What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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The objective of this article is to help you prepare and answer one of the trickiest questions in an HR interview,i.e "What are your strengths and weaknesses?". The interviewer doesn't expect you to be 100% sincere while answering this question. The way in which you answer this question matters to them, because it help them analyze the person you are.

Important Tips to help you answer Strengths and Weaknesses Interview Question

You will be able to say a number of strengths. But, how you turn your negatives into positive really decides the outcome of this question. But don't overdo it, because many candidates before you might have tried the same trick. Also, while explaining strengths, try to give some which is close to your job profile. For example, if you are applying for a managerial position, try to give some strengths related to people management and job scheduling.

Let us have a look at different examples of strengths and weaknesses, which will help you answer this question better.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 1
Strengths: My flexibility is my biggest strength which makes me handle any kind of situation. Currently, I am working in a software service company, as a customer support engineer. For this job profile, flexibility is very important, because every month company change the work timing and I have to follow the rules of the company, if I want to work. Due to my flexible nature; I don’t face many issues at work place.
Also, I used to set short milestones for myself and I work hard to achieve that goal. Generally, I used to set goals like learning a new word, reading books, office related work, playing games, etc. Every day, I set a time frame for all major tasks and try to finish the task at that particular time frame. If, I didn’t achieve my milestone, I used to analyze the causes that stop me from achieving the goal and try to rectify the drawbacks next time.

Weaknesses: I am very soft by nature that’s why I easily believe on others words. I always try to help others without understanding whether that will be good or bad for me. Also, I am very shy, but once I once I get to know a person, I don't have any issues in interacting with that person.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 2

My strengths: I am very patient, frank and good team worker & initiator. Also, I have excellent leadership qualities and my friendly nature makes me popular everywhere.

My weaknesses: Very emotional for my friends and family as well as I can't tolerate people who tries to cheat me.

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Strengths and weaknesses Example - 3

Strengths: My strongest strength is my management skill - this skill helps me everywhere whether I am at home, office, or with my relatives. Due to this skill, a team gets benefit that has been operated and managed by me. Also, I have excellent logical & imagination skill.

Weaknesses: I am very emotional and i don’t like to interact with others until and unless it is necessary.

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Strengths and weaknesses Example - 4

My Strengths: My major strengths that give me unique identities are; my punctuality, honesty, creativity and hardworking caliber. Also, I can adjust to any environment and always try to discover and learn new things.

My weaknesses: Deeply involved in hospitality without knowing the person.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 5

My strengths: I am prompt, faithful, laborious, optimistic, and quick learner

  • Prompt – Due to this nature; I try to makes impossible things possible and and completes any task without any delay.
  • Faithful - I am very faithful for my work and people who are near and dear for me. I don’t like giving fake promises. I always say the things that are true. Always, I feel guilty, If I cheat someone or deliver wrong messages. 
  • Laborious - Sometime, if I feel, the assigned task is difficult and complicated and going to take big effort, then too; I don’t let the task getaway from me. I used to take it as a challenge and complete the task successfully. 
  • Optimistic - I am optimistic towards my career, my life and my family.
  • Quick learner - I can easily and quickly understand any process, application, and system. How fast I understand the process, faster the implement ion of that task.

My Weaknesses: I am very straight forward - I don’t think too much before speaking, that’s why sometime people feel bad from my works. Also, I never say no to any one for any kind of help.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 6

Strengths: I am very determined, hardworking and sincere - these three are my strongest strengths that reward me everywhere and encourage people to believe that I am a right person for them who can take their responsibilities.

Weaknesses: While working on a particular project, mostly; I prefer to complete the project successfully instead of thinking of meeting deadline.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 7

Strengths: My major strengths are; I am a good listener & quick learner, take initiative of any work, believe in teamwork, good leadership skills, friendly by nature, and very artistic.

Weaknesses: My weakness is; I think too much if somebody cheats me.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 8
Strengths: My extremely strong work capability and positive attitude both inspire and guide me while taking steps in my life. While handling difficult tasks, these two qualities create a magic that gives power to fight tough situations. Also, I am a good team player; I always try to co-operate with the team, and inspire them to complete the assigned task as soon as possible.

Weaknesses: I don’t get satisfaction until and unless I don’t finish my work on time. Also, I trust strangers very easily.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 9

My Strengths: My politeness and my strong work diligent are my biggest strength.

Also, I am bit brave - don’t get afraid soon, I have a positive outlook for things – this guide me to understand what is wrong and right for me and I am a good decision maker - this key skill mainly help me in the office to decide which candidate to hire for a particular job post, which seller to choose for buying and selling, or which plan to follow.

My Weaknesses: I am very emotional for people who are near and dear for me.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 10

Strengths: I have better understanding of English literature & languages as well as my writing skills are super. Due to these three excellent skills, many times I got appreciation by client in my previous company; there I worked as a content developer for 3 years. Also, at my school and colleges; I scored highest in English literature & languages and got appreciation by teachers and lecturers.

