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Strengths and weaknesses Example - 14

My strengths: 
  • Strong work ethic – Once I set a goal or take any responsibility, I plan my schedule accordingly, follow that schedule and work hard to finish the particular task on time with better resultant. 
  • The best manager – I know very well how to control and direct people of a group. I make people to understand their own importance in a group and how to co-operate and work together with each other. 
  • Interpersonal skills – My Interpersonal skills help me to communicate and interact with individuals, group of people, clients, customers, etc.
My Weaknesses:

Some time, I feel that I am not good in English literature; I write document by my-self and ask someone to review and correct it because of lack of confidence in English literature.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 15
Strengths: I can easily gather, analyze and manage information. As well as, my energy level gives me super strength and power to survive in any situation and environment. Being energetic; my work caliber increases and I meet the deadline of the project with better results. It also encourages me to participate in extra curriculum activities, like; dance, art & design, sports, etc.

Weaknesses: I can’t sit at one place for more time, that’s why; I try to finish my work as soon as possible otherwise my interest goes off. As well, I don’t trust to my family, my friends, my colleagues and relatives very easily.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 16

My strengths: I trust my-self, that’s why, I believe that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible if you like to do or if you are a laborious person. I am not only laborious, I am a quick learner and intelligent too. My intelligence and quick learning capability makes me to understand any process very soon.

My weaknesses: Sometime, I speak very quickly that nobody understands. Also, very soon, I get hyped that sometime harms me.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 17

Strengths: Usually, I make my weakness as strength. I enjoy taking challenging and new jobs to learn more and more from those challenges. Also, I am flexible, honest and good initiator

Weaknesses: I used to get scared and nervous while giving presentation or speaking at conference. To come out of this weakness, I joined many training courses and speaking classes, but that was just wastes of time and money, I still feel nervous while speaking.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 18

My Strengths: I have excellent interpersonal communication skills & listening skills. Currently, I am working as a sales executive officer in Telecom Company for 5 years; for this job position, candidate should be having good communication, listening and presentation skills to present and sell the company products and services. However, I am excellent in all these areas; I have proved that I am the best for this job position. Also, I am exceptionally faithful for my job and my family. I don’t get afraid of facing any problem and take the problem as a challenge.

My Weaknesses: I am poor in driving and riding vehicles, but I am planning to learn driving and riding. Sometimes, I speak more that irritates others.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 19

My Strengths: I am self-disciplined and well-organized; these two qualities make my everyday tasks perfectly organized, whether the task is related to the office or personal life. Hence, I like to keep things orderly; I don’t face difficulty when next time I review it.

My weaknesses: I am very calculative for the words I speak. In a conference room or in a group, I used to wait until the last minute to present my views on ongoing conversation, but usually I realize, I should response immediately on ongoing conversation that makes much more sense. I used to get excited on small things as well as I cannot work under pressure.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 20

My Strengths: I am very patient listener. Always, I try to find-out my weaknesses and solutions of those weaknesses. Usually, I appreciate others qualities and try to learn something good from those qualities. Also, I am adaptable, that’s why; I can adjust in any environment very easily.One more thing, one of my biggest strength is my family. I love my family from my heart. My family’s motivation makes me to stand in any kind of situation.

My Weaknesses: Very soon, I get angry when someone interrupts in my work and in my life. I get angry and emotional too soon. As well, I am very soft by nature, if someone talks to me very politely, I get ready to give any kind of help at any cost.

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