Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

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Frequently asked manual and software testing interview questions and answers for freshers and 2-5 year experienced testers on Testing, Quality Assurance, defects, Whitebox and blackbox testing, Software Test Life Cycle etc.

1. Explain software testing?

Software testing is a process of evaluating a system by manual and/or automated means to verify that it meets the specified requirements. It is a structured process that uncovers the defects in the product. It involves the operation of a system or application under controlled conditions(Should include both normal and abnormal conditions) and evaluating the results.

2. Why do we need software testing?
  • To find the difference between specifications and developed system
  • To get adequate trust and confidence on the product
  • To show that the product works with negligible risks
  • To offer advice on product quality and risks 
  • A software can perform 100000 correct operations per second hence it will also have the ability to perform 100000 wrong operations, if it is not tested properly
3. Define Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is the measure of the quality of the process that are used to create a quality product.

4. Explain the difference between Testing and QA?

Testing is done to measure the quality of a product. Whereas, Quality Assurance is done to measure the quality of process used to create a better quality product.

5. Explain the meaning of Quality Control?

Quality control is a set of procedures intended to ensure that a product adheres to a predefined set of quality checks or to check if the product meets the requirements set by the client or customer.

6. Explain the approach to software testing?

Software testing approach is to detect the defects of various severity and various priority at different stages of software development cycle, by using different categories and types of testing.

7. Explain the difference between debugging and testing?

Testing is a process of finding defects where as debugging is a process of finding the cause of those defects and fix them. Debugging is not testing. Debugging always occurs as a consequence of testing activity.

8. Define the software quality assurance activities

  • Applying Technical Methodologies(To follow proper mothods for developing software)
  • Conducting Formal Technical Reviews(FTR)
  • Testing of the software
  • Enforcing the standards(customer/management imposed standards)
  • Controlling of change(Check the need for change, and document the same change done)
  • Measurement(capture of software metrics for measuring the quality)
  • Keeping the records for proofs(Documentation, Review notes etc)

9. Define a defect

The variation in the actual result and expected result can be termed as a Defect

10. What are the broad categories of Software Testing?

The major categories of software testing are,

  • Static and Dynamic testing 
  • Whitebox and blackbox testing 
  • Manual and Automated testing
  • Verification and Validation testing
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