Weaknesses: For any problem, I go deeper to find out the solution until I don’t get the solution, I always thing about the problem and don’t concentrate on other work. Sometime this becomes my strength and sometime weakness too.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 11

My Strengths – I am very sharp in analyzing the problems; I can easily and quickly recognize the problem and cause of the problem to get the most appropriate resolution. As well as, I am highly capable in taking, understanding and handling additional responsibilities.

My Weaknesses – Everywhere; in the office, to my friends, and my family - I always try to satisfy and keep happy everyone at once, which sometimes put me in a big trouble.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 12

My strengths: I have extremely developed and effective learning and listening skills. Due to these two super skills, I am strongly capable in understanding any process, system and technology. Apart from learning and listening skills, I am exceptionally prompt and sincere.

My Weaknesses: To ensure the accuracy of work, I spend too much time on checking a particular work in a day.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 13

My Strengths: I am extremely strong-minded person. Due to this strong quality, I don’t get nervous soon under the heavy workload. I always admire others strengths and try to learn from their strengths. As well as, my strong judgment helps me in understanding my team members in a better manner and easily, I get to know which team member is suitable for which job.

My Weaknesses: Once I take the work assignment in my hand, I don’t take rest or concentrate on any other work until I get the desired result. Also, I am very emotional for my family.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 14

My strengths: 
  • Strong work ethic – Once I set a goal or take any responsibility, I plan my schedule accordingly, follow that schedule and work hard to finish the particular task on time with better resultant. 
  • The best manager – I know very well how to control and direct people of a group. I make people to understand their own importance in a group and how to co-operate and work together with each other. 
  • Interpersonal skills – My Interpersonal skills help me to communicate and interact with individuals, group of people, clients, customers, etc.
My Weaknesses:

Some time, I feel that I am not good in English literature; I write document by my-self and ask someone to review and correct it because of lack of confidence in English literature.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 15
Strengths: I can easily gather, analyze and manage information. As well as, my energy level gives me super strength and power to survive in any situation and environment. Being energetic; my work caliber increases and I meet the deadline of the project with better results. It also encourages me to participate in extra curriculum activities, like; dance, art & design, sports, etc.

Weaknesses: I can’t sit at one place for more time, that’s why; I try to finish my work as soon as possible otherwise my interest goes off. As well, I don’t trust to my family, my friends, my colleagues and relatives very easily.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 16

My strengths: I trust my-self, that’s why, I believe that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible if you like to do or if you are a laborious person. I am not only laborious, I am a quick learner and intelligent too. My intelligence and quick learning capability makes me to understand any process very soon.

My weaknesses: Sometime, I speak very quickly that nobody understands. Also, very soon, I get hyped that sometime harms me.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 17

Strengths: Usually, I make my weakness as strength. I enjoy taking challenging and new jobs to learn more and more from those challenges. Also, I am flexible, honest and good initiator

Weaknesses: I used to get scared and nervous while giving presentation or speaking at conference. To come out of this weakness, I joined many training courses and speaking classes, but that was just wastes of time and money, I still feel nervous while speaking.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 18

My Strengths: I have excellent interpersonal communication skills & listening skills. Currently, I am working as a sales executive officer in Telecom Company for 5 years; for this job position, candidate should be having good communication, listening and presentation skills to present and sell the company products and services. However, I am excellent in all these areas; I have proved that I am the best for this job position. Also, I am exceptionally faithful for my job and my family. I don’t get afraid of facing any problem and take the problem as a challenge.

My Weaknesses: I am poor in driving and riding vehicles, but I am planning to learn driving and riding. Sometimes, I speak more that irritates others.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 19

My Strengths: I am self-disciplined and well-organized; these two qualities make my everyday tasks perfectly organized, whether the task is related to the office or personal life. Hence, I like to keep things orderly; I don’t face difficulty when next time I review it.

My weaknesses: I am very calculative for the words I speak. In a conference room or in a group, I used to wait until the last minute to present my views on ongoing conversation, but usually I realize, I should response immediately on ongoing conversation that makes much more sense. I used to get excited on small things as well as I cannot work under pressure.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 20

My Strengths: I am very patient listener. Always, I try to find-out my weaknesses and solutions of those weaknesses. Usually, I appreciate others qualities and try to learn something good from those qualities. Also, I am adaptable, that’s why; I can adjust in any environment very easily.One more thing, one of my biggest strength is my family. I love my family from my heart. My family’s motivation makes me to stand in any kind of situation.

My Weaknesses: Very soon, I get angry when someone interrupts in my work and in my life. I get angry and emotional too soon. As well, I am very soft by nature, if someone talks to me very politely, I get ready to give any kind of help at any cost.