HR Interview Questions for Freshers with best Answers and Examples

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Interview Questions on about Company

In today’s world, with so much information available online and through various sources, it is a grave mistake to not read up about the company, you are attending the interview for. A good knowledge about the company during the interview shows your genuine interest in getting placed. Few basic things that you need to look up about a company are

  • Domain expertise of the company
  • Various industries they cater to
  • Few niceties about being employed at that company (Eg: Best employer award by Times magazine)
  • Locations they operate from and main business geographies.
  • Company history, its current leaders
  • General working culture
  • Any subsidiaries or affiliated companies


Why do you want to work for us?

Mention some good word about the company at the same time, try to align a strength of yours with the company vision or goal or working culture.
  • “Working for an organization, which has won best employer award multiple times, in itself is a motivating factor. But more importantly, I would like to start off my career at a place, which values ethical practices and encourages overall development of a person.”
  • “I have always admired XYZ (company), for the cutting edge products and developments it bring about in the modern world. The impact of our work, is directly reflected among the society in general, which is a great feeling. I would like to be a part of this modern day game changer bandwagon. 
    • Note the clever & subtle use of “our” work instead of “your” work. You already seems to be a part of company.
  • “I believe, life is always a mix of hard work and fun. I find the work culture of xyz to carry the same principle. “Work hard... Party harder”. What better way to start off my career, than at a place, where I will feel like home.”


What is one thing that you like about our company?

Again, always know about the company before choosing your answer. A wrong line of answer could cost you the job itself. Like you go to a research Organization & tell about your partying habit, you most likely lose the chance to get through. Most likely one of the above answers applies here also. The difference is, you don’t have to align this with your interests & strengths.

What are your expectations from your first job?

You can always quote a simple vision or strategy which you like about the company. As a fresher, your most important expectation should be “To Learn” & this is what most companies expect from you. There could be additional personal expectation like contributing to society, placing yourself within corporate world, paying off your education loan etc;


  • “I have had lot of studies during all these years, but mostly theoretical leanings. My first & foremost expectation from my first job would be to learn how all these are applied in a practical and industrial way. I also want to be a part of the corporate culture and learn how this is run.”
  • “I consider my first job as an extension of my studies only. More like a practical class. I want to learn a lot of new technologies, learn how the corporate world works, be part of a big energetic team and contribute to the projects, develop my soft skills and to prepare myself for tougher challenges in future.”

Do you have a referral in this company?

The question could be for two reasons

  • To understand, if you are familiar with the company culture. 
  • If you will be motivated enough to join the company, if given an offer.
  • If there is someone close to you, working in the company, or if there are many people you know as working here, there is a high probability, you will be a long term prospect for the company.

So, If you know anyone or many, working in the company, give the name, department & employee number. No need to tell any fake names or numbers, because in case of any verification, you might lose out a chance to make it. 

Note: Reach out to them & get this information before hand

General HR Questions

Was it difficult to find the location ?

Mostly an opening statement, to make you comfortable. Be calm & start chatting up about your experience. Such conversations will also help you cool your nerves before the interview.

Do you want to ask us anything 

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!! Never ever, go into an interview without preparing to ask any question. Always keep a question handy. This is your opportunity to voice any of your concern regarding the job profile, company profile, location, timing etc; if not already covered. If you really do not have any questions, ask some general questions like does company provide any higher education opportunity, does company encourage corporate social activities. Etc;

Suppose you win a huge money in jackpot, would you still work?

Few trick question like this might be thrown at you during HR interviews. These are not harmful or make-or-break your chances type of questions, however, it is wise to take such light hearted questions, in its light hearted manner (of course with a smile).


  • “Depends on how much if left after my shopping”
  • “Never really thought about it... maybe, I will start a company then”.
  • “I always wanted to encourage entrepreneurship and motivate youth in job creation. I guess I might invest the money in some startups and still be working”

About any current news

  • If you are in the habit of reading news, don’t skip it for interview.
  • Keep yourself updated, especially on the fields of your expertise and stream of education.


  • Shabby and casual dressing
  • Reaching late for interview
  • Lies and false facts
  • Stretching your answers beyond required time
  • Arguments or debates
  • Negative answers or criticisms
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