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"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Civil Engineer)

Required skills: Should be excellent in planning, designing and managing construction projects. Outstanding knowledge of significant equipments required for design building.

Answer: As what I know, this job profile is for civil engineer who has hand-on experience in designing and managing construction projects. In my seven years of experience as a civil engineer; I have successfully worked on many construction projects, learned how to resolve design related issues and how to manage construction budget. Twice, I have been awarded and appreciated for my best designing skills. If I get this position, I will put my 100% afford, and skills to get profit.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (System Administrator)

Required skills: Deeper knowledge of Linux/Windows OS, Web Technologies, IIS, and DNS. Also, he/she should be good in Web Hosting and Server Monitoring.

Answer: I think my strong technical experience and outstanding knowledge of all major OS, server & client system, and web technologies are making me a very spirited candidate for this job profile.

About my qualities, I am a hard-working, self-centered and very flexible person. Environmental changes don’t affect to my performance - I give the same performance in a team as how I give individually. These qualities automatically make me adjustable with any kind of environmental change.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (HR Manager)

Required skills: Good in hiring process, HR management, performance management, communication processes, and categorizing employees.

Answer: I have been working with my previous company for long time as a HR Manager, but now it a correct time to move on to learn something new and interesting. I think, I found the right place to extend my skills and to gain something good that might be excellent for my feature and for company growth.

About my past experience; I have given 7 years to the HR profile. During those periods, I got golden opportunities to learn many skills and to work on many area of development. That’s why at present, I am very much confident and boost in many areas like; categorizing & hiring people, and managing all HR related tasks.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Business Analyst)

Required skills: Outstanding knowledge of supply chain management process, inventory management, order fulfillment, import/export operations and shipping.

Answer: My past experience and positive skills make me to believe, I am a right person for this company and job profile. In my previous company, I had done special training program on SAP and supply chain management process, so that; I am exceptionally boost in these two areas. Also, I have better understanding of inventory management and import/export operations. If you hire me, I will add value to this company by using my all skills.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Database Administrator)

Required skills: Oracle certified and should have hand-on experience on Oracle DBA. Also, He/she should be Self-centered, motivated, and disciplined,

Answer: I trust, my knowledge and experience qualify me for this job profile. I have worked for Database management system for more than ten years and I am Oracle and SQL certified too.

About my qualities; I am self-motivated and disciplined, these two qualities make me a best worker. If I get into this job, I will try to give my best to this company.

"Why should we hire you" Example for Experienced (Accountant for manufacturing company)

Required skills: Excellent hand on experience in manufacturing accounting. Good in MS-Excel, cost accounting and maintaining & updating bill of materials.

Answer: I think; my overall personality, education and experience match to this job profile. Also, I have all those necessary skills that are required for this job profile. My previous job record can present you how precious I was for my previous company. I am extremely hard working and flexible - these two are my major qualities which strongly work at work ethics. I really impressed by this company and I will feel proud to become a part of it.

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