How to Prepare for an Interview

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Do you have a job interview scheduled for tomorrow? Get ready to make a terrific impression on the interviewers/hiring managers by preparing yourself for an interview beforehand. A good preparation is the key to success, as like exams, prepare yourself on all aspects of the interview for giving a winning performance.

Here are tips which will guide you on “how to appear in an interview, how to analyze the job profile & the company, how to convey a message that presents you're the perfect match for the job profile, the importance of knowledge about the company and its products & services, the importance of practicing interview questions and answers, and what to bring to the interview, and what not to bring to the job interview.

Examine the job & job description

A very significant part of the employment where job seekers get to know “which is the best suitable job for them”. Before stepping into the interview, examine the job post and its descriptions available in the marketplace because there are many jobs that don’t match to your skills, knowledge, experiences, and qualities.

Read the job description carefully to know “what the company is seeking in a candidate and whether the job matches to your professional and personal qualities or not. Once you have done your analysis and found a perfect match, make a list of all skills, professional and personal qualities required by a particular job for doing good preparation.

Correlate your skills with the job requirements

Once you have examined the job requirements and made a list of all professional & personal qualities required for the job in a candidate; make a list of your all professional qualities (like; professional skills, experiences, computer skills, qualification, certifications, personal qualities, etc.…) and match those qualities to the skills, qualifications, experiences required for the job.

The correlation between your skills & abilities with skills & abilities required for the job; maximizes the chances of impressing interviewers/hiring managers and takes you closer to the job offer.

This is the first step of the interview preparation, that’s why, before giving the interview, try to maximize the matches of your abilities with the job requirement for confidently saying interviewer that you are a perfect match for the job profile.

Increase your knowledge about the company

Before giving an interview, as much as possible, thoroughly research about the company and its products & services. You can begin your research from the company own website, if else, you are not satisfied, move your research to Google to find third party information provider websites basically created for providing information related to the different companies and their products, services, work culture, etc.

This is the main part of the interview where interviewers/hiring managers like to know your interest towards the company and its work culture. Your knowledge about the company and its products & services will take you closer to the job offer.

Your knowledge about the company also helps you in knowing whether the company and its work culture are a good fit for you or not. That’s why, before giving an interview, take some time in discovering and gathering maximum to maximum data about the company. It may happen, while doing your research work, you may find someone who can become your best guide in interview preparation.

Practice ahead before the interview

Before an interview, like you prepare yourself for other things, spend ample amount of time in practicing interview questions and answers. Your preparation assists you in framing your responses and throwing-out your nervousness during the interview. In the interview, you may not get the same questions and answers that you have prepared before coming to an interview, but questions may be of a similar kind.

If you feel, you are shy and may face difficulty during a face-to-face interview round, start practising ahead of time before the interview by standing in front of a mirror or speaking with friends, family members, and relatives. Also, you can practice for the interview by gathering people in a room as how the environment you get at the time of the interview.

Attire for the interview

While preparing them-self for an interview, many of the job seekers without knowing the importance of the interview attire, mainly focus on interview questions and answers, they wait till the last minute of the interview to decide what they are going to wear for an interview, but, due to lack of time they make many mistakes.

Interview outfit is also an important part of the interview preparation; decide earlier, which attire matches for your personality in terms of giving a professional look.

Thus, in an interview, you make a first great impression on the interviewers/and hiring managers by your outfit, that’s why, in spite of deciding the type of attire according to the job interview, mainly focus on attire that can give you a professional look. Wherever the job interview is, in casual places (a store or restaurant) or in complete professional places (IT industries), a common rule of attire is – Your dress should be neat, tidy, and well-pressed, your hair should be well-groomed, and shoes should be polished.

Assets for job interview

Carrying all necessary things required for the interview that can make you completely ready for attending the job interview. Many job seekers forget to take half of the things required for the interview, that’s why, ahead before the interview, make a list of what you are going to carry for an interview, like this, at the end of the time you won’t miss to carry essential things may come in use during the interview, things like – Two/three copy of your resume, two/three references with their phone numbers, a list of interview questions & answers, pen, pencil, notepad, etc…

There are certain things you should not bring that can be considered in bad manners – mobile phone not kept in silent mode, a cup of coffee, chewing-gum in your mouth.

Learn interview etiquette

The best way to learn interview etiquettes before the interview is by meeting & speaking politely, pleasantly, and enthusiastically with highly qualified professionals, HR, Interviewers, and friends & family members who know all etiquettes require for interviewing. While speaking with them, you can ask them “how you are behaving and how your body language is”.

You can also stand in-front of a mirror to know your body language and confidence level while answering the interviewer questions. During the interview, shake your hands and legs confidently, maintain eye contact with interviewer as you are articulating your points, sit straight, don’t place your fingers on your hair, look relaxed, pay attention, and look interested.

Find-out the correct interview destination

To avoid reaching late to the interview, make sure, you have researched about the correct interview destination, how long it is going to take to reach there, and which route to choose. Take a few extra minutes and reach to your interview destination a bit early.

If possible, reach to the interview place a day before the interview, so that, on the day of the interview, you can reach to the interview destination easily and on time. You can also use Google Maps/GPS for the correct route to the company.

Show your interest through the strong listening skill

For a job interview, strong listening skill is just as important as other skills required for the interview. How well you are paying attention during the interview, your listening skill and responses/answers will be that much better.

During the interview, to give more consideration to your responses/answers, first, pay attention, listen carefully & clearly what interviewers/hiring managers are saying, and then compose an appropriate answer. Your responses should convey, you are highly interested and believe that the job is an excellent fit for you.

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