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10. What are the Popular tools used for automation testing?

  • HP UFT(Formerly QTP) 
  • Rational Robot
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • Selenium


11. Conditions when we can't consider automation testing
Conditions considered to be disadvantageous when automating a test are :
  • Ever changing requirements
  • Documentation required is exhaustive
  • Only suitable for continuous integration
  • One time test cases
  • Adhoc : Random testing


12. What is Automation Framework?

It is a set of standard rules followed by a company to structure the test automation of an application. Wherein the supporting scripts, data sheets and reports are organized and put together for easier access and maintenance.

13. What are the different types of Automation Frameworks?

Most popular and used Automation frameworks are :

  • Data Driven Testing Testing Framework 
  • Keyword Driven Testing Framework 
  • Hybrid Driven Testing Framework 
  • Behavior Driven Development Framework

14. What are the Advantages of Automation Framework?

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Simplifying the process followed
  • Adherence to standard
  • Re-usability
  • Complete coverage
  • vEasier future enhancements

15. What is Data Driven Testing Framework?

Major usage of automation testing is to simplify the testing process involving complex and huge data sets by documenting the same, which will be used as input to testing tools.

In Data Driven Testing Framework, the test data which includes input, expected output and a result field are listed in files like CSV files, excel files, text files, XML files etc. These files are fed to automation tool for execution, which in turn compares the expected and actual data. Logs the result of each test data into result field. For Example :

Sl. No.Input DataExpected DataResult
1 Admin Admin Pass
2 @dmin Admin Fail
3 admin Admin Fail

16. What is Keyword Driven Testing Framework?

The keywords and locators required to locate an element by automation tool are listed in files like CSV files, excel files, text files, XML files etc. These files act as input to automation tool for element detection. Keywords and locators are updated regularly to keep up with application changes, hence the maintenance becomes difficult with unstable applications.

17. What is Hybrid Driven Testing?

Hybrid Driven is combination of both Data Driven and Keyword Driven Testing Framework, most of the company adopt Hybrid Driven Testing Framework for better utilization automation tool. Related data sets and element keywords are documented and fed as input to automation tool.

18. What are the Standards followed for scripting?

Following are the standards considered while scripting,

  • Uniformity in naming convention.
  • Commenting the functionality whenever and wherever necessary
  • Adequate indentation.
  • Robust error handling and ability to recovery
  • Use of Frameworks

19. Have you used any customized automation testing tool?

There are many companies which develop in-house testing tools for in-depth testing of applications, list out some if your company uses any. An example of same is customized Selenium for load testing. It should be able to explain basic flow or framework used to implement the customized tool effectively.

20. Is documentation required in Test Automation?

Documentation plays a critical role in Test Automation. Practices should be documented, so that they are repeatable. Specifications, designs, configurations, code changes, automation plan, test cases listed for automation, bug reports, user manuals should all be documented.

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