Why and How to Research a Company before interview?

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Getting a job interview is important, but more than that “how well you know about the company” is more important. Your knowledge about the company can help you in taking decision whether you should go for the job interview or not?

In order to achieve success you need to work hard and your hard work will make your interview successful and attract the interest of the interviewer towards yourself. In the whole process of the interview, there is an important part when interviewer/hiring manager asks – “what do you know about the company?”. How well you answer this question will help interviewer get an idea about your preparation and your deep desire to get the job.

Why you need to have a little knowledge about the company?

To show off your interest for the company
While showing your interest in all fields required to clear all rounds of interview, there is a major area about which interviewer himself likes to know “how well a participant knows the company and how much he is interested in?
Suppose, in the interview, you say to the interviewer, I am deeply interested to become a part of the company, as soon as you say this, many questions arise in the interviewer’s mind - how good his knowledge is about the company and on what basis he is saying that “he wants to become a part of the company”? Whether he is really interested or simply wants to get the job?
If, you really want to get into the company, win the interviewer confidence by showing your interest towards the company.
Representing your deep knowledge and ideas for the company growth

Apart from showing your interest, you should also explain - how you can add value to the company, how the company can come into the top competitive list in the market place, how the company can get capital projects, how the company can be financially good? And, many other things that effectively show your interest in the company growth and your leadership quality that makes you stand out from the rest.

Type of information you need to gather from online resources

Various job oriented websites provide general information about the company. They also provide ample amount of inner and outer information that is more than sufficient for maximizing your knowledge about the company. Start your research by considering all these points in mind,

  • How does the company work?
  • What is the past history of the company?
  • What is the net worth of the company?
  • Number of communities and employees of the company? 
  • Who are the company’s clients, customers and partners?
  • Who are the main competitors of the company?
  • Does the company is Pvt. LTD, the government authorized, start-up firm, or venture-capital-funded business?
  • Core vision/mission and fundamental truth of the company?
  • Similarity between your personal views and the core vision/mission of the company?
  • What are the company’s products and services?
  • Reputation of the company in the market?
  • Latest news and success stories of the company?
  • What kind of training company offer to the employees?

Finding and getting a good job is not an easy task. To get a job in a company of your taste, you need to consider a lot of factors before arriving at a decision. Here are the resources that can help job seekers in finding a correct job and company best fit to their skills.

A list of the helpful resources to research a company

Company Website: It is a most trustable resource than any other external information providing websites. Suppose, you get an interview call from the company for the job profile “XYZ” which is unfamiliar to you and you got confused after are seeing different info about the company in various websites. Instead of seeing here and there, first look into the company’s own website for getting precise information related to the job profile. Correct job description helps you in understanding,

  • Does the job description fit to your long term career plan?
  • Can this job provide career enhancement opportunities?
  • Can this job help me in developing marketable skills advantageous for career growth?

Still, if you are confused about the job description, you can call to the company’s recruiter/HR or you can send a polite mail to clarify the job description.

Apart from researching for a particular job profile, you can go through the company’s website and press release to know what happened in the past and what is going on at present in the company. Also, the company’s website and press release include information about the company’s latest news, discoveries, key objectives, market value, investments, events, leadership, products, services, etc.…. These types of information will help you in answering the question,

  • Tell us something about the company? OR,
  • What made you interested in working with us?

Personal contacts: Best to have personal contact with the employees of the company. They can best guide you for the job profile you are looking forward. Also, you can get the information about the company’s norms, conditions and guidelines.

Industry associations: To know more about the companies in the market, read the company news and gossip from articles mentioned in the publications, newsletters or blogs. You will get to know - Who are the competitors of a particular company?, Which companies are top in the market?, What gossip is going on about the companies in the market?, Which jobs are more in demand in the market?, and many more things. Knowledge of overall market helps you to talk about the company effectively during interviews and in taking decision whether you should go forward for the interview or not.

Social network: Social networking sites are also the best resources of enlarging contacts not only with friends, also with organizational professionals who can help you in researching a correct suitable job for you and guiding you to take correct decision for the correct job profile. Among all organizational professionals some may have hiring authority, contacts with them may take you closer to the employment.

All social networking sites are helpful in enlarging contacts, but LinkedIn is considered as the top social network for creating and enlarging contacts, and for job hunting. LinkedIn facilitates company search feature that can be accessed by using the “companies” tab placed under the left side down arrow in the search box.

LinkedIn doesn't display user-based company reviews as like Glassdoor or Indeed, but facilitate their members to search for companies with the support of different criteria like, company’s dimension, service opportunities, location, etc...

Apart from LinkedIn, there are many other professional social networking sites, like, Twitter, Facebook, Google+. You can use those too for building and enlarging your professional contacts.

Google News: Google News is another enormous resource for researching information about a company you are targeting via company’s new articles. Google news includes press releases, financial information, pending litigation, etc... all are sufficient for gathering information about companies.

Other resources: Apart from all the above tricks, you can continue your research by visiting websites, like, Glassdoor.com, Indeed.com, Vault.com, Monster.com, CareerLeak, Hallway, etc.…

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