How to find a job Abroad

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Working abroad with an international company is a dream of many, but everyone doesn’t get opportunity to fulfil their dream. Many employees don’t have sufficient fund to support them-self during job hunting days, that’s why, they can’t afford moving abroad without having a job at an abroad location.

So, the better understanding says, first find the suitable job abroad and then plan to move. Finding and applying job abroad is not an easy task, with the job search you have to apply for visa by taking the work permit to work in another country legally. In this article, we provide step-by-step processes that will guide you in finding and applying jobs outside your own country.

Step 1: Identify your ambitions

These are the steps that need to be considered first when you start thinking about moving abroad for the job,
  • Where do you want to work – at your own country or abroad? 
  • Do your financial and family circumstances allow you to move abroad? 
  • What are your career objectives? 
  • What is your salary expectation of working abroad based on your work experience? 
  • If you are unable to take your family abroad, how long you can survive there without your family?
  • What are your strongest skills?


Step 2: Investigate the international job market

Before moving from your own country to another,

  • Thoroughly, research and get a broad idea of the international job market.
  • Find the most dependable jobs in specific countries.
  • The market value of a specific job position.
  • Inquire, what are the additional skills, qualifications, and experiences required for a specific job position?
  • Complete understanding of rule and regulation you need to follow to live abroad

All the above investigations will help you in taking right decision on which country to choose for job by understanding your skills, qualifications and experiences.

Step 3: Find the suitable and vacant job position

The most significant task that has to be done while planning to hunt for a job abroad. A very difficult task because there is no clear resource that display latest worldwide job updates nor any website list current job openings available all around the world.

Also, very less people get correct references to directly approach an internationally company and very less get good advisers for guiding you in the correct direction. But, there are many jobs available internationally, you just need to know how to start and from where to start.

Step 4: Improve you networking skills

Presently, networking has become a main source to find appropriate job that matches to your skills in your own country and out-side the country. There are many ways to give strength to your networking, like; going to the parties, making friends, attending seminar and conference, etc.

But, apart from all these resources, social networking site is a main online resource of giving strength to your networking, especially LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for communicating with people who can help you in getting jobs abroad.

To strengthen your networking, upload the correct job profile and photo to the social media sites (especially, LinkedIn), approach employers/recruiters personally who are mainly involved in recruiting job seekers willing to work outside their own country. Also, join groups that you feel may be advantageous in terms of getting jobs abroad, participation in the group conversation because you never know from where you will get better job opportunities.

Step 5: Develop your communication and interpersonal skills with your marketing skills

Once you have chosen your most preferred country to move on, by developing your marketing skills, try to develop your communication & interpersonal skills based on the country culture. Marketing skills will help you in terms of searching and applying jobs in different countries, communication & interpersonal skills will help you contact recruiters/employers of international companies and citizens of other countries in an effective way.

How fast you develop these skills, easier it will be for you to interact with other citizens of another country. Communication skills are even more vital when you plan to enlarge business from your own country to foreign countries; in this case, your strong communication skills will be advantageous in conducting meeting in foreign languages.

For example, if you are interested working for an NGO to help the citizens of another country, your communication skills will be the main medium to help and resolve issues of foreign country citizens. Similarly, if you are strong in speaking Arabic, you will get chances of getting job in the Middle East.

Step 6: Global Job Fairs

Join the Global Job Fairs. It is an event where employers/recruiters meet with potential job seekers to share their company and job related information, they also explain how the company hires employees in their foreign offices. Job seekers attend those events to make a good impression by having a relevant discussion with employers/recruiters.

Job seekers can also present their resume and ask significant questions related to the career growth, so that, employers/recruiters can clearly understand the potential of the job seeker and they will share the career path of thier organization.

These are some international job fair websites which organize events for companies' employers/recruiters and potential job seekers to meet together and have discussions. Apart from these websites, there are many other international job fair websites, use Google to search the best suitable job fair website for finding jobs abroad.

  • Career abroad
  • IRC/Job Fairs
  • Amsterdam & Netherlands International Job Fair

Step 7: Global Job Search Websites

If you are looking for global job search websites, the websites given below provide info on companies looking for professionals who are eager to work globally. These websites facilitate jobs from international companies, multinational corporations and foreign companies. You will be getting jobs which have offices in foreign countries and other countries. Also, you will be having the option to choose your own country for the job.

  • 4International Jobs & Careers
  • OverSeasJobs
  • TopJobs
  • Monster
  • RileyGuide
  • International Jobs Center
  • Jobs Abroad
  • CareerBuilder

Step 8: Apply to companies that are worldwide

Rather than applying to a company that have only one office in one particular city in a foreign country, apply to the companies which have offices around the world. For example, don’t apply to companies that have only office in London city (UK), apply to the companies that have offices in London city and around the world.

Companies like, Sinopec group, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, Wells Fargo, Datacom, Hilton, Walmark, and Conde Nast looking for professionals who are flexible to work in abroad offices, joining these companies are advantageous for people who are planning to move abroad for a job.

Step 9: Study or Internship at abroad

If you are planning to move to abroad for the job, this is another way to accomplish that. Choose a course abroad or do an internship abroad. Also, you can go for both “study and internship”. Significantly, an internship provides you chances to prove yourself as a good worker for a specific job profile. It is a quick and direct way to meet employers/recruiters/hiring managers who hire professionals.

Step 10: Direct approach to the recruitment agencies working for foreign companies

There are many recruitment agencies which work on behalf of foreign companies to research professionals who are ready to work around the world. Approaching those recruitment agencies reduces your work load of spending time in researching appropriate job in the appropriate country. You need to type in the Google, "recruiters for foreign jobs/ recruitment agencies for foreign jobs", you will get a number of agencies who work in this area.

Step 11: Apply for visa

If you got a job in another country, make sure that you have applied for Visa by filling the correct application form with the correct details and you know the complete process of applying for a Visa. Visa process and work permit take a little bit of time. Save some amount of money before applying for a Visa because the to get a Visa you need money. Also, make sure that you are ready with other details required for Visa process.

  • Your passport is ready and not expired 
  • Original and photocopy of all medical records, police records, and academic mark sheets, academic passing certificates and other legal details

You can also apply for a Visa before searching for a job in another country because it may happen, as soon as the company hire you in the foreign office, they may ask you to join as soon as possible.

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