Best Job interview tips to land you in your dream job

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More often than not, interviewers notice that the candidates who are facing the interview without any preparation feel like; they are in the jail (interview room), seeing some horrible faces (interviewers) and the questions asked by the interview panel appears alien to them. Also, candidates feel that the interviewer is a buyer and he/she is a seller of their skills and the candidate who is good at selling, will get the opportunity.

So, to overcome the issue faced by the candidates while giving interviews in the interview room and the candidates who are preparing them-self for the interview - Here are some of the tips which will surely help in reducing the stress involved during the interview and best way to prepare for a job interview.

As you know that the practice makes a man perfect, the same logic works here. How much you do prepare, that much you will be comfortable, confident, and near to the success, means; your practice will make you comfortable while giving an interview, which can leave a great impression on the interviewer and increases the chances of getting employment.

Follow these tips and make the interviewer to think; why not to hire you or why to go for another candidate if you are the best suitable for the job profile.

Practice before Interview

As i already said, doing something over and over helps one master at it. Prepare a note of questions that had been already asked to the candidates who had attended the interview for the same company and same job profile and questions and answers, you consider, the interviewer may ask in the interview. You can refer a number of blogs and websites to get an idea about the questions asked by a specific company.

Practice those questions and answers by standing in-front of a mirror. Practicing in-front of a mirror will help you in observing your facial expression and confidence level, that means; while sitting in-front of the interviewer for interviewing, how would be your facial expression. If you are really confident on the responses you give, it automatically reflects on your face and your face starts displaying the positive aspects of your overall personality.

Let us have a look at a most common question asked in an interview and the best answer for that question. For example: - The interview is for the job position “Java Developer” to develop the front-end software system. (Experience: 0-3 Years)

Skills required: - Excellent knowledge of web technologies, JAVA/J2EE, SQL/Oracle, HTML, JavaScript, Windows and Unix/Linux. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Good understanding of object-oriented design and development. A candidate should be self-motivated and self-confident in handling tasks individually or with a team.

Question: How will your past work experience helps the existing job requirement?

Best Answer - Currently, I am at Oracle. Recently, I have successfully developed a front-end data entry software system. Although, the project was very massive, took more than one year to land into running form. Most of the tasks of this project I have handled individually and independently. Until the project not got over, day and night I have given to this project. The project front-end system is designed by using programming language JAVA and JavaScript. And the backend is SQL and Oracle.

Complete research about the company and employer

No matter, whether you got an interview call for higher position or lower/ big company or small; in each and every interview a common question arises - What do you know about the company? The purpose of asking this question is to know, how much a candidate knows about the company’s product and services, and about their employers.

This is an excellent way to know; whether, the candidate is actually interested in joining the company, he/she just wants to join the company to get the particular position or he/she has just come to make time pass.

So, if you got an interview call from the company; do maximum to maximum researches to collect maximum to maximum information about the company and their employers.

Appropriate dressing sense

In interview, the first stage of judgment is based on your dressing sense which leaves a good / bad impression on the interviewer. If you leave a good impression on the interviewer by wearing neat, tidy and appropriate dress for the interview; your entire interview will go smoothly, but if you leave a bad impression by your casual attire; the interviewer may not reckon you as the ideal candidate and try to leave you as soon as possible.

Get ready with all necessary stuff

  • Two – three copies of resume: As per the requirement of a job profile, prepare your resume accordingly, and before leaving for an interview; keep extra copies of your resume & a list of references with you in your bag.
  • Portfolio and work sample: Keep your portfolio and work samples (if there) with you.
  • Other accessories and documents: Carry necessary accessories and documents with you for an interview; documents, like Passing certificates, mark sheets from 10th to your highest degree, and other appreciation certificates (if there), and stationeries like Pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, notebook, etc…
  • Leave your iPad, iPhone, MP3 player, coffee, soda, water bottle, or backpack at home or in your car.
  • Turn off your cell phone or keep it in a silent mode.

Attending an interview with the care of all above stuffs enforce interviewer to think; a particular candidate has taken the interview very seriously and he/she is completely ready to give any round of interview.

Reach before the scheduled time of the interview

Reach at least 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the interview. If, you are not aware of the interview place; find out the correct way to reach by asking two to three people are much better is, if you reach their (interview place) one day before the scheduled date of the interview.

