What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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The objective of this article is to help you prepare and answer one of the trickiest questions in an HR interview,i.e "What are your strengths and weaknesses?". The interviewer doesn't expect you to be 100% sincere while answering this question. The way in which you answer this question matters to them, because it help them analyze the person you are.

Important Tips to help you answer Strengths and Weaknesses Interview Question

You will be able to say a number of strengths. But, how you turn your negatives into positive really decides the outcome of this question. But don't overdo it, because many candidates before you might have tried the same trick. Also, while explaining strengths, try to give some which is close to your job profile. For example, if you are applying for a managerial position, try to give some strengths related to people management and job scheduling.

Let us have a look at different examples of strengths and weaknesses, which will help you answer this question better.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 1
Strengths: My flexibility is my biggest strength which makes me handle any kind of situation. Currently, I am working in a software service company, as a customer support engineer. For this job profile, flexibility is very important, because every month company change the work timing and I have to follow the rules of the company, if I want to work. Due to my flexible nature; I don’t face many issues at work place.
Also, I used to set short milestones for myself and I work hard to achieve that goal. Generally, I used to set goals like learning a new word, reading books, office related work, playing games, etc. Every day, I set a time frame for all major tasks and try to finish the task at that particular time frame. If, I didn’t achieve my milestone, I used to analyze the causes that stop me from achieving the goal and try to rectify the drawbacks next time.

Weaknesses: I am very soft by nature that’s why I easily believe on others words. I always try to help others without understanding whether that will be good or bad for me. Also, I am very shy, but once I once I get to know a person, I don't have any issues in interacting with that person.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 2

My strengths: I am very patient, frank and good team worker & initiator. Also, I have excellent leadership qualities and my friendly nature makes me popular everywhere.

My weaknesses: Very emotional for my friends and family as well as I can't tolerate people who tries to cheat me.

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Strengths and weaknesses Example - 3

Strengths: My strongest strength is my management skill - this skill helps me everywhere whether I am at home, office, or with my relatives. Due to this skill, a team gets benefit that has been operated and managed by me. Also, I have excellent logical & imagination skill.

Weaknesses: I am very emotional and i don’t like to interact with others until and unless it is necessary.

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Strengths and weaknesses Example - 4

My Strengths: My major strengths that give me unique identities are; my punctuality, honesty, creativity and hardworking caliber. Also, I can adjust to any environment and always try to discover and learn new things.

My weaknesses: Deeply involved in hospitality without knowing the person.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 5

My strengths: I am prompt, faithful, laborious, optimistic, and quick learner

  • Prompt – Due to this nature; I try to makes impossible things possible and and completes any task without any delay.
  • Faithful - I am very faithful for my work and people who are near and dear for me. I don’t like giving fake promises. I always say the things that are true. Always, I feel guilty, If I cheat someone or deliver wrong messages. 
  • Laborious - Sometime, if I feel, the assigned task is difficult and complicated and going to take big effort, then too; I don’t let the task getaway from me. I used to take it as a challenge and complete the task successfully. 
  • Optimistic - I am optimistic towards my career, my life and my family.
  • Quick learner - I can easily and quickly understand any process, application, and system. How fast I understand the process, faster the implement ion of that task.

My Weaknesses: I am very straight forward - I don’t think too much before speaking, that’s why sometime people feel bad from my works. Also, I never say no to any one for any kind of help.

Strengths and weaknesses Example - 6

Strengths: I am very determined, hardworking and sincere - these three are my strongest strengths that reward me everywhere and encourage people to believe that I am a right person for them who can take their responsibilities.

Weaknesses: While working on a particular project, mostly; I prefer to complete the project successfully instead of thinking of meeting deadline.

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