Freshers Guide to crack HR Interview with best Preparation tips

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Common ground

Although knowing yourself and about the company covers most part of the interview, there are some common grounds that we need to prepare for, before the conclusion. These are some generic stuffs that HR asks during the interview. This is to test few specific qualities, they want to see in you. It could be some GK related, recent news related, your opinion on some sensitive topics etc. I’d say go with how you are in general and brush up things you are interested in.

If you are into news, don’t skip newspaper that one day because of interview. These are mostly meant to verify or strengthen the facts you mentioned during the above discussions and are usually not the make or break questions.

Here are the some common questions that you might come across from “Know the company” category
  • You said you’re interested in sports... Where is current soccer world cup happening?
  • Some puzzles
  • Opinion about some recent news.
Last but not least, there is one question, which you need to prepare for
  • Do you want to ask anything about the company or Job? Or do you have any questions ?

Now this probably is the last question, by which time the HR has mostly made up the mind to take you or not. But nevertheless, prepare a question that you want to ask about company or the job. Also thank them for the opportunity they provided you.

Common Mistakes

There are few common mistakes that lot of candidates makes for a fresher interview. Here are few commons ones we have seen happening 

  • Interrupting the interviewers – An interview is not a rapid fire round that you have press buzzer and get it answered as quickly as possible. Important thing is to respect the speakers, allow them to complete and then start your answer. This also helps in preparing your answer more appropriately (however well you know it).
  • Showing Overconfidence – Clearing technical round doesn’t necessarily get you an offer letter. Show as much importance to HR round as you gave for previous rounds.
  • Getting into arguments – An HR might ask your opinion on several common topics. That is only to understand your take on the topic and your confidence in your understandings. This is a not a debate forum to prove your opinion is right or wrong. So while you’re right with your facts, there is no reason for you to prove the other party wrong.
  • Feeling Indifference or being disrespectful – Every company has its own culture and policies. While some might interest you, others might not. But never show disrespect or indifference to the ones you don’t like during the course of interview. Of course you can politely express your dislike, but nevertheless you should respect the fact that, the company works like that.

No Never

Apart from the common mistakes, there are some never doers in a fresher interview. Here are few common ones

  • Never dress casually. An interview is a serious process and to show you understand and take it seriously, wear what carries that attitude. Even if a company allows casual wear in their work environment, attend the interview in formals or semi formals.
  • Never be late. Time is money, for everyone that is. Respect the time of the interviewer. Moreover, timeliness is a very important quality that every company looks for.
  • Do not keep fiddling with paper, files, pens etc. This shows a lack of confidence and concentration.


In a recruitment process, every round of interview is as important as the previous or the next one. Each one holds its own purpose and method of evaluation. Like understanding the question helps to answer it suitably, understanding the interview rounds are important in preparing and performing appropriately.

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