Tips to prepare and ace Second Interview

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Companies conduct the first round of interview to screen-out the candidates and second round are designed to provide the Job offer. Abilities of candidates to pass these two rounds (first & second) determine how well he/she is capable for the particular job profile and getting the job offer.

If, getting a dream job is your goal and by opening the entry gate to your dream job by clearing the first round, you may be on cloud nine. Definitely, you would like to open the second door (second round) too, to get the job offer. How to make it possible?

Once you cleared the first round and got an email or call to schedule a second interview, don’t be overconfident and begin preparation for the second round with the same enthusiasm and effort you had put into the first round of interview.

Improve your interviewing strategy by following the second interview tips given below and increase the chances of getting an interview call for a second round of interview and job offer in your hand.

Strategies before the Second Interview

Carefully inquire about the occupation

Once you get a call for the second round of interview, start searching for the job description, job requirements, about the company products & services. To learn about the company, read the “About Us” section of the company website. Also, search about the company in google. You will get the latest information and news about a particular company. If possible, visit the company’s message board to view the latest trending topic about the company.

Boost your skills & experiences

Boost your skills and experiences according to the requirement of the job. if possible, you can share your skills and experiences on social media sites, especially linkedin. It is a great way to showcase your skills in front of everyone which increases the chance of getting employment. Most importantly, create a proof (backup) off your skills by specifying the project expertise in the technologies/skill set which the company is looking for and how you have used those skills in those projects in the past to get the best outcomes and how those skills will be helpful in the future.

Enquire about Interview Panel

During the second interview, you may be in for a few surprises. You may be asked to meet core technical team, management and other staff members. It can be a day long process. So, having an idea about the type of people you meet in advance, will help you prepare well for the occasion.

In-direct way to convince interviewer for the second interview

At the end of the first round of interview, if the interviewer asks "Do you have any questions?", you are getting a last opportunity to convince the interviewer about your credentials. Try to ask a question which will connect interviewer with you on a more personal level. For example, you can ask "What you liked most about this company?" or "What is the most challenging problem faced by the employees and would I be in a position to sort out the issue?"

Find-out, how to become an ideal candidate

During the first interview, try to understand, what all qualities, skills and qualifications employers are looking for (fits into the job profile & environmental culture of the company) among the candidates. Your correct understanding will provide you a correct platform for second interview round’s preparation.

Find-out, if you are an employee of the company, what all challenges and vital issues that may come in-front of you. When an interviewer asks you a question, try to give an answer which can be correlated. If possible, try to present a proof of your past experience’s work or create a summarized document that can clearly showcase your knowledge and skills.

You can offer website’s link and social media’s links that not only display your portfolio, but also display your past and present sample work too.

Prepare interview questions and answers

Firstly, go through the same questions and answers that you have prepared for the first round of interview because the interviewer may ask the same questions that he/she has been asked in the first round of interview. Think-of responses that you have given in the first round of interview, and brush-up those responses by addition of information.

Moreover, prepare a document of another set of questions and answers that have already been asked to other candidates who had given the second interview. Collect those questions and answers from internet & other resources and give some time in preparation, so that; you will be more comfortable and confident in-front of the interviewer.

Prepare your-self for dining interview

Usually, it happens, if the interview is scheduled for a complete day, definitely, lunch and/or dinner will be included in the program. This is not just to provide you a meal, but also to check your communication, interpersonal skills, as well as table manners in-front of many prospective employees of the company.

So, it is very important to learn table manners too with the interview prepared. There are some basic things you should follow while dining interview – take non-alcoholic drink when employees offer you a drink, don’t use hands to dine, and don’t splatter food all over the table. Apart from these basic manners, you can also advance your table manner skills by online videos and websites that basically held to teach table manners for dining interview.

Make your responses better in the second round of interview

Was there anything, you didn’t mention in the first round of interview, or any answer that you felt, was not explained by you accurately in the first round of interview? if you get another interview call, try to rectify things those were not properly in the first round of interview. The second interview will provide you another golden chance to explore your skills that you have missed to mention in the first round of interview.

To make your responses better, prepare a note of questions that were difficult for you to answer in the first round and try to collect more and more information. Review the note you have prepared during the first round of interview to identify what have missed discussing about and what should be explained in a better manner.

Strategies at the second interview

Correct decision when you get job offer immediately

Some companies give a job offer on the spot, if the candidate is suitable for a particular job profile. The process doesn’t give time to the candidate to think-off whether the particular job profile/salary offered is good for you. If you get this type of opportunity and you are unsure about the job, don’t say yes or no, right away, because once you accept the job offer without liking, it may be a big loss for the company and you too. So, it’s better to ask for some time to think about it and ask a day or two to respond.

Strategies after the second interview

Say thank-you

Hope so, you have already sent the thank you email after the first round of interview to show your interest in the job position and the company. Once again, send a thank-you email to everyone you met in the interview to repeat your interest in the company and in the job position.

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