Tell Me About Yourself - Best Answers and Examples

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"Tell me about yourself” is a common interview question that every interviewer asks while taking interview, whether the interview is held for fresher, experienced, system analyst, content writer, nurse, doctor, engineer, etc. Let’s see how to provide the best answers to the question “Tell me something about yourself” with the help of examples provided for different streams

For Fresher/ 0 – 1 Year experience - Mainframe Developer (Mainframe Trained/Certified Fresher)

Tell me about yourself
  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering
  • Industry: IT - Software
  • Key skills: Good communication Skill and good knowledge of Mainframe Application Programming
Good morning!!!

First of all, thank you very much for giving me this golden opportunity. Let me introduce myself, Myself Mona Choudhary. There are four members in my family; my father, mother, me and my sister. My father's name is Shyam Choudhary, he is a doctor. My mother's name is Dimple Choudhary, she is a housewife. My sister “Rina”, she is in 10th standard now.
About my education & qualification - in 2012, I had completed my engineering in computer science from Anna University, Tamilnadu, and schooling from Delhi Public School, Delhi. During my Graduation period, I had done three Mainframe projects and successfully completed a training course on the Mainframe. I am excellent in planning, analyzing, designing, and developing.
I am interested to work as a Mainframe web developer and my goal is to get good opportunities on the same profile in your company. I have done many successful Mainframe projects during college. Even though, I have just started my career and don't have any working experience, but once I get the opportunity, I will prove myself.

My hobbies are Internet browsing & searching for helpful applications, watching news & discovery channel, playing Indoor games, listening old songs, art & design. My strengths are self-confidence & dedication, positive attitude, and hard work. My weakness is my soft nature that sometime harms me. Thanks for giving me this golden opportunity.

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For Fresher - Junior Android Developer (Trainee)

  • Minimum Qualification: Any B.E/B.E in Computer Science and Engineering/Any Graduate with Java certification
  • Industry: IT - Software
  • Key skills: Good knowledge of Core Java, C/C++, Android API framework (framework like; Activity Manager, Resource Manager, Location Manager and Notification Manager) & SDK, Android OS, Web Services, SOAP, and Android Studio.
Hi, Good Morning……
First of all, many thanks for calling me and giving me this golden opportunity to introduce myself in front of you. Myself Soon Jha from Mumbai, born and brought-up in this great city. I love my family very much, my father is in the Indian Navy, my mother is a housewife, earlier, she was working with in an MNC, but because of me, my brother and sister, she left the job. My brother and sister both are studying in 10th and 12th standard respectively.
I have done my schooling (10th & 12th) from DAV Public School Nerul, Navi Mumbai, and Engineering (computer science) from Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai. Computer science was my favorite subject, that’s why; in 10th, 12th and Engineering, i scored good marks in computer programming as compared to other subjects.
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When I was in the Engineering College, i had made up my mind to become a mobile app developer. In my college, I have done many mobile application development projects successfully. Also, I have done certification courses on Android™ Application Development & Programming, App Development tools and Device Security.
I am skilled in planning, designing, developing, implementing, debugging and troubleshooting mobile applications using Android. Also, I am good in object oriented programming, Core Java, C++, Android framework & SDK, and Android Studio.
As a fresher, I don’t have any work experience, but I am very passionate to work for this company as an Android mobile application developer. My goal is to build a successful career as a mobile app developer, which can help my company and me personally.
My strengths are; laborious, positive attitude, punctuality, and strong in management skills. My weakness is, i can’t sit in one place for longer periods. My hobbies are; watching T.V, listening old & pop songs, playing video games & in-door games, and eating Chinese food.

That’s all about me. Thanks again for giving me this golden chance.

For Fresher - Project Engineer in Telecommunication

  • Minimum Qualification: B.E/MBA/MCA with minimum 60% 
  • Industry: Telecommunication
  • Key skills: Good communication & computer skills, little bit knowledge of LOS, and candidate should be physically fit and free to travel.

Good morning sir!!!

First of all, many, many thanks, it’s a great pleasure for me to introduce myself. Myself Mohan Singh from Mumbai, I have been living in this city since 2014, but I wasborn and brought-up in Agra, and I completed my 10th, 12th and Graduation from there only. 10th and 12th from G. D. Goenka Public School and Graduation (B.E) from M.M.M (Madan Mohan Malviya ) college, Agra.

I have very good academic scores in School and College. In 10th, I have scored 98% and got the first highest position in the school. In 12th, I have scored 92% and got the third highest position in the school. Also, in Graduation I scored 85%.

