HR Interview Questions for Freshers with best Answers and Examples

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What is one thing, which you want to improve about yourself ? (OR) what are your weaknesses ?

This is a trick question. The expectation here is to answer a negative trait with a positive twist. Something which in general a weak point of a person, but is alright from an organization perspective.

  • “I tend to try to take up too many things, leaving little time for myself.”
  • “I am a perfectionist and sometimes, concentrate too much on one single task to get it to perfection, using up time from other tasks”.
  • “I tend to say Yes, when someone asks for help. I am working on learning to say No at times”.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now ?

This is a question intended to know, what are your career aspirations, how long would you be committed to the organization, is there any immediate plans for you to move on etc. If you have an actual plan, explain it with reasoning. If you do not have any specific plans as of then, give a generic answer along with some interesting activity you would like to take up.
  • “I would like to see myself donning one of the senior positions in the organization contributing to technology as well as participating in business growth. I am hoping, I can position myself with relevant experience by then.”
  • “As a fresher, I am assuming by first five years will be a huge learning curve. I want to absorb much of the industry knowledge and also to sharpen my technical abilities. In next five years I see myself playing various roles in the team from a developer to leading a team.”
  • “I would like to see myself as a technical architect in next five years. My core competency is with technologies, and I would like to work and contribute in the field of most recent technologies and advancements. I would like to get take up some of the major technology certifications”


Have you been in some challenging situation ? Explain how you handled it ?

This is usually an add-on question to explain your strengths that you mention previously. This is good opportunity to give a suitable example, as to why you mentioned what your strengths are.


  • “Yes, we did have some challenging situation during our final semester project delivery. Usually the kind of code logic we were trying to implemented, works with a 64bit processor, while we were trying to make it work with a lower configuration, due to budgetary constraints”. Theoretically it was possible, but result was not coming through and the team wanted to give up and upgrade the hardware. I was positive, that this will work and that we stick to the plan and figure out our actual problem. It took some effort to convince my team, a lot more hard work and few extra hours of reading, but finally we stayed positive and cracked the issue and delivered the project.

The above example, explains your strength like Positive thinking, hard work etc.

  • “I have a huge passion for sports and have been a regular member of college athletic team. There was an event coming up slightly ahead of one of our exam schedule. Although our coach said, I can  skip the competition, I was sure I can win points for the college. So I decided, I will put in extra time in studies late evenings, while also practicing and attending the event. I had to stretch a bit physically & mentally, and also manage my time tightly. But finally I was able to win the tournament and also come out with good scores in exam. 

The above showcases, you multitasking capability, time management, passion for things and hard work.

Why should we hire you ? 

As a fresher, you can’t commit to any expertise in any specific domain. So this question is intended to understand what quality of yours will be helpful most for the company. Knowledge about company and what quality of yours suits the organization, is the key to answer this. In case you don’t know much about the company, quick learning ability, flexibility, team player etc are few common qualities that will fit any organizational needs.


  • “I have had some internships and industry exposure. So being a fresher, it will still be easy for me adapt to the new environment, which is significantly lessen my training cost.”
  • “I have a sharp learning curve, which will help company ramp me up quickly as a productive resource. An example of my learning curve is my final year project, where I have worked on a short time frame on an entirely new technology”
  • “I am a strong team player a good leader. I have been leading teams for technical and cultural activities during my college days. In your company I will be a great player within any challenging team and provide leadership when opportunity arises”.
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