Why Should We Hire You? Best Answers & Examples

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In this section, we are going to discuss about how to answer the tricky HR questions, "Why should I hire you" with best examples and answers for freshers and experienced programmers, engineers, bankers, testers etc.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (Software Developer)

Why should we hire youRequired skills: Outstanding knowledge of different layers of protocols, networking, C, C++, Java and C#. Good understanding of computer basics, Operating Systems (OS), and MS-Office. Good logical and problem resolving skills.
Answer: As, I have just started my career, I don’t have practical achievements, but I really want to practically explore and experience my potential by delivering the best services to the company. It will be my honor to work with you and this organization.
The primary goal of any organization while hiring employees is their loyalty and hardworking nature. I am loyal and hardworking since my childhood – in my school and colleges, I was one among the dedicated set of students who had been completing the task or assignment on time. For these excellent qualities, I got appreciation many time during those periods.

I am the best fit for this job profile, due to my outstanding programming (C, C++, C#, HTML, and .Net), networking, analytical and problem solving skills. Also, I have practical experience in many Operating Systems.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (.Net Trainee)

Required skills: Candidate should be having excellent communication skills and he/she should be certified in “.Net framework”/ have done the .Net courses.
Answer: Well, I don't have any professional work experience, but I have done the .Net framework training courses form NIIT Institute and also I have taken .Net framework certification from there it-self. During my training courses, I had successfully completed many .Net projects.

Although, I am very flexible, I can mold my-self in any direction and situation to successfully complete the assigned work by giving 100% result. So, presence of mine in this organization will be surely beneficial for me and this organization.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (Technical Support Engineer)

Required skills: Excellent interpersonal skill, analytical skill, and problem solving skill. Profitably, good in team work, sharing ideas, and interacting with customers and clients. Technically sound and should have excellent computer knowledge.

Answer: As, I am a fresher, I don’t have any work experience, but I strongly believe that I am much more capable in giving significant contribution that will be surely beneficial for the company’s growth point of view. My contribution will surely place company at top five in the market.

For a long time, I was trying to get into this company, but just now I got a chance. I can ensure you that I will always try to focus on company's vision, goal, and things that can become a reason of company success.

If, I get this employment - I would surely apply newly obtained skills & thoughts for company benefits. I would shortly become a superb team player. Quickly, I will try to understand the work culture. I will never cross the dead line of the assigned work. And, I will stick to company's rules, guidelines and policies on the work ethics.

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"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (Mobile Phone Developer)

Required skills: Candidate should be hardworking, analytically sound, and a good team player. Also, he/she should be having good understanding of Java, J2EE, C++, Android, iOS, blackberry, and mobile technology.

Answer: As, I have just started my career; I can’t give you any probe/explanation that strongly encourage you to hire me, but I can promise you that if I get into this job; I will be very loyal and dedicated for my work. I will always try to make good relationship with customers and clients. I will always take care of my team needs and will never cross the company limit.

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As, I am reliable, extremely hardworking, and strongly capable in understanding any process & making decisions with minimum supervisions, I can ensure you that I will always give the first priority to my responsibilities.

I am a B.E final year computer science student. Computer science was always my favorite subject. During my college internship period, I have developed an application on mobile technologies on both operating systems “Android” and “iOS” using Java, Javascript, HTML, and XML programming languages. I am also skilled in C, C++, C#, and .Net.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (PHP Developer)

Required skills: Candidate should be having good communication skill and presentation skill. He/she would be given more importance, if he/she has done any kind of training /certification on PHP. Also, candidate should be having little bit knowledge of Web Services, Ecommerce, and CRM and outstanding knowledge of any one of the database language MSQL/Oracle.

Answer: Well, as a fresher I don't have any work experience and handy knowledge. I am finding a platform/company to prove my-self and to explore my knowledge by giving significant efforts and I think, I found the correct place. As, I am hardworking and quick learner; very flexibly and easily I can mold my-self in any direction. Also, I can understand & implement any process very easily to get the desired result.

I am PHP certified and have deeper knowledge of MySQL and Oracle database language. I am not skilled in Web Services and Ecommerce, but once I am employed here, I won’t take much time to learn things that are required for work culture.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (Graphic Designer)

Required skills: Deeper visualization & thinking skills. Candidate should be skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Paint, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, and Dreamweaver.

Answer: I am a fresher, but very hard worker, and excited to get this job. As per the job requirement, I have a better understanding of designing tools, like; Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, and Paint. Thus, I am artistic by nature, these all are my favorite designing tools. I have not chosen this job profile just to earn money. I have chosen just because of my interest and passion.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (Technical writer)

Required skills: Good command in oral & written communication skills and presentation skills. Little bit knowledge of marketing, advertising, media planning, Robohelp, Adobe Framemaker & Pagemaker and Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

Answer: I don’t have professional work experience, but I feel that I am a suitable person for this job profile. I am a fast learner, laborious, punctual, self-motivated and a self-organized person, I can assure you that I will take very less time in understanding and implementing any project. As well, I will try to meet the deadline of the project.