About my hobbies; my hobbies are playing cricket, chess, football, video games, reading novels, business magazines, & emotional stories, and doing research on helpful and interesting software tools.

About my family; my father is a retired person, my mother is a housewife, and I have one more brother, he is in 10th standard. Thus right now, no one is earning in my family, it’s really important for me to get this job.

I am a fresher, but I am very hard working person and passionate to gain more and more knowledge. Whatever task I take in my hand, I do with full passion and concentration, and try to complete the task online.

My strengths are my quality; my interpersonal skills make me comfortable with others and my politeness makes me strong in all circumstances. My weakness is my emotional nature which lands me in trouble sometime.

My goal is to work with the a good telecom company like yours by sharing my knowledge that can be helpful for the company growth and development. Also, I want to become a very reputed person of the company.

This is all about me. Thanks for giving me the wonderful chance

For Fresher - Electrical engineer Treatment plants

  • Minimum Qualification: Diploma in Electrical and Electronic/ B.E Electrical and Electronic engineer/MBA/ B.E from other stream can also apply
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Key skills: Candidate should be having knowledge of load balancing system, grounding, Power system studies, yard layouts, and AC/DC power system.

Hi Sir,

Myself Laxman Sharma from Pune. I have three members in my family; me, my mother and my father. My father is a Electrical engineer and my mother is a doctor. In 2014, I have completed my engineering in Electrical and Electronics from PSG, Coimbatore. One of the best college in India which provides the best practice labs and training courses to understand major role and importance of electricity.

As we all know, how much electricity is important everywhere in schools, colleges, house, shops, and all over industries. My aim is to get the best jobs, and best practices and knowledge in the same profile.

I have scored 86% in engineering, 75% in Intermediate, and 62% in 10th. In engineering, I have scored highest than Intermediate and 10th just because of my favorite subjects. I have just started my career and i don’t have much work experience, barring a two month internship after course in ABB. I am very much interested to work for this profile, this one opportunity will provide me a chance to prove myself.

My hobbies are; singing and listening music, outing, swimming, watching news channels and playing with different instruments.

My self-motivation is my biggest strength and emotional nature is my weakness. That’s all about me. Thank again for calling me here and giving me this wonderful opportunity.

For Fresher – Accountant

  • Minimum Qualification: CA (Chartered Accountant)/MBA/ PGDM/ Specialization in CA (Final)/ Specialization in Finance/ Any Commerce honors Passed candidate with more than 70% marks
  • Industry: Accounting Firm 
  • Key skills: Good knowledge of Tally, VAT, Income Tax, Service Tax, Imports, Exports, TDS, Excise, and Customs. If candidate holds basic work experience on those skills then it is better

Hi, Good morning

I would like to say thanks for giving me this golden opportunity to introduce myself in-front of you. I am Ramesh Jha from Bangalore, but my native place is Agra. I have done my Intermediate and graduation from Agra and MBA in Finance and Accounting stream from Bhavan NIFTE School of Business, Bangalore.
I am very good in tally, income tax, service tax, excise, imports, and exports. About my family; both my father and mother are in Income tax department and my younger brother is preparing for IAS. My hobbies are playing cricket, chatting with my friends, teaching, outing and traveling.
During my MBA, I was teaching accounts to my juniors. It is my favorite subject and my aim is to get good profile in good companies in the same stream. Although, I am a fresher, this golden chance can make me to proof why this job is best for me.
My strength is my self-motivation and my weakness is that I don’t say no to others for any kind of help in any condition. My short term goal is to get a job in your company and long term goal is to get a good position in the top and best companies like yours.

That's all about Myself. Thanks again for giving me diamond chance to introduce myself.

For Fresher - Customer Care/ BPO/ Call Center job

  • Minimum Qualification: Graduate/UnderGraduate 
  • Industry: BPO/Call Center
  • Key skills: Good command in English, good communication skills, good typing speed and candidate should have enough knowledge ofMS office software (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and MS Access).
Good morning,
First of all, thank you very much for giving me this golden opportunity to introduce myself. Myself Mona from Hyderabad. I am a undergraduate student, doing graduation in Computer Science from High Girls College. I completed my 10th & 12th from Ranchi University. I scored 70% in 10th and 73% in 12th.
Computer Science and English literature both are my favorite subjects. In 10th & 12th, i have scored highest in Computer and English as compare to other subject. I have very good command on English literature & language, and MS office tools. During school time, I had given many speeches on various topics.
My Hobbies are playing indoor games, cooking, listening old songs, watching TV and reading human nature. Even though, i am a fresher and don't have any work experience to my credit, this golden opportunity can start my career and I can prove myself that why I am fit for this job.
My Strength are - Good leadership skill, adaptable with any kind of situation, environment and group, don’t lose temper in any situation, take Initiative to work alone, helping nature, and motivate others in bad situation. My Weakness is - I feel comfortable when I do something wrong or I don’t finish the work that has assigned to me on time.