Once you reach there before time, check all your documents and accessories which you have brought with you, which will help you in increasing your confidence level. Take a deep breath and relax yourself, so that; during the interview, your body will be in a situation to speak same as your mouth. Movement of your body language as per your speech shows your confidence level.

Show your interest

During the interview, you have to convince the interviewer that you are really interested in attending this interview. Show the interview panel that you are an active listener by paying attention to all the great conversations happen in the interview room and by carefully listening all the questions asked by the interviewer before answering those questions. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer otherwise interviewer may think that you are ignoring him/her.

While discussing about your career with the interviewer, keep in mind that the interview is conducted for which profile and what the company is looking for.

While answering a question, try to relate an example with it or more better, if you bring a proof of your given example. Show them, you can become a good team player who easily mingles with others and can understand any company process very easily.

Get ready for a Phone Interview

If you are a job seeker and desperately searching for a job, get ready for phone interview round too. Because, if your resume is under the recruiters or the networking contact’s eye, anytime you can get a call to get ready for phone interview round or they may tell you to let’s have a talk for a few minutes. So, if you are really excited to become a valuable member of a prestigious company, always be ready for any type of interview (Phone interview).

Get ready to handle a Group Interview

Interviewing with one interviewer is difficult, but not as difficult as group interview where a group (or panel) of interviewers is interviewing you. Every company doesn’t involve group interview round in the interview process, but some companies as per their requirement include this round. You never know, when you will get a call of which company and for which round of interview. So, always be ready to handle all difficult rounds of interviews and situations.

Prepare well for dining interview

Taking you to breakfast, lunch, or dinner provides the interviewer with a chance to check out your communication and interpersonal skills, as well as your table manners, in a more casual environment than an office setting. Here's advice on how to handle an interview while dining.

Get ready with all questions that you would like to ask during an interview

In an interview, if an applicant asks questions about the job culture (where he may work in the future) and the company’s environment, that means, an applicant is very much interested in getting that employment. Let’s see, what types of questions an interview candidate can ask in the interview to show-off his/her interest towards the job and the company,

  • Questions about the company - You can pick and ask the questions from the highlighted news/blogs that you have seen on the company own website or other websites.
  • Questions about the job (where you will be anticipated to work) - What are the everyday tasks of this occupation and which computer tools and software company use mostly at work? ! What are the criteria to measure the activity, work, and performance of an employee? ! What is the structure of this organization? ! What is the company's plan for the next five years?

Avoid Interview blunders

Check out, what mistakes you should not do while interviewing. To avoid those mistakes, find out what mistakes candidates had done in the process of getting employment. Prepare yourself accordingly, so that; while giving interview you won’t make the same mistake.

Get ready for all main interviews

Apart from one-to-one interviews, which is quite common in all types of interviews, get ready for another main interview too,

The phone interview

If, you are a job seeker and your resume is under the eyes of recruiters and the networking contacts, anytime, you can come across the phone interview round and the interviewers/employers may tell you to “let’s have a talk for a few minutes”. So, if you are really excited to become a valuable member of a prestigious company, always be ready for any type of interview (Phone interview).

The group interview

Interviewing with one interviewer is difficult, but in a group it becomes a bit easier. Every company doesn’t involve group interview round in the interview process, but some companies as per their requirement include this round. You never know, when you will get a call of which company and for which round of interview. So, always be ready to handle all difficult rounds of interviews and situations.

The dining interview

If the interviewer/hiring manager/any of the senior of the company offers you a breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it doesn’t mean he is only calling you for a meal, sometime, it may be a course of the dinning interview where the interviewer provides you an open and a more casual environment than an office setting to judge your communication, interpersonal skills, as well as your table manners.

Ending the interview with a good impression

This is also the best approach to ensure your success, let’s see, what to do to leave a good impression at the end of the interview,

  • Be considerate, active, and attentive to answer all the questions of the interviewer to end the interview on-time.
  • Highlight your strengths, accomplishment, achievements and wonderful experiences of your past job career.
  • Inquire about the additional rounds of interview.
  • Ask to the employer when he will come to the conclusion of decision and when you will ping him to remind about yourself.
  • Actively send a thank-you note or letter after the interview.

Follow-up with a simple but very effective word “thank-you”

Say thank-you to all of your interviewers verbally once the interview gets over. Also, you should thank your interview panel by sending a follow-up email for giving you an opportunity. It is one more way and the last hope to show your interest in the position. With your thank-you email, you can also mention all those points which you have forgotten to mention at the time of the interview.

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