Exit Interview & Resignation Letter

Planning to resign and move on to your new Job? If so, this category will help you write a wonderful and appropriate resignation letter with dos and dont's on topics to be specified in the letter based on the occasion, designation and notice period with the help of resignation letter samples. For exit interview, we had provided tips and answers to end your association on a positive note.

Exit Interview Questions and Answers

Got a call from HR/Seniors for an exit interview, expect following exit interview questions. This article provides best answers and tips to answer them to leave your firm on a positive note.

How to write a resignation letter and Writing Tips

Have you decided to move on from your current job? If yes, it is always better to move on gracefully and professionally by writing a wonderful resignation letter which should be intended to make amends with your superiors, co-workers and others who have been working with you, because you never know when you have to come back to the same place for work.

Things not to be included in a resignation letter

Due to various reasons employees leave their job. Sometimes the reason is good and sometimes bad. If you are leaving your job due to a good reason, your resignation letter will end on a positive note. But, if you are leaving your job due to issues with your colleagues or management, you will have a tendency to reveal everything wrong about the company and employees in a resignation letter.

Resignation Letter Format and Set-up Strategy

Quitting a job is often difficult and stressful being part of the company for a long time and it becomes more difficult and complicated when you have to write a resignation letter. Although, your resignation letter is considered as a last impression letter, don't use it only to notify about your resignation. Use it also to impress your employer/seniors/HR for further assistance. Consideration of a good and impressive resignation letter makes us to focus towards two important aspects.

Resignation Letter Templates

If you have decided to resign and don’t know how to write a proper resignation letter, go through the given below templates. These templates will surely help you in writing a proper resignation letter.

Resignation Letter Sample - Based on Situation & Circumstances

Leaving a job is difficult, but more than that, writing a resignation letter according to your situation, circumstances, and relation of yours with the company’s employees, seniors and HR make you think hard about “how to write an appropriate resignation letter”. The resignation letter samples provided in this article will help you write an appropriate resignation letter according to your situation, circumstances and relationship with other employees.

Resignation Letter Samples with Different Designation

When you think of writing a resignation letter you also think of how to write a perfect resignation letter as per your designation that can help in expressing your dedication towards work and your intention of distributing your knowledge that you have gained during your job. Here, you will get to know how to write a perfect resignation letter as per your designation.

Resignation letter Sample with different notice Period

When an employee decides to put his resignation, he/she wants to end the relation on a happy note. But, things won't go as planned due to the current employers notice period and pressure from your future employer to join the firm as soon as possible. Your situation and circumstances around, force you to resign from your job on shorter notice, advance notice and 24 hours notice. Here in this article, you will see how to write a resignation letter which suits the situations mentioned above with the help of sample resignation letters.  

Importance of serving an appropriate resignation letter on time

To move on from your job gracefully and professionally, the first thing you need to do is – verbally notify (probably, two weeks before the end date of your job) your employers / superiors that you are going to leave your job at this date or in advance followed by sending a resignation letter by saying that you are going to leave your job after these many days. If possible, hand over/send a resignation letter with advance notice as soon as possible.

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