Since my schooling, I have very good command in Computer and English literature & language and I have scored the highest in these two subjects. As, I am MBA passed-out student, I have out-standing communication, presentation, marketing, and advertising skills. Also, I am skilled in Robohelp, Adobe Framemaker, and Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

My all these qualities make me ideal for this job profile. If I get this golden chance to prove myself in the area I have long waited for, I can assure you that I will be an asset to your company.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Fresher (Nurse)

Required skills: Good communication, interpersonal skills, and computing skills. Take care of the patient and patients records. Should have knowledge of all equipment used for patient care. Also, he/she should be very Punctual.

Answer: As, I don’t have any nursing experience, then too I am very passionate to get into this job. Since my childhood, I am very helping by nature. I can’t see any one ill and helpless. From the age when people decide their career, my aim was to become a nurse and see; it’s a dream comes true for me.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Software Test Lead)

Required skills: Hand on experience on creation, revision & execution of Test Cases and Test Plan. Candidate should have excellent knowledge of tools – “Bug Tracker” & “Configuration Management”. Also, he/she should be strong in manual testing, SDLC & STLC process. Hands on experience on Web & Windows based apps.

Answer: It will be good if you hire me, because I meet the job criteria. I am very hardworking, reliable, loyal, and a fast learner. I have given my 100% to my previous company and here also I will try to give the same. Intentionally, I want to join this company to enhance my skills and to use my skills at correct project for company profit.

In my five years of experience as a Test Engineer, I have successfully tested many applications and my work passed through many ethics; Bugzilla, automation testing, manual testing, SDLC, STLC process, etc. Also, my experience made me excellent in creating and executing test cases and test plan.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Civil Engineer)

Required skills: Should be excellent in planning, designing and managing construction projects. Outstanding knowledge of significant equipments required for design building.

Answer: As what I know, this job profile is for civil engineer who has hand-on experience in designing and managing construction projects. In my seven years of experience as a civil engineer; I have successfully worked on many construction projects, learned how to resolve design related issues and how to manage construction budget. Twice, I have been awarded and appreciated for my best designing skills. If I get this position, I will put my 100% afford, and skills to get profit.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (System Administrator)

Required skills: Deeper knowledge of Linux/Windows OS, Web Technologies, IIS, and DNS. Also, he/she should be good in Web Hosting and Server Monitoring.

Answer: I think my strong technical experience and outstanding knowledge of all major OS, server & client system, and web technologies are making me a very spirited candidate for this job profile.

About my qualities, I am a hard-working, self-centered and very flexible person. Environmental changes don’t affect to my performance - I give the same performance in a team as how I give individually. These qualities automatically make me adjustable with any kind of environmental change.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (HR Manager)

Required skills: Good in hiring process, HR management, performance management, communication processes, and categorizing employees.

Answer: I have been working with my previous company for long time as a HR Manager, but now it a correct time to move on to learn something new and interesting. I think, I found the right place to extend my skills and to gain something good that might be excellent for my feature and for company growth.

About my past experience; I have given 7 years to the HR profile. During those periods, I got golden opportunities to learn many skills and to work on many area of development. That’s why at present, I am very much confident and boost in many areas like; categorizing & hiring people, and managing all HR related tasks.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Business Analyst)

Required skills: Outstanding knowledge of supply chain management process, inventory management, order fulfillment, import/export operations and shipping.

Answer: My past experience and positive skills make me to believe, I am a right person for this company and job profile. In my previous company, I had done special training program on SAP and supply chain management process, so that; I am exceptionally boost in these two areas. Also, I have better understanding of inventory management and import/export operations. If you hire me, I will add value to this company by using my all skills.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Database Administrator)

Required skills: Oracle certified and should have hand-on experience on Oracle DBA. Also, He/she should be Self-centered, motivated, and disciplined,

Answer: I trust, my knowledge and experience qualify me for this job profile. I have worked for Database management system for more than ten years and I am Oracle and SQL certified too.

About my qualities; I am self-motivated and disciplined, these two qualities make me a best worker. If I get into this job, I will try to give my best to this company.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Accountant for manufacturing company)

Required skills: Excellent hand on experience in manufacturing accounting. Good in MS-Excel, cost accounting and maintaining & updating bill of materials.

Answer: I think; my overall personality, education and experience match to this job profile. Also, I have all those necessary skills that are required for this job profile. My previous job record can present you how precious I was for my previous company. I am extremely hard working and flexible - these two are my major qualities which strongly work at work ethics. I really impressed by this company and I will feel proud to become a part of it.