Interview attire for women based on climate conditions

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Worried about what to wear during the interview? Did your plan interview attire suitable for the current climate and sudden change in weather (Sudden rain)? Through this article, we will help women to dress up professionally for an interview as per the climate conditions and different situations.

How you dress up for an interview, will play a major part in deciding the outcome of the interview, whether the job interview is at a conservative, manufacturing or creative industry.

The tips given below will guide you on how to change your get-up according to the situation and climate change. You will also learn, how those changes will boost your confidence level and will power to handle any kind of situation.

In summer, women interview attire for Business formal Interview


When a woman is going to give an interviews at conservative industry in the summer, a simple strategy she needs to follow. She has to stick to light weight and breathable clothing. Try to purchase a lightweight and good quality two piece suit for you (this should be your first choice). Apart from suit, you can also go for good quality pants (khaki or cotton) and shirt/top.
It is absolutely fine to wear skirt and top for the interview. The length of the skirt should be around knee length, not lower than knee and the top should be sleeveless/with sleeves. If the top is sleeveless, the shoulder-width should be at least one inch or more than that. Avoid, spaghetti straps top, skin tight top or lower cut top.
A lady can wear a mini skirt (khaki or linen) too in the interview, if employees of a company wear miniskirts or if she heard that many ladies have come to the interview in minis and successfully cleared all the rounds. Specially, a woman can wear minis when the interview is in resort/hotel/restaurant. But, if you are unsure about skirts, stick to pants.

The most important thing to be noted, your dress should be wrinkle free and without any hole/rips.


Closed toe shoes are the best for the interview and don't wear sneakers for any interview round. It will be good to opt for small heels. If you opt for high heels, it can become a reason of accident and embarrassment. So, avoid high heel shoes.


Application of accessories (perfume, makeup, and jewelry) should be the bare minimum. In summer, don’t apply too much perfume otherwise when you sweat, excess perfume with sweating may generate small spots on your clothes. Similarly, don’t apply too much makeup on your face otherwise when you sweat, makeup may come out with sweating and you will have an awkward look.

Color of clothes

In summer, a woman gets many options in dresses for an interview, like skirt & top, a two-piece suit, dress pant & top, etc.…, but still they get confused about what color to choose for top (shirt) and bottom (skirt & pant)? Here is the solution; for shirt/top, choose either white or any other light color, like blue, green or pink, and for skirt/pant, go for navy blue, black, or gray color.

Women interview attire for rainy season


The Standard conservative/business interview attire is “suit”. A pant suit is considered as the best attire for all kinds of interviews and business meetings. Also, you can wear a pant suit or dry pants when your interview is scheduled during rainy days. During rain, when water flows on the road, these pants protect your legs and socks from getting wet.

Try to wear dark color socks and for pants choose a color like navy blue, or black. These colors of pants look less dirty when your pant gets wet. Also, these colors hide the wetness of the pant, so that, very less people will notice your wet pants and you won’t get embarrassed during interview.

Along with the pants, the best suitable colors for shirts/tops are “white, light pink, light blue, light green, light purple, and any other light color top that matches your pants. But during rainy days don’t wear any light color shirt/top, these light color shirt/top may become a reason of embarrassment when you get wet.


During rainy season, don’t wear high heel and open sandals/shoes for the interview. Always try to wear traditional and low heel sandals/shoes, otherwise, instead of reaching on time for the interview, your mind will be occupied about finding ways that are not too slippery and wet to pass through.

With high heels, you may fall down if the place is slippery and your entire mood of giving the interview will be spoiled. So, to protect yourself from slipping down in the lobby, road, parking lot etc. wear sandals/shoes of medium heels, but not too sharp heels.


During rainy days, apply good quality cosmetics on your face that don’t easily peel-off when your face becomes wet. Always carry an umbrella or nice raincoat with you. An umbrella color should be of dark grey or black, these colors go well with all textures of professional attires.

Don’t carry a multi coloured umbrella with you. Similarly, try to carry a raincoat that matches your formal attire, but it should not be multi coloured or contrast (like, red, pink, yellow, green, etc.…) to look stylish.


When it rains, the first thing that spoils easily is your hairstyle and it becomes difficult to bring it back to the original hairstyle, when you have left your house. Although, for a good looking face the half of the credit goes to the hairstyle, but if the hairstyle spoils, the entire look gets spoiled.

When you get ready to interview at home, give a simple style to your hair that can be easy to maintain when your hairstyle to go off. Make a simple ponytail if possible, because it is easy to maintain and polish again, don’t leave your hair in hanging position.


Try to carry a leather bag or any other water proof bag that gives the professional look and can accumulate accessories that are required to carry during rain, accessories like, raincoat, umbrella, one pair of dress, sandals, etc.…

Women interview attire for winter


Two-piece suit is the smartest attire for the interview, if the climate is not so cold, that means, in the month of October & November. But, we all know, “December & January” both are considered as a coldest month. If your interview is scheduled in-between these two months, wear a warm coat that should be long enough to cover your suit jacket.

Warm coat comes in different sizes - knee-length, mid-thigh length, as well as calf-length, choose the one for the interview that go well with your personality. So, while purchasing a warm coat, you should be concerned about the quality, smoothness, adaptability and that can last for at least four to five years.


In winter, wear something that can cover your legs and make you comfortable by warming your feels. For normal cold climate, you can go for nice closed-toe shoes with standard heels or without heels according to your height. But, if the climate is really chilled, you can wear Ugg boots or something similar to that.


Ladies who are passionate for accessories, for them winter is a golden period. You can apply cosmetics on your face without worrying about sweating that can peel-off you makeup from your face. Also, you can wear little bit jewelries, scarf, wool gloves and a wool hat that gives a smart and gentile professional look during winter.

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