips

All above tips/advices will surely help you in understanding “how you can write an effective resignation letter in clear, brief, polite, formal, and respectful manner that can showcase your positive mindset towards the company.

Once you have planed, written, reviewed and verified your letter, put it in a neat envelope and serve it to the main concerned person, or else, you can send your resignation letter to the concern person via email. The significant task you can do in the process of leaving a good impression is, if possible, train your substitute in a manner that can showcase your interest, concern, and respect towards the company.

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