Top 10 Interview Tips and strategies for Freshers

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During the final year of the college or after passing-out from the college, students start thinking about the next phase of life; some go for higher studies, and some prepare them-self to get into their dream job or company. Although, most of the colleges and universities, mainly focus on job oriented courses; as a fresher, students face many difficulties in the initial stage of job hunting.

There are many things that a fresher has to notice, before the interview, and at the time of giving interviews. Collect all information & objects required for the particular job profile and start working on them, because at the interview, interviewer’s take a call based on your skills, qualifications and attitude. This article provides the top tips for interview success. Read all of them and boost yourself before jumping into the competitive interview process.

Preparation - Before the Interview

Advance preparation is a key to success. Prepare well before giving an interview, probably you may feel less stress and more confidence on the day. Here are some tips exclusively for fresher. These tips will surely help fresher in their pre-preparation before getting into the interview process.


CV is a very important part of the interview that reveals how well you were in studies and other areas. Always remember, you should carry two or three copies of CV. The CV should be well-written by you. It should be relevant as per the requirement of the job. You should know what has been written in each and every line of your CV and your qualification and experience should be well-organized and easily understandable.

Customize your CV

Although, the resume has become a simple and easy source of reaching out to prospective companies and increasing chances of getting employment; update your CV by understanding the company requirement and your skills. Frequency of updating resume increases, the frequency of interview calls also increases.

Original qualification certificates

Always remember, along with your CV you should always carry the original copy of qualification certificates. Before leaving for an interview, just check, is there any mismatch between CV and marks recorded in the original copy of the qualification certificates? If yes! Then correct it.

Other appreciation certificates

At the interview, you can also carry your appreciation certificates too, if available. Your appreciation certificates may increase the percentage of getting employment.

Information about the job position and requirement

Before going for the interview, try to collect maximum information about a particular job profile, the company and their requirements, because the interviewer may evaluate how much you are interested in joining the company by putting forward the questions about the company. You can also collect the information about the company from the company website if they have one.

Improve your interpersonal & communication skills

Social networking sites like (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) are the best resources to improve your interpersonal skill by communicating with a number of people. Remember, if your technical skills are awesome and interpersonal & communication skills very poor, you will always be on the losing side because you won’t be able to give the answers in a proper way.

Questions and answers related to the interview

Make note of questions that had already been asked most of the times in the interview. Prepare answers of those questions and practice them regularly. This kind of preparation will surely increase your confidence level.


Best appearance plays a supporting role in an interview. It comes with appropriate clothing, good smell, neat & smart look. You should wear an attire that fits well for you & pressed. The shoes should be polished, and hair should be well groomed. By dressing well,you make yourself more presentable and create your image as a person who has taken the interview seriously and understands the culture of the company and interview process. Also, your dressing sense might be appreciated by the employees of the company and the interviewer itself.

Review your documents

Before leaving for an interview, just re-check whether you have kept all your documents (CV, original copy of the qualification certificate, and other documents that you specified on your resume)into a file or not. Also, re-check those documents are well-organized and well-written or not.

Explain others why you are the best for the job

A night before the interview, build your confidence and motivation by explaining others why you are the best for the job position.

Plan to reach 15 minutes before the scheduled time

Make sure, when and where the interview is, plan your journey accordingly to reach 15 before the scheduled time of the interview.

Preparation - At the Interview 

How much pre-preparation you do before giving interviews, what matters most is how you speak and behave in the interview. Here are some important tips that will help you at the time of giving interviews in-front of the interviewer.

Relax your-self

Reach 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the interview. Take a deep breath. Remember, all the preparation that you have done before coming to the interview. Appreciate yourself that you are a talented individual and you will definitely get this employment.

Body language and eye contact

Meet your interviewer with a sweet smile and a firm handshake. Most of the times, your body language and eye contact presents how much you are confident about yourself. Improve your body language by focusing on these many areas. Try to avoid following gestures – moving body while sitting on the chair, pinching cheeks & ears, moving tongue along front of teeth, shaking pocket & leg, touching face by hands, hiding face by hands, moving fingers on hair, biting pens, pencil, nails or other objects.

While answering the question asked by the interviewer, don’t move your eyes here and there, otherwise interviewer may think that you are ignoring him/her.

Strong Listening skill

Listen carefully, what the interviewer is trying to say. Once you understood the reason behind the question, frame your answer and present in-front of interviewer accordingly. In case, you have not understood a question, ask the interviewer to explain it again.

Technology skills

If you feel that you are very skilled in a particular area or technology, keep all records (either in project video or documentary format) of the tasks that you have done on that particular technology. But, don’t present in-front of the interviewer until and unless he/she asks you to present.

Relate your qualifications and skills with the job profile

Explain, why you are the best qualified and skilled for a particular job profile. Convey your interviewer that you are the one whose qualification and skills are exactly matched to the company's specific needs.

Strengths & weaknesses

Before coming to the interview, think in advance your strengths & weaknesses. In the interview, tell your strengths by giving simple examples, but don’t pause your mouth in between while talking about your strengths, otherwise interviewer might think, you have given fake strengths. Also, explain your strengths that are relevant to the job profile and after listening your strengths interviewer may think you are the right one for the job profile.

Explain your weaknesses too. If you are unable to explain your weaknesses, the interviewer might think that you lack self-awareness because nobody is perfect in this world. You should not convey weakness that harms you. Go through this article on how to convey strengths and weakness.

Thank-you: At last, say thank-you to the interviewer when the interview gets over.


Now, you have some good interview tips, read them and follow them carefully. These tips will surely increase your confidence level and help you in clearing all the rounds of interview. In case, you don’t get employment, don’t lose your confidence and try out some other company, you may get some better opportunity than what you were getting earlier. All the best for your future.

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