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Strengths and weaknesses Example - 7

Strengths: My major strengths are; I am a good listener & quick learner, take initiative of any work, believe in teamwork, good leadership skills, friendly by nature, and very artistic.

Weaknesses: My weakness is; I think too much if somebody cheats me.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 8
Strengths: My extremely strong work capability and positive attitude both inspire and guide me while taking steps in my life. While handling difficult tasks, these two qualities create a magic that gives power to fight tough situations. Also, I am a good team player; I always try to co-operate with the team, and inspire them to complete the assigned task as soon as possible.

Weaknesses: I don’t get satisfaction until and unless I don’t finish my work on time. Also, I trust strangers very easily.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 9

My Strengths: My politeness and my strong work diligent are my biggest strength.

Also, I am bit brave - don’t get afraid soon, I have a positive outlook for things – this guide me to understand what is wrong and right for me and I am a good decision maker - this key skill mainly help me in the office to decide which candidate to hire for a particular job post, which seller to choose for buying and selling, or which plan to follow.

My Weaknesses: I am very emotional for people who are near and dear for me.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 10

Strengths: I have better understanding of English literature & languages as well as my writing skills are super. Due to these three excellent skills, many times I got appreciation by client in my previous company; there I worked as a content developer for 3 years. Also, at my school and colleges; I scored highest in English literature & languages and got appreciation by teachers and lecturers.

Weaknesses: For any problem, I go deeper to find out the solution until I don’t get the solution, I always thing about the problem and don’t concentrate on other work. Sometime this becomes my strength and sometime weakness too.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 11

My Strengths – I am very sharp in analyzing the problems; I can easily and quickly recognize the problem and cause of the problem to get the most appropriate resolution. As well as, I am highly capable in taking, understanding and handling additional responsibilities.

My Weaknesses – Everywhere; in the office, to my friends, and my family - I always try to satisfy and keep happy everyone at once, which sometimes put me in a big trouble.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 12

My strengths: I have extremely developed and effective learning and listening skills. Due to these two super skills, I am strongly capable in understanding any process, system and technology. Apart from learning and listening skills, I am exceptionally prompt and sincere.

My Weaknesses: To ensure the accuracy of work, I spend too much time on checking a particular work in a day.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 13

My Strengths: I am extremely strong-minded person. Due to this strong quality, I don’t get nervous soon under the heavy workload. I always admire others strengths and try to learn from their strengths. As well as, my strong judgment helps me in understanding my team members in a better manner and easily, I get to know which team member is suitable for which job.

My Weaknesses: Once I take the work assignment in my hand, I don’t take rest or concentrate on any other work until I get the desired result. Also, I am very emotional for my family.

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