Awesome tips to answer "Tell me about yourself"

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Awesome tips to answer "Tell me about yourself" interview question for freshers and experienced, which helps the candidate make great first impression at the interview. This question may be the first interview question or the second one – if, it is the second question then the first will be “How are you”.

While taking interview, an interviewer thinks of
  • Is this candidate fit or good for the organization?
  • Does his/her personality matches the organizational culture?
  • Can the candidate role fulfill the requirement of the company/group?
  • Is the candidate giving fake or real experience?
  • Is the candidate physically fit for the job profile?

Apart from the above questions, there are many questions that can come in to the interviewer's mind while taking interview (questions depend on the type of interview).

Let’s see, how much the question “Tell me something about yourself” is important. How you answer this question will be used to judge your overall personality with relevant experience and matches everything with the role you are going to play in the organization.

Almost 90% of the candidates, prepares themselves for the interview by going through questions on the domain you had learned or having experience. For example, the candidate who is going to give an interview for the job position of a software developer (VB.Net, C#, C, Java, etc.), only prepare for particular development related questions and answers and feels that they can easily answer HR and other questions..

This is a wrong way of interview preparation.

The Interviewer doesn’t ask the question “Tell me something about yourself” just for the sake of asking the question. There is a big secret behind asking this question - once you start giving answers, interviewer judge you on following aspects. They are

  • How loyal you will be to the organization ?
  • Are you reliable ?
  • Are you dedicated ?
  • Will you be hardworking and punctual ?
  • Are you suitable for a particular job profile and the company

That’s why, in some interviews you have seen that even though the candidates are eligible for the post, they won’t get the job. So, when you apply for a job in an organization for a particular position, prepare yourself in all areas.

Awesome tips that can help you in answering “Tell me something about yourself” and make your interviewer impressed.

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1) Your answer should be clear and summarized

Yes! It is a very important point while preparing for an interview. Keep in mind that the interviewer will give you only 5 – 10 minutes and only one chance to explain yourself. In that particular time period you have to summarize your answer in a clear and efficient manner and present in-front of the interviewer.

I know it is not so easy, but just think in the perspective of the interviewer. How difficult it is for the interviewer to judge all candidates by giving every candidate 5 – 10 minutes. In that particular time period, an interviewer needs to find that whether the candidate is suitable for the company and profile, how well the candidate can take the responsibility while a task is assigned, candidate's loyalty, dedication and punctuality with respect to the company and the job profile.

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2) Confidently answer the question “Tell me something about yourself”, otherwise your speech seems to be fake

When you enter into the interview room to give interviews, your body language speaks a volume about yourself than your words which makes it easier for an interviewer to judge – whether you are a confident person or not. Whether you are experienced or fresher, confidently facing the interview board will give a good first impression and give you a good head start.

3) Think-of the question “Tell me something about yourself” as a golden opportunity

Why interviewer asks this question in the beginning of the interview? To make the candidate comfortable and confident with the interview room and the interviewer. Also, the interviewer wants you to describe yourself confidently.

4) Use emotions and show sympathy

If you want the interviewer to listen to your words seriously and sympathies towards you, your words should look real and emotional. Every sentence of your answer presents wherever you had worked, you always tried to understand the work culture and people around you. Explain how your presence was important for others and how they were dependent on you. Try to explain, how your presence will have been helpful for the company growth with a touch of emotional quotient.

5) Your answer should begin with your name

Begin your answer of the question “Tell me something about yourself” with your name. As soon as you say your name, interviewer understand how much you are comfortable with a particular place and interviewer itself. Also, interviewer understands how serious are you about the interview.

6) Nicely explain your background in limited time period

Here, yours background revels your education, experience and your family. It totally depends on you, how well you can summarize and explain your background. Really, it is an art to explain your major education and experience in limited time period.

Do your preparation before giving interviews, and while giving interview explain everything step wise. Start your reply by explaining about your education and degree, explain everything orderly and clearly, then go to the experience part.

7) Do your homework and search for a particular job position & company before appearing for the interview

This is where the interviewer gets to know how well you have done the preparation for a particular job position and company before coming for the interview. Also, the interviewer gets to know how much you are interested in getting the job position in the company, how well you can understand the company and the profile on which you are going to work. So before coming for an interview, try to understand the company and profile culture through the internet and other resources.

This research will help you explain your past experience and strengths in line with company objectives, while explaining about yourself. For example, if you are applying for a position in a software firm selling manpower services, you can add skills like Hardworking, Ability to finish the job by working long hours to meet the deadline etc as your skills.

8) Relate the job position with your past experience

Always try to apply for the position on which you have had experience, but sometimes we apply for different position too. In that case, try to find the similarity between your past experience and the job position for which you have applied for, so that, while giving interview you can explain to the interviewer; why you are interested in getting this job and similarity between your work experience and the profile.

9) Avoid aggressiveness and overconfidence

Your overconfidence and aggressive nature can spoil your good aspects too, which is not good when you join any community or company. When you give an interview, the interviewer can easily judge your aggressive and overconfident nature, and may throw you out from the room. Try to avoid this kind of behavior otherwise no community or company will hire you.

10) Freshers can share their school and college experiences

Fresher means, a person who comes for interview without any work experience can share their college internships experience, volunteer occasions and participation in group discussion, speech and rally.

11) Most of the speech should relate to your present work experience, past work experience, and the position for which you have come for the interview

Among all your words (or sentences), most of the words (or sentences) should relate to your past work experience, present work experience, and the position for which you have come for the interview, means; your family and personal information should be very less. Think and tell why you are well qualified and best person for the job position.

Remember, the key to all successful interview is the similarity between your qualifications and what the interviewer is exactly looking for. What all experiences you share with the Interviewer should strongly relate to your resume.

12) Don’t irritate interviewer by needless talk

However, the interviewer gets less time to hear your speech. So, try to explain something that can make the interviewer to hire you. Try to avoid some life story, pet story, novel story, family story, etc. while presenting yourself. Also, don’t speak more about your family members and their characteristics. Try to speak more about how well you were in school, college, university, and at your workplace. Relate your school, college, university, and work experiences with the job profile.