Sample thank you letter after interview

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Every day, the employers/interviewers take the interview of “n” numbers of candidates, but, among all interviewed candidates, employers/interviewers remember few of them who had given the interview amazingly. As a career oriented job seeker, if you are concerned about your present and future career growth, always try to leave a good impression in front of employers/interviewers by giving an interview satisfactorily and by writing thank you letter beautifully after giving each interview immediately.

Whatever technique you use for leaving a good impression, your only motive should be towards creating beautiful and remarkable image in the interviewer's mind for a longer period of time.

Writing a thank you letter after a job interview is the best way of reminding your presence to the interviewer in the job interview and convincing them for the next level of interview. Here are some sample thank you email letters which will help you write a thank you email for different occasions.

Whether, you are interested or not in getting employment, writing a thank you letter should always be a turning point in your present/future employment. Give some time to think about your thank-you letter and write on “Content that can automatically show your personality and interest for the job position you have applied for?

Thank You Emails to send on different occasions after Job Interview

Thank-you email letter after a job interview for receiving confirmation about the employment (before getting an offer letter)

Job position: Web Graphic designer (Experience 2 to 6 years) !!!

This is an example to present you “how to write a thank-you email letter for getting appreciation and conformation about the employment for the job profile you have applied for?” Also, you will get to know, how your content of the letter can encourage the interviewer to hire you as soon as possible.

Subject : Thank you for “Web Graphic designer” interview

Email body,

Dear Mr. Jon,

Firstly, thank-you very much for considering me as one the best candidate for the job profile. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from the conversation happened in the interview for the job profile “Web Graphic Designer” at the Oracle.

I am glad to acknowledge you that the job requirement is exactly matched to my skills, interest, and past work related experiences. That’s why, I am very excited to join as a “Web Graphic Designer” as soon as possible and it will be my pleasure to work with you and other employees of the company. I am very lucky and happy that I always get my dream job from the start of my career and this time too, I got the same.

Since, I have 5 years of experience to the graphic designer profile and my work in this profile due to my enthusiasm, I will be always be a strong and dedicated employee of the company and the team. I will try to bring new and innovative ideas of creativity to the project, encourage and help other team members & employees of the company in their task, and try to cooperate with other team members.

Once again, I am saying thanks for the valuable time you took for interviewing, listening and understanding me. I am looking forward to hear from you regarding this job position.


Your Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

Email to send after a job interview

Job position: “Fresher Software Engineer” 

The importance of this letter after a job interview is to remind once again to the interviewers about your skills, qualifications, and qualities. Also, you can mention those skills, qualifications, and qualities that you haven’t revealed during an interview.

This letter helps you in getting interviewer's attention once again, even if you are not considered as an appropriate candidate for the job profile during the interview.

Subject line : Fresher Software Engineer Position

Email body,

Dear Mr. Carl,

It was a pleasure meeting with you and other employees of the company who were there with you during the interview. I had enjoyed and learned a lot from the conversation and discussion happened in the interview for the job profile “Software Engineer at the XYZ Company. Thank-you very much for the concern you have shown towards me and for introducing me to the employees of the company who were very familiar with nature.

I feel proud for getting a chance to give an interview to the XYZ Company and for allowing me to share my abilities and skills with great personalities. I am happy that my overall qualification perfectly matches to the job profile, but I felt after coming out of an interview, I have missed to explain a few of my skills at that time. This letter is written to brief you out once again about my skills and qualities.

However, as you expressed in the interview, the most appropriate candidate for this job profile should be having good knowledge of JAVA and SQL. Since, this position is for fresher, but I have one year of work experience as an intern at ABC Company. At my previous company, I was specially designated to generate SQL queries for the software applications using an IDE.

There, due to my excellent work performance, within a year, I got an appreciation certificate. My previous job was a one year contract job. As soon as I left my previous job, I got an interview call from this company.

Programming is my passion; I enjoy my work and keep patient all the time (in any difficult situation). If, I will be employed here, surely, I will give my best effort to the assigned project and in company growth.

I hope, explanation of my qualities will make you feel that I am the ideal one for the job profile. Once again, thank-you very much for considering me for the interview. If you have any additional query, feel free to email me or contact me through phone. I am looking forward to hear from you regarding this job position.

Best regards,
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Email Address:
Phone Number:

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