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11. Define Static testing?

Testing conducted without executing a program or a software is called as static testing. It is a kind of verification that we do on the software products before the process of compilation and creation of an executable. It is more of Requirement review, design review, code review, walkthrough and audits.

12. Define Dynamic testing?
Testing conducted by executing a program or a software, and comparing expected results and actual results is termed as dynamic testing. Ex: Black box testing
13. Define Whitebox Testing?

Whitebox Testing is used to test the internal structure of a software program and working of a application. It's also termed as Clearbox Testing, Structural Testing and Glassbox Testing.

14. Define Blackbox Testing?

Blackbox testing is a method of software testing wherein the applications GUI and functionality are tested without bothering to know the internal structure of application code.

15. Define Manual Testing?

Tests conducted by testers manually is called Manual Testing, wherein they compare the expected and actual functionality are in accordance with the test cases.

16. Define Automation Testing?

Tests conducted by using software tool is called Automation Testing, wherein the expected results are fed into the tool to be compared with the actual output of software being tested.

17. Explain SDLC?

Various Software Development Life Cycle phases are

  • Project planning,
  • Feasibility Study,
  • System Analysis,
  • Requirement Definition,
  • System Design,
  • Implementation,
  • Integration,
  • Testing,
  • Acceptance, Installation and Deployment,
  • Maintenance

18. Explain STLC?

Carious Software Test Life Cycle are

  • Test Planning : Preparing test strategy and planning
  • Test Development : Creating testing cases and environment
  • Review : Reviewing the testcases and then update the same if required
  • Test Execution : Execution of testcases
  • Result Analysis
  • Bug tracking
  • Reporting / Test cycle closure

19. Explain Verification Testing?

It's a static method of verifying the code and design of an application. Let's Say, Are we building the product right.

20. Define Validation Testing?

Its a dynamic or actual testing of the application. Let's Say, Are we building the right product.

21. Define Ad Hoc Testing?

Random functional test to break the application without referring to any test document, most scenario taken up would be negative cases.

22. Define Smoke Testing?

It is to verify if the critical functionality of the system is working fine and ready to go ahead with complete testing, it's non exhaustive testing.

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