HR Interview Questions for Freshers with best Answers and Examples

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What are your hobbies and interests ? 

You cannot say, you don’t have any other interests, other than academics. Even if you are very studious, your answer should include reading non-textbooks and following cutting edge stuffs in technology. A company looks for a candidate who are more rounded and keeps diverse interests in life. Identify one of your interests other than academics and prepare answer based on that (Don’t include eating, watching TV, sleeping etc.)

  • “I love singing and I also play instruments like Guitar.”
  • “Outdoor sports is my interest. Specifically cricket”
  • “I am a numismatist (coin/ currency collector). I have been doing it since school days”


Who is the most inspiring person in your life

The important part is not who, but why? When you answer this question with a name, you should follow it up with why he / she is most inspiring person.
  • “My greatest inspiration is Sachin Tendulkar. He had such a humble upbringing & his hard work took him to the greatest heights in the world of sports. He still keeps himself rooted and stays humble. I also believe in hard work and humility”.
  • “My greatest inspiration is my dad. He has always thought me to not worry about my weakness and take most advantage of my strengths. This has developed a lot of confidence in me during difficult times.”


Are you willing to change your role and profile when required for project?

As a fresher, your most sought after quality is flexibility. You need to showcase, you are flexible and ready to learn. Saying you are flexible doesn’t necessarily mean, you will be forced into things, you don’t like. It just shows your positive attitude to learn and try new things.


“Yes, most definitely sir. As a fresher, I hope and wish to learn as much things as possible. I believe taking up different roles and profiles only helps me learn and grow in this industry”

Are you ready to relocate

As long as you do not have any compelling reasons, being a fresher it is better to be ready for relocation. Today’s IT industry works on global operation model, where they have offices located at several locations. These are staffed strategically, as per need and business requirement and there could be a need for your skills at a particular location.

Being flexible enough to suit the staffing need of a company is a great advantage for a fresher and since most of fresher move around with less baggage (example: being single), it is easier for company to move them at short notice. Remember, this applies for a foreign country placement also. So denying a relocation means, you are also saying “No” to an onsite opportunity as well.


  • “Yes, most definitely. I believe being at different locations helps me learn about new culture and people.”
  • “Yes, I don’t see a problem in relocation. It’s always a better learning experience than being around with same environment and people”

Are you flexible with timings (if have to work in shift) ? 

This question yet again checks about your flexibility. The same answer above applies here. If there is a genuine problem for you to work in night or early morning shifts, mention that.

Do you wish to pursue higher education?

If you are seriously considering higher education, it’s wise to say so.

  • If you are unsure (may be – May not be), your answers could be –
    • “I am interested in higher studies, but not immediately. I want to get started working and then look for higher education based on my experience and career progressions.”
    • “Yes, but not immediately. I plan to take up part time studies, with either an MBA or an VLSI engineering masters, depending on which will be more beneficial for my line of work.”
  •  Some companies support and provide various incentives for part time, full time studies. If you already know of any such programs, it will be good to align your answer according to that.
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