How to Face Interview - Tips and strategies

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A most common human characteristic, whatever he/she feels and faces will automatically replicates on his face. For example, while interviewing; when a candidate sits in-front of interviewers, either he/she is confident or nervous that automatically changes his/her facial expression and body language.

Most of the time, fear/nervousness comes to the candidate when he/she is unprepared for various processes associated with the interview or when he/she has to face in-person (one-to-one) interview. Usually, these original fearful emotions hamper your body language and your speech. It may happen that your fear/nervousness (lack of self-confidence) spoil your job interview and career too. This disease of fear needs to be treated at the early stage, otherwise it will hamper your career.

To face interview without fear, first you need to understand what can boost your self-confidence. Here are some tips which will boost your self confidence and help you identify the cause of fear, so that, next time you won’t make the same mistake.

Understand the causes of fear

Incomplete preparation

Most often, it has been seen that the job applicants who went for interview without proper preparation will these many thoughts,

  • I wanted to come-out of the interview room without giving interviews 
  • I didn’t want interviewers to come-in to conduct the interview
  • Their bounded fear, diverted their mind from the interview and made them to forget questions and answers that they actually have been prepared for the interview

Your incomplete preparation may leave a negative impact on your body language and the same impact may reflect on your face too, which make the interviewer understand about your self confidence and interview preparation and how much you are capable for the job profile.

Constant worry of getting employment

Every day, many candidates give interviews, but all of them have different reasons, responsibilities, and requirements for getting a job. Some of them need the job just for fun, some need job because they are career oriented and want to achieve something good in their life, and some really neat job because they want to support their family to come out of a financial problem.

Job seekers, who search a job due to their family’s financial requirement, try to get a good and well paying job as soon as possible. Their responsibility makes them worry about their future, if they won’t get the job. The constant worry can anytime convert to fear and that fear may become harmful for your interview and job career. In this scenario, don’t get tensed and face interview confidently. Convince yourself that you will clear all rounds of interview, if you have prepared well.

Fear of attending face-to-face Interview

Everyone has their own strengths, weaknesses and characteristics. Some are shy since childhood, but intelligent. Their shyness always becomes their weakness. And, their weakness doesn’t let them to convey properly in-front of others and others don’t get to know what exactly they like to convey. Similarly, many job seekers are very intelligent, but due to their shy nature, they get fear while sitting in-front of the interviewer for interviewing, especially, when it is a one-to-one interview.

If you are skilled and very much concerned about your dream job, don’t let your shyness get into your mind, work hard to come out of your shyness and move fast towards the achievement.

Fear of previous job history

Very few employees get the job security of 10 to 15 years. Many employees stay in a particular company for maximum 5 to 6 years, either, employees themselves leave the job or company through them out due to their unsatisfactory performance. If, circumstances make an employee leave the job due to unsatisfactory performance, the same circumstances become a reason to lose self-confidence. An employee's unstable job history can make him scared and it might happen that when he gives the interview of another company, he may feel insecure by thinking of his previous job career. The fear stops him in giving a good impression during an interview.

Preparation tips to face interview confidently

Complete preparation

There is one complete solution to come out of interview’s fear – preparation, preparation and only preparation, none other than that. Prepare well before attending interview, your self-confidence will automatically go high when you sit in-front of interviewer to decide your career. Your preparation makes sense when you know,

  • The set of skills you are really proficient about
  • Field/platform you like to choose for building your career
  • Your qualities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Preparations required for interviewing

Once you know about your skills, qualities, strengths & weaknesses and decided on your career path, start collecting & practicing job specific questions and answers quickly. Your preparation will surely help in boosting your confidence level and increasing the chances of getting employment.

Appropriate dress for interview

This is the first impression you leave on interviewers when you meet them for interviewing. Your dressing sense decides how much you know professional etiquettes. If you are well dressed-up and look neat, you will make a good impression at first glance and interviewers will feel like talking to you more and more.

For interview, try to wear light color dress that matches your personality. Also, ensure that, your hair should be well combed, your nails should be cut, your shoes should be polished, your body and mouth should not stink, and you should always carry a handkerchief (or tissues) and pen with you.

Make direct eye contact

The moment you look towards interviewers, your eyes start speaking about your confidence level that can confuse interviewers whether you are interested in and capable for the job profile or not, because there are many candidates who are shy by nature and hesitate while speaking with others, but it doesn’t mean they are not skilled and not capable. So, if you are going through this kind of issues and really wish to leave a good impression on interviewer; stand in-front of mirror and practice a lot to see how confident your face look while speaking.

Once you practised well, conduct mock interview in front of your close friends. Getting feedback from them and working on the minute faults will help you take out your hesitation. The regular practice can take-out your fear & hesitation, and boost you confidence which will be automatically displayed in your eyes. Now, you don’t have to worry about your shyness if you are skilled, leave it to the interviewer to decide.

Think, this is not the end of your career

Don’t think in advance, what will happen to your career if you didn't clear the interview. This type of fear can harm in many ways – it may confuse you in taking decision whether a particular job is suitable for you or not, and you may get nervous while giving interview. So, the best thing you need to do, before interview just think-off – “this is not the end of my career, I am only my boss, I will only decide whether I want the job or not”. This type of thinking will release a positive energy in you for taking a correct decision and help you in giving interview peacefully.

Eat and sleep well

Eat and sleep well before interview, otherwise during interview you might feel hungry and sleepy. It also can happen, your hungriness may convert to stomach ache and lack of sleep may convert to headache, nervousness, stress, weakness and tiredness during interview. Both of these problems may divert your mind from the actual path and spoil your interview.

To keep your mind healthy, everyone have to sleep at least 7-8 hours in a day. The best thing you can do one day before the interview, eat healthy food and sleep early at night, and get up early in the morning. Early morning fresh air can make your mind healthier and help you in recalling everything what you have prepared for the interview. But, one of the most important thing, both things (sleep and eat) should not go beyond limit.

Proper planning on a day before the interview

One day before the interview, plan about all the major activities you are going to do on the day of interview. Planning of various activities like,

  • What all things you need to carry for the interview?
  • What should be the attire?
  • What time I should wake-up in the morning?
  • Do I know the correct path to reach to the correct interview location?
  • How I am going to travel?

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