That's all about me! Thank you very much for giving me this great opportunity.

For Fresher - Nurse Staff

  • Minimum Qualification: Nursing Diploma in ANM/Bsc /GNM
  • Industry: Hospital
  • Key skills: Should be good in English, Hindi literature & language, good communication skills, good in hospitality, ability to delivery of high-quality patient care

Hi, My name is Sikha Husain, I am from Lucknow.

Coming to my family background; there are 5 members in my family; me, my mother, my father, and my two sisters. My father is a farmer, my mother is a housewife, and my sisters are studying in college.

Coming to my studies; I have done my schooling “10th and +2” from City Montessori School, Lucknow, diploma in nursing from Vydehi Nursing College, Bangalore, and nursing training from Apollo Hospital, Bangalore.

Since childhood, hospitality is my nature and I wanted to work in a manner to help others, that’s why; I have decided to join diploma courses in nursing. As I am fresher, this golden chance can start my career by showing my ability to the workplace.

My hobbies are; playing chess, reading books, playing indoor games, reading novel, helping others, and traveling to different places.

My positive attitude and honesty are my biggest strength. Also, I am very hardworking person. My weakness is that i feel depressed when work doesn't finish on time. My short term goal is to join this hospital and long term goal is to achieve a higher position in the same profile.

Thanks for this superb opportunity.

Experienced – Front End Web Developer/Designer (3-6 Years)

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor's Degree
  • Industry: IT-Software
  • Key skills: hand-on experience in front end web development process using Java, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL and AJAX. Good knowledge of Windows OS, MS-Office, Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, and AcrobateX.

Hi, Good Morning !!!

First of all, thank you for giving me the wonderful chance to speak about myself in front of you. I am Shyam Pandit from Mumbai, I am 30 years old guy, I was born in Mumbai, but brought up in many places.
Coming to my Family; I have very lovely family, there are 7 members in my family – me, my wife, my son, my father, my mother, and my two brothers. One is younger than me and one is elder than me. My wife and mother both are house wife, my father is a government officer, my elder & younger brother both are in Mumbai staying with me. elder brother is in Indian army, to save our nation and Younger brother is doing engineering.
Coming to my educational background; I have done 10+2 in CBSE board, then I came to Mumbai for higher studies. I have completed my engineering in computer science stream from IIT, Mumbai. Also, I have done many courses on Java, J2EE, C++, .Net and oracle.
Coming to my work experience: Currently, I am at Oracle as a Front End web Developer, I joined oracle as a fresher and I have been there since 8 years. Although we all know, practical knowledge only comes with experience. In Oracle, I have learned a lot by practicing and developing many web applications. Luckily, I got very good working team, they are very co-operative by nature, so that all projects were successfully and appreciated by others.
My hobbies are; rafting, watching news and comedy serials, listening music, cooking Chinese food, exercising, playing basketball, reading business magazines and novels, outing, meeting with different cultural of people and making friends.
My strengths are; positive towards things, motivate and help others in their bad situation, hard working and my interpersonal skill make me popular everywhere. My weaknesses is; I am very emotional by nature.
Command on Languages: I can write and speak English, Hindi, Nepali, and French. My short term goal is to get this job profile into this company and long term goal is to achieve a superior position in the same company

That's all about me… Thank you…

Experienced - Software Developer (Java/J2EE) Engineer (4-8 yrs)

  • Minimum Qualification: BE/Equivalent to BE degree/CS/Computer Science Graduate with minimum 70% marks
  • Industry: IT-Software
  • Key skills: Develop, maintain and enhance software applications using Java/J2EE. Understand the client requirements and plan technical documents. Co-operate with the team members for fast and successful application development and deployment. Capable to co-operate and work with Onsite team, designers, Business analyst, Testers, technical writers, Development team and other company members. Should be capable to advise and guide other developers and testers.
Hi, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself in-front of you.
My-self Shiva from Bangalore. I am in Bangalore since my childhood, but I born in Chennai. I have done my schooling and college from Bangalore. In 10th and 12th I have scored more than 80% and in graduation (BE) I have scored more than 70%. I am 27 Years old, working in TCS as a Java software developer.
My role & responsibilities in my current company is to understand the client requirements and plan, develop, maintain and deploy the software project, help testers to test the particular software application, and help and co-operate with other team members.

