Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

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Frequently asked Selenium interview questions and answers for freshers and 2-5 year experienced testers on Selenium Components, Advantages, IDE, Remote Control, supported languages, client drivers, AutoIT script  etc.

1. What is the Difference between Manual Testing and Automation Testing?
  • Tests conducted by testers manually is called Manual Testing, wherein they compare the expected and actual functionality are in accordance with the test cases.
  • Tests conducted by using software tool is called Automation Testing, wherein the expected results are fed into the tool to be compared with the actual output of software being tested.
  • Refer link for more Q&A on Automation Testing. (Link to Automation Testing QA)


2. What are the Popular tools used for automation testing?
  • Selenium
  • HP UFT(Formerly QTP) 
  • Rational Robot
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
3. Explain the advantages of Automation Testing
  • Reduced test execution time
  • Can be executed in cross platforms test cases (different OS, browsers, environment, etc)
  • Simplifies complex functional tests
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Enables parallel execution


4. What is Selenium Testing?

Selenium is a web browser automation tool, supports numerous scripting language and technologies.

5. What are the major Selenium components?

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium Grid

6. What are the testing types supported by Selenium?

Selenium supports Functional and Regression Testing

7. What is Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is Integrated Development Environment, which is implemented as Firefox extension. It helps us record, edit and debug the tests.

8. Explain the advantages of Selenium IDE?

  • Easy to Record and Playback
  • Command auto-complete 
  • Can set breakpoints while debug mode
  • Assert, Verify and WaitFor options

9. Language used in Selenium IDE

Language used is Selenese

10. Does Selenium IDE support multiple test case execution?

Selenium IDE supports suite creation wherein the testcases created under a Suite is executed one by one. Test suite is a simple HTML file listing the tests to be executed in a user-defined format.

11. Can tests created in Selenium IDE run in different browser?

Selenium IDE created test cases can be executed as suite under Selenium RC using command line interface which invokes Selenium RC Server.
Ex, java -jar selenium-server.jar -htmlSuite "*firefox" "" "c:\absolute\path\to\my\HTMLSuite.html" "c:\absolute\path\to\my\results.html"

12. What is the difference between Assert and Verify in Selenium IDE?

  • When an “assert” command fails, the test is aborted. 
  • Whereas, when a “verify” command fails, the test will continue execution of next command in test after logging the failure.
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