My short term goal is to crack this interview and get the particular job position. My long term goal is to get higher position in top MNC companies.

Experienced - Network/Hardware Engineer (1-2 yrs)

  • Minimum Qualification: Minimum HSC Pass/ Any Graduate/ Diploma/ Specialization in Hardware & Network
  • Industry: E Commerce 
  • Key skills: Candidate should be experienced/good knowledge in maintaining network & hardware equipment

Dear Sir, My name is Nisanth Thakur.

First of all, I would like to say, thank you for giving me this wonderful chance to introduce myself and it’s my pleasure to be here.

Currently, I am residing in Delhi, but basically I am from Patna. My whole family stay in Patna. I have completed my schooling & Intermediate from Patna and then came to Delhi to take Graduation and Post Graduation degree. I have done Post Graduate Diploma in Hardware & Networking, during my post graduation (in the last semester of the final year), I got a call by Symantec for the job of Network & Hardware Engineer.

Currently, I am in Symantec working as a Network & Hardware engineer from past 2 years. My main role & responsibility for the company is to handle issues related to hardware, network, ISA Firewall, Symantec Antivirus Server, and SQL Server. I work on installation and maintenance process of the various systems. Also, I deal with the vendors to get various services for the company.

I want to change the company to enlarge my skills and to give best contribution to the company. That’s all about me. Thank you very much for calling me and listening me

Experienced – Computer Science Teacher faculty (2-4 Years)

  • Minimum Qualification: M.Sc.IT /PG/B.E/B.Tech/Any Computer Science Graduate/Certified in any programming language 
  • Industry: school
  • Key skills: Excellent communication skills and teaching ability, excellent at written and spoken English, qualitative knowledge/hand-on experience on Java, C++, C, .Net, and SQL/Oracle database language

Hi, Good Morning!!!

My name is Kavita belongs to Jharkhand, Bihar. About my family; there are 5 members in my family – me, my elder brother, younger brother, my father and mother. My father is a retired Navy man, my mother is a school teacher, my elder brother is doing graduation and younger brother works at Tisco, Jamshedpur.

Coming to my educational background, I have completed my intermediate and graduation from Ranchi University with 70% in intermediate and 62% in graduation. Also, I have done M.Sc.IT from Kuvempu University with 76% marks. I am Java certified professional too. Currently, i am working at Loyola School, Jamshedpur as a Computer teacher faculty for past 3 years.

About my role & responsibility at Loyola school; I teach Java, J2EE, C++, .Net, SQL, Oracle, MS-Word to the highest standard (+1 & +2) students. My positive attitude and hard working nature are my strongest strength. My weakness is that I trust others very easily.

My short term goal is to get this job position. My long term goal is to get good jobs at a reputed company like yours.

That’s all about me. Once again, thank you for calling me and providing me the golden opportunity to introduce myself

Experienced – Retail Store Manager (3-4 Years)

  • Minimum Qualification: MBA
  • Industry: Retail
  • Key skills: Good communication skill, good in monitoring, reporting and analysis the store, good in creating daily and weekly sales plan and also good in creating business plan. Store manager should be good in motivating & encouraging the team members, auditing, and satisfying customers.

Hello, Good Morning/ Good Afternoon/ Good Evening.

My-self Ankit Jain form Jaipur, Rajasthan. About my family background, there are four members in my Family – Me, my father, my mother, and my elder sister. My father is an electrical engineer, my mother is a housewife, and my sister is in 10th standard.

About my educational background; I have done my 10th, 12th, Graduation, and MBA from Jaipur. 10th and 12th from DPS (Delhi, Public School, Jaipur), graduation (B.Com honors) from Rawat PG College, Jaipur and MBA in Finance and Marketing from Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology Management & Gramothan, Jaipur, Rajasthan. In graduation and MBA I have scored more than 80%.

About my work experience; I have been working at “More” a group of Aditya Birla for past 2 years. I am an assistant store manager responsible for effective functioning to manage the team of the store, increasing sales targets and profits, and resolving customer issues.

I am skilled in typing, handling people, designing, monitoring, and communicating. My strengths are; my self-confidence, positive attitude, and my punctuality towards work. My weakness is my lack of concentration.

My hobbies are drawing, painting, watching news and movies in the TV, listening classic music, cooking food, playing cricket, reading business magazines, and outing.

My short term goal is to get this job and long term goal is to grow my career into retail industry.

That’s all about myself. Thank